Predictions for the month of February 2023 - by Jucelino Luz

(dreams are not predestinations)


1 - Argentina will have big demonstrations, corruption problems, economy can fall even more, also a heat wave with big fires, lack of water, blackouts and heavy rains with strong winds in some regions; proposal of a new currency can cause bigger problems for the country;
2. - A strong earthquake can hit Peru and could cause damage and loss of life;

3. - Canada faces problems with heavy rains, floods, and heavy snow in some areas; and will face a crime that will shock public opinion
4. - Heat wave, heavy rains hit Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay, causing several droughts, and in other places floods and problems in all localities;
5. - 5. Heavy snowfall hits Europe, Germany, Russia, Poland, England, Romania, and several localities are facing serious problems; windstorms and big swollen. - The economy has serious problems, stock exchanges may suffer complications
6. - Train crashes cause many casualties in India, may kill more than 10 people; strong earthquake hits the country
7. - Forest fire in Portugal can kill many people, rain in some regions can cause landslides and problems; a crime will shock public opinion,
8. - Volcano erupts, also Floods in Indonesia claim many victims and landslides cause burial in some regions. A strong earthquake hits the country;
9. - Earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter Scale hits Chile - scaring residents there;
10. - Rain and strong winds, with flooding, cause damage in Japan, South Korea and other regions, the blizzard causes airport shutdowns and difficulties. And a fatal accident; In Japan strong earthquake shakes the country and risk of volcano eruption; many victims with virus can  be saved, problem  will get worse - Japanese economy is in decline, with closing of companies and industries;
11. - In China, strong earthquake causes deaths and destruction, also a blizzard terrifies the people and many fatal accidents could happen. And possibility of plane crash, strong earthquake hits the country - economy at risk in China, banks are in red, companies laying off employees and crisis rises to great heights;
12. - Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Bahia, Ceará, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, Strong heat, lots of lightning, and rain with floods and landslides, make victims in Brazil - In the South coast of the country buildings at risk of falling, lots of rain, swollen. and landslides;
13. - Heat wave in Brazil, and Paraguay brings increase of Yellow Fever and Dengue, Zika Virus;
14. - Storm hits Belo Horizonte. MG (Brazil), and in some other regions of Minas Gerais, causing fatalities and landslides; a strong crisis hits the country, several protests and price increases, radical changes will happen in the country, several political wars with several impeachment requests and accusation exchanges;
15. - In Thailand attack against bus makes many victims of innocent people;
16. In Brazil we will have many conflicts and accusations between politicians, authorities, increase in corruption, increase in prices, great oscillations in the market and stock markets, increase in prices, companies firing employees and closing their doors - difficulties to govern due to wrong decisions and to lead Brazil due to administrative problems? Some will have high risk of life and health problems;

17. - In Germany, a Supermarket attack claims more than 8 fatalities, economic problems, rising prices, crisis brings lack of jobs..;
18. - In Russia, an attack causes many victims, a big fire, economic crisis problem, where there has to be a way to cease the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a role that NATO and the UN should mediate, instead of feeding hatred between nations; peace is the best way for both countries as well as improving the world situation;
19. - 19. In the Republic of Congo, Africa, conflicts and attacks can victimize many people and generate revolt in the population; floods can hit the country;
20. - In Greece, Athens continues with great concern because of the heavy snowfall that is affecting the country; a strong earthquake is hitting the country;
21. - In the USA, strong winds, new snowfall hits the country, - a strong earthquake hits California and San Francisco - forest fires can devastate large areas. American economy at risk, unemployment, press and companies laying off employees. Storms cause a lot of damage in the country - an attack can  claim many victims;
22. - Avalanche accidents in Austria can make more than several fatalities; several landslides and economic problems in the country;
23. - South Africa, one attack kills many innocent people -in Africa; -in some regions heavy rains cause destruction;
24. - Attack in a, Supermarket in Denmark, can kill several people; a ship can sink in the North Sea and through the Baltic Sea, taking casualties;
25. - Terrorist attack in Pakistan, makes many deaths in the country; a strong earthquake makes many victims;
26. - Strong Earthquake may hit Taiwan, may have casualties;( the sign a possible plane crash - storm hits the country;
27. - Demonstrations hit South Korea, due to scandal, and problems in the local economy; famous actor and actresses may have problems, risking their lives;
28. - Attack in France may victimize many people, economy is not in oscillating situation, new demonstrations, heavy rains hit the South of France
29. - Mexico, faces serious economic problems, strong earthquake may cause many victims ; - plans for attack against politician
30. - Hong Kong, Macau faces economic crisis, famous bank at risk, fluctuating stock market, domestic and foreign market index worries rulers;

31. - Strong winds, rain and blizzard terrify the English, Scots and Irish, causing much damage; swollen. hits England hard . Economy at high risk;

32. - Bomb in Church in Italy, causes many victims; causing fear in the population. Snowfall creates avalanche that hits some regions. Strong Earthquake hits the country - in some regions the rain causes destruction and landslides

33. - New Zealand and Australia have heavy rains and flooding in some regions; an earthquake may hit one of these countries;

34. - Heavy rains and winds hit Myanmar and Vietnam, potentially claiming victims;

35. - In Spain heavy rains and floods hit some locations; a strong economic crisis affects companies and the situation tends to get worse, with demonstrations in the country

36. - In Egypt, attack claims many victims in the country; a major archeological discovery at the pyramids in Egypt
37. - Earth's core will be affected by uncontrolled Oil and mineral exploitation on the planet, and may also cause uncontrolled sea, pole shift, and various terrible events on the planet by 2043
38. - Attack in Tanzania may make many victims, death of journalist in the country;
39. - Strong rains, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, with floods and can make victims in some cities; a strong earthquake can hit Bulgaria;
40. - In Norway, heavy snowfall may hit the country. And some regions with heavy rains and rock slides on the road; Possibility of an attack in the capital city victimizing several people;
41. - Heavy rains in Madagascar can cause floods and besides deaths, great damage to the country;
42. - Heavy rains and strong winds hit Jakarta - Indonesia; Strong earthquake shakes the country, and also a volcano eruption - an attack plan in Bali can victimize many innocent people;
43. - 43. Attack in Shopping Center in USA, may victimize innocent people - Heavy rains hit the country - a blizzard may bring down the temperatures in some region. Famous actors, actresses, presenters can be victims of vaccine side effects;
44. - Heavy droughts and droughts hit Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam in some regions, and can cause big problems; also heavy rains, landslides and floods hit some regions;
45. - 45. Heavy rains and floods hit Sri Lanka and Laos and may cause many deaths;
46. - Drought in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam cause damage to crops and serious problems to the country;
47. - . A strong earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale hits the capital - Manila - in the Philippines and heavy rains may cause several damages to the country;
48. - . Bombing in Germany can victimize many innocent people; and the problems of oscillation in the market begin, with great economic difficulties and unemployment in the country, companies and industries laying off employees;
49. - Blizzard hits Eastern Europe, causing victims and in Budapest, Hungary,
50. - Heavy snowfall hits Romania, strong earthquake hits the east of the country




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