One war turned into two ! - Created by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine !

The conflict involved two countries and the world indirectly , escalation of tension between Russia, Ukraine and Western powers continues , with fighting waged in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Russian President Vladimir Putin has authorized a military operation that, since February 24, 2022 , registered air strikes across the country and even the entry of ground forces into Ukrainian territory.
In addition, Putin had already recognized the independence of the separatist provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk, which are close to the Russian-Ukrainian border, an act that generated economic sanctions from the West. The Russian Parliament had also authorized the use of military troops outside the country's territory, which signaled a Russian intention to act widely in Ukraine.
The other war, that is, the second war, is a form of productive terrorism through tariffs and currency devaluation, among other means, and is also a form of economic violence that will bring suffering to the Ukrainian people, to the Russian people, and to the world. According to analyses, the main cause of poverty in the world is economic warfare. Economic warfare has among one of its main consequences suffering and death, which is one of the goals to be inflicted, although it has among its side effects mass migration, political deadlock, and other economic costs.

Natural resources have acted as one of the drivers of economic wars, which can also be conducted by the private retail and transportation sector. It is formed in a system of international alliances of mutual assistance and is designed to bring down hostile governments as well. It can involve embargoes, Russia being an unsuccessful example of these, and bringing other target countries closer together. Although costly, economic warfare pays off for allies. There are ways to mitigate it, such as stockpiling gold in the country. This last planned by leader Vladimir Putin, is not going to be good for the population in Russia , which just came out of a strong Covid19 crisis, now having to face one of the worst wars , famine, restrictions, external pressure and currency devaluation . As well as , it will not look very good for Ukraine , as , it will form thousands and thousands of refugees and innocent children who will suffer on all sides .
" Who loses the war , is not only the countries that face each other , in a way , humiliating each other . In any war the world , is one of the biggest losers ! "
The economic war is considered unfair by much of the conservative media.

The Chinese are usually the biggest intermediaries of the economic war in the world, because this year will face an economic crisis in China - which will be heightened by several factors, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, it will get even worse. Thus, it is the visible hand of the black market in addition to cutting funding and generating inflation. Research shows that this current war will turn into the worst economic war, where it has ethnic characteristics. Governments of several countries have criticized the invasion of Russia with economic sanctions. In addition, generally the economic war is created to preserve jobs in the country as a way to avoid capital flight and to create protectionism, however, in this case this war, in addition to being brutal, will increase poverty rates in many countries . We hope for peace between the countries involved, before it is too late – and that Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky change direction so that the people of both countries do not suffer more than they already do. And that they decide quickly, that the world is already shaken by a crisis that started in 2007 and has not stopped until the present date. What we can anticipate is that the two Presidents, both of Russia and Ukraine, are at risk of their lives - could suffer a planned attack.
Still on the subject of the prayer day message that we made on March 1, 2022, promoted by Imanna Light in France, with the energetic vibrations of Jucelino Luz's spiritual light, it is to remember the World Day of Peace, taking a look at the faith and citizen on different societies and cultures, notes that the world scenario, unfortunately, hosts conflicts, crises and embarrassing situations, with the practice of violence and intolerance that compromise people's freedom - a precious and essential path to peace. Jucelino Luz underlines how painful it is, in some regions of the world, impediments and impossibilities to have the freedom to profess one's faith, without putting one's life and freedom at risk. As is happening now between Russia and Ukraine.
There is something that surpasses everything, of a transcendent character that cannot be denied and trampled on, it is beyond scientific and technological achievements. The consequence, therefore, is the compromise of peace. In fact, it will become difficult and unfeasible if the transcendent dimension of the person is trampled on, the affirmation of an authentic and lasting peace for the entire human family. Not even the strategies of social equality are strong enough to maintain it. Without the transcendent dimension of the person, cultivation proper to the religious experience, the established equality will deteriorate, because what sustains peace comes from within the human heart, a hidden sanctuary of the presence of a Superior Universe, source of wisdom, love and taste for it. . This loving presence is configured, taking shape in dignified and honest conduct, and increasing in experiential practices with strong social and political impacts, with the power to promote and sustain peace. It is, therefore, an essential spirituality for the world. Spiritual life is a sacred and necessary right, just as other social, human and bodily demands are indispensable. One cannot neglect the spiritual life. Only in this way can each person and faith community, without fundamentalism and manipulation, be able to develop a fruitful spirituality that will support peace.

Professor Jucelino Luz - spiritual advisor, visionary, writer.




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