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To all my English-speaking friends and all the other languages in the world!

We associate spirituality above all with qualities such as love, harmony, inner peace, ethics, connection with spiritual beings and worlds full of light, harmony with the divine order and so on. We live it in prayer, meditation, seminars, wonderful energetic experiences, listen to channeled messages about lost paradises, seek silence and contemplation. Reason-oriented contemporaries tend to smile at this and prefer to turn to the world of external success, of doing and having.

Who would have dared to hope that the academic title of university professor would hide the most talented prophet of all time? And yet this contrasting combination is probably exactly the right prerequisite for guiding humanity as a clairvoyant pilot into the predicted Golden Age of spirituality, love, peace and brotherhood.

At the beginning of summer this year, I attended a seminar with Professor Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz from Brazil. In front of us stood a tall, slim man in his 60s, with fine, clean-shaven features and a precise haircut, discreetly dressed in jeans and a white cotton T-shirt.

With his friendly facial expression, calm and gentle gaze, melodious Portuguese and patient answers to our numerous questions, he immediately came across as benevolent, serious and confidence-inspiring.

He presented his statements in an easy-to-understand, clear and systematic way. However, his extensive knowledge comes not only from his studies in linguistics, philosophy, law and environmental sciences, but also from highly spiritual sources, which he came into contact with at the age of seven. While playing with other children, a large ball of light appeared. His classmates were afraid of it, but he touched it and, two years later, had prophetic dreams about dangers threatening people unknown to him. Under the guidance of spiritual mentors, he learned to travel through time and space with his astral body while his physical body was asleep. Yes, he also knows Lemuria, Atlantis and its end. Is that why he's such an insistent environmentalist?


Almost every night, he witnesses possible future dangers in one to nine prophetic dreams and warns those affected in detailed letters. He has contacted Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Michael Schumacher, who unfortunately didn't listen to him, as well as airlines, public authorities, governments and the UN.

Thanks to his advice, many cases were solved, a bomb attack in London and plane crashes were avoided, protective measures were taken before the earthquake in Indonesia on September 13, 2007 and much more.

Predicted by the prophet with a response confirmed by the Indonesian ambassador before the prophecy came true:

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami (also known as the Boxing Day Tsunami) occurred on December 26, at 00:58:53 UTC, with an epicenter on the west coast of North Sumatra.

Jucelino Luz predicted these three earthquakes in Japan

a) The Great Hanshin Earthquake occurred on January 17, 1995, at 05:46:53 JST, in the southern part of Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan, including the region known as Hanshin;

b) On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake off the northeast coast of Japan - the strongest ever recorded in Japan - triggered a tsunami up to 30 meters high, which swept up to 5 kilometers inland. This caused a huge loss of life, environmental destruction and damage to infrastructure;

c) On January 1, 2024, at 4:10 p.m., a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred 7 km north-northwest of Suzu, on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The earthquake and accompanying tsunami caused extensive damage on the Noto Peninsula, mainly in the cities of Wajima, Suzu and Anamizu. All 206 deaths and 52 missing people were recorded in Ishikawa, while more than 600 people were injured in several prefectures. This was the deadliest earthquake in Japan since the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016.

This is precisely the aim of his mediumistic predictions: to recognize potential danger and avoid it by taking specific precautions so that it doesn't manifest. Around 70% of Jucelino da Luz's prophecies come true. This is an extremely high success rate. The remaining 30% can be explained by the fact that people took his predictions seriously and protected themselves.

As a fully conscious medium, Jucelino da Luz makes accurate predictions even in a normal waking state. During individual consultations, the spirit guides of the person seeking guidance are present. All topics can be examined, but each person's degree of spiritual and emotional openness determines the extent to which Jucelino can express himself. Not everyone can tolerate as much truth as they think they can and may be surprised if the counseling isn't as productive as expected.

Jucelino da Luz is also a gifted spiritual healer, treating up to 600 patients

(individually, 40 people a day and in groups 560 a day) and has carried out more than five million consultations since 1969.He masters various techniques, including spiritual surgery, energy application, passes, i.e. without incision - i.e. without blood. Two spiritual beings, deceased doctors, are right behind him. The individual consultation, in which Jucelino receives a description of the complaints, is followed by energy treatment in three consultations, if possible a day apart. All the techniques are risk-free, but patients must continue to follow all the prescriptions given to them by their doctors. (tips with teas )

One "patient" that Jucelino da Luz is particularly concerned about is Mother Earth. As the reliability of his statements has been confirmed thousands of times over the last fifty years, we can also trust his predictions for our planet. He receives them from beings and mentors of humanity from the higher dimensions outside our universe. They may seem pessimistic and, unfortunately, they exceed the calculations of scientists. Some of our contemporaries prefer not to worry about them. But what good is spirituality if the world around us threatens to sink into rubble? There's no avoiding it, we have to open our eyes and act, and do so immediately, says Jucelino da Luz.

Thank God he gives us concrete advice, viable solutions and the hope that our actions can bring decisive results. He's not counting so much on the lazy states, but on the citizens, in other words, us, you and me! If we follow his advice, we can not only avoid the worst, but - after a very challenging transitional phase - finally enter the Golden Age of spirituality heralded by previous seers. However, our planet will need millennia to recover from environmental degradation.

According to Jucelino da Luz, the degree of success of this positive turn depends on the swift action of each individual, especially before the end of 2024! Let's make ourselves aware once again: we individuals together form the decisive mass, the community of consumers who plunder the planet - or the peaceful environmentalists who use the Earth's resources sparingly and voluntarily dispense with superfluous consumption so that nature can regenerate itself.

What is it all about? Jucelino da Luz explains the connection between the geological, astrophysical, ecological and largely man-made mechanisms that are destroying our environment much faster than scientists, politicians and the media have so far proclaimed. Without adequate countermeasures, they will lead to an increase in solar storms, cracks in the Earth's magnetic field, greater penetration of dangerous cosmic rays into our atmosphere, increased global warming, melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels, storms, furious storms, torrential rains that last for days, hailstorms and floods alternating with long periods of drought, crop failures, extinction of many animal species, an increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, migration of the magnetic poles and even the polar reversal that will occur approximately 150 years later, cracks in the Earth's magnetic field, cracks in the magnetic field and rising sea temperatures. 150 years later, cracks in the Earth's crust and other apocalyptic events and conditions.

What would the consequences be for us human beings if we don't take immediate action? Unbearable heat, threatening shortages of food and water, loss of housing, even greater mass migration, collapse of electricity grids, electronic means of communication, computers and satellites, public transport, infrastructure and the economy, as well as deadly pandemics, social and political unrest and even armed conflict and a third world war in about twenty years, decimation of humanity by 80% and, in the worst case, the uninhabitability of our planet from 2043. The dinosaurs were wiped out, Lemuria and Atlantis perished. What have we learned from this? What are we willing to do today to make concrete improvements in front of and behind our doors?

For Jucelino da Luz, the solution is clear: active love, cooperation and environmental protection, immediately and especially before the end of 2024, after which global warming can no longer be reversed. As well as specific solutions, he gives general advice: 'avoid CO2 production as much as possible, in particular burn as few fossil fuels as possible, use as few cars as possible; stop factory farming animals, especially because ruminants emit methane gas, which is even more harmful'; plant as many trees as possible to retain CO2; remembering that we have a shortage of three trillion trees on the planet, using the undiscovered underground water reserves in the desert to grow food, preferably organically; reversing the flow of refugees from poor countries by all states working together to offer these people a new livelihood in their home countries, where they can produce food and sell it to the Old World, and so on.

Can humanity have a climate of up to 63 degrees Celsius by 2033? - Jucelino da Luz explicitly says yes. But this is only possible for a short period of time. . Let's show that we can not only dream and love, but also act! Let's pass this information on to our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances and on social media so that as many helpers and collaborators as possible can join us as soon as possible! Together, we can do this!

This new living prophet has come to this planet to bring us a new spiritual awareness and a great opportunity for our full happiness - not to make us panic and afraid!

We need to finally open our eyes and hearts to the true reality, this is the only opportunity we have!


Grace S. La Vera

Note: The author is a doctor and writes under a pseudonym. This article summarizes a chapter from her autobiographical book on parapsychology, spiritual healing and other spiritual topics, which is due to be published next spring under the same pseudonym and with the title "Spiritual Appeal of a Doctor - Psychic Experiences, Scientific Explanations, Concrete Recommendations". His real name is known to the publisher.



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