April 2024 predictions by Jucelino Luz

Águas de Lindóia, March 30, 2024

(dreams are not predestinations...)

1- An attack in Germany will mark the month of April with many demonstrations
2- In Turkey, an earthquake will cause possible deaths and bomb problems in a commercial area;
3- In Argentina, heavy rains, very hot weather and strong winds in various regions, which can cause floods and landslides;
4- An attack in Israel could kill more than 35 innocent people;
5- Earthquake in Chile could cause problems in the country;
6- In Brazil, new scandals, calls for arrests - crimes against authorities, politicians that could spread - paralysis - the problem in Brazil is always the same, whoever is in power: little changes, - be it left, right, center right, center left while supporters of Political Parties from various segments, are fighting among themselves, everyone is harmed by the system implanted in Brazil - those who are dominant act in this way, because the Political System, Judicial System, allows all of them privileges, power, condition to act in that way, if there is no change - nothing will work. You can get into power, left, right - Brazil will always be backwards, more and more poverty, more and more violence, more and more corruption - only the characters change - remember this very well, we are in an election year. "Change the system and Brazil grows! "Why? No more privileges, everyone will be treated with true equality, injustice will end, resources will be directed to the right places, society will participate more, we won't have poverty, we'll have more education, health, there will be more left over for investment in the country's growth, and besides, the country is very rich.
7- Wildfires in Spain and Portugal, lack of water causing serious problems; floods in Cape Verde; and blackouts in some regions;
8- An earthquake hits Japan, measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale;
9- Major floods can hit Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Panama - and there is a risk of a major earthquake;
10- Earthquake, also winds and heavy rains can hit China
11- The new STSS bacterium is gaining strength in Japan and is beginning to worry world leaders, as it can spread; in Japan, the prices of goods and services will rise sharply;
12- In Brazil, deforestation is on the rise in Pará, Amazonas and Acre, with illegal logging and mining causing problems; many deaths on order will occur in disputes;
13- Windstorms hit Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Pernambuco, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná, causing major problems for some regions;
14- Major fires, storms, tornadoes hit the country and in some regions tornadoes can cause destruction; an attack in a large center and in a school can kill many people;
15- Outbreaks of killer flu spread to some regions of South America;
16- Attacks can victimize innocent people in Egypt and England, possibly causing fatalities;
17- Earthquake between 7.0 and 8.0 on the Richter Scale can kill some innocent people; in Indonesia, a possible volcano eruption can cause problems and mass evacuations. Heavy rains hit Jakarta and parts of the country;
18 - Fires and heavy rain and a Tornado can cause damage in Canada
19 - In Argentina, the life of the Argentine President, a famous journalist and politician, is at risk from this date onwards; on the other hand, the country is beginning to see a marked improvement in its economy; however, the legacy left by previous governments will affect the country until 2026;
20- In Alaska, a strong earthquake causes damage in some regions;

21- India's heavy rains, commercial explosions, bus crashes, murders of women in popular areas, economic problems can all be in the news this month;
22- 7.0 earthquake in Chile with many problems;
23- Typhoon to hit China, the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan with major problems; and flooding in some parts of these countries;
24- A 7.0 earthquake will hit Australia, causing damage and death;
25- Major floods in Laos, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka and Myanmar is going to happen  despite  heavy rains;
26- A cyclone is already a major problem in Belize, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, and so on....
27- In the USA, Donald Trump is becoming even more popular, increasing his chances of being re-elected president of the country;
28- In Thailand, India, Vietnam, the heat is causing fires, the rains are causing floods, possibly causing problems and deaths.
29- In South Africa there is an increase in kidnappings, the number of people dying due to frequent, heavy rains, demonstrations in the country;
30. In the Republic of Congo, floods cause destruction, a volcano erupts and an attack could kill many people in the country;
31. In Sweden, rain with strong winds, an attack can kill innocent people
32. Heavy rains hit Haiti, Suriname, French Guiana and England, which will cause flooding;
33. Demonstrations in Venezuela, new presidential candidate gains strength and supporters in that country, however, her life is at risk;
34. Heavy rains, avalanches will kill many people in France, Austria and Switzerland;
35; Strong earthquake hits Peru and can cause problems in some regions;
36. There will be a big rise in right-wing and extreme right-wing parties around the world;
37. The water crisis will hit Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil, with droughts and blackouts to come;

38. A sharp fall in the stock markets, with investments falling sharply all over the world;
39. Earthquake and major storms with strong winds will hit Taiwan, potentially causing damage to the country
40. In Mexico, a strong earthquake hits near the capital, and an attack can kill more than 12 people (in an ambush);
41. Strong storm hits South Korea, demonstrations in some regions, death of singer and actress will shock the country;
42. Heavy rains in Italy, floods, possible deaths in the country, earthquake hits Italian region, eruption of a volcano will bring fear and deaths.
43. China and Hong Kong stocks to close down sharply in April 2024, led by technology and media stocks, as profit-taking in these sectors limited the advances of the main indices.
The CSI Anime Comic Game Index will fall by 4.8%, the biggest daily percentage drop in a month.
Technology giants traded in Hong Kong will fall by 0.7%.
Real estate stocks will be one of the few bright spots in the session, after China further optimized its real estate policy.
The CSI300 index, which brings together the largest companies listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen, will close down 0.69%, with its financial sector sub-index down 0.7%, the consumer staples sector down 0.82%, the real estate sector index up 1.68% and the health sector sub-index losing 0.9%.
The Shanghai index will fall 0.8%, while Hong Kong's Hang Seng index will fall 0.19%.
The Hang Seng sub-index tracking energy stocks will rise 1.4%, while the IT sector will advance 0.13%, the financial sector will end down 0.95% and the real estate sector will rise 0.13%.



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