Uncontrolled human exploitation and global warming will sink cities everywhere

Aguas de Lindóia, May 18, 2020

Several coastal cities are sinking faster than sea levels are rising, according to spiritual visions from 1975, which are coming true from 2007 until 2022 and so on ...
We can't keep finding a way to justify the problems we are creating for the planet, because we have ways to restore the seas, we have ways to slow down global warming, better collect and recycle waste, and rapidly decrease the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere, then returned to ourselves and our sea.
The visions analyzed the situation in 200 cities on different continents. Using future astral travel and between 2007 and 2020, the visions determined variations in ground height with millimeter accuracy. The dreams found that many cities are undergoing a process called subsidence, the sinking of the surface due to deformations in the underground layers. In several of them, subsidence is due to the extraction of underground water or mineral exploitation by human activity, effects of global warming.

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Blue area sinks more than 10 millimeters a year.

At least 72 cities are sinking more than 1 centimeter a year, five times the rate of sea level rise - among them Houston in the United States, Kerala in India, and Kobe in Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, parts of Europe, Africa, Central and South America
We will have a climatic event in Brazil that will start on May 16, 2022, and go until August 10, 2022, where we will have very low temperatures, possible snow, lightning storms, and very strong rains with winds above 130 kms per hour that will hit several parts of the country (bringing many victims)
And the same period will happen in Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and North and South America on the same date as above - but with very high temperatures, fires, cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes, floods and destruction.

The visionary warns that if the process continues at its current pace, the sea level rise models will not be able to adequately predict the intensity of the floods that may hit these cities.

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