Predictions for May 2023 - by Jucelino Luz

We remind everyone that Omens or premonitions (prophecies) are not predestinations, everything will happen if nothing changes in the near future

1 - Politicians and authorities are preparing a real "coup" against Brazilians; we will have great demonstrations and revolt in the Brazilian population; the whole process of vandalism was thoroughly prepared before it happened by politicians and authorities, in the sense of calling international attention, with the intention of incriminating innocent people and parties (that is, the opposition), as well as deceiving the international community - all the measures that took away the right to manifest expression and thought were programmed for 2020 until 2025 with secret meetings between parties, authorities from various countries;

2. The cases of Dengue hemorrhagic fever in Brazil worsen, heavy rains will hit many regions, two accidents will shock the country;

3 - Floods hit São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, (all North and Northeast of Brazil) in the mountainous areas there will be big collapses of hillsides damaging and killing several people.

3 - Earthquake of great power shakes Chile of 7.0 in the Richter scale;

4-Vietnam and the Philippines, several cases of bird flu, which can cause deaths; rains, floods can victimize many people;

5 - Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay; heat wave with rains, hurricanes and a lot of destruction; economy is even worse;

6 - Violence in Brazil will increase 25%, protests spread in the country, and the cold may cause several problems. Possibility of accusation against some famous Politicians in Brazil, for embezzlement of Public money and involvement with organized crime; assassination plans of politicians and authorities known to be living files and revenge;

7 -. Typhoons may hit some locations; with heat wave that starts to bring serious problems in some countries: Thailand, India, Laos, and in some parts of Asia will face a big problem with rains and floods; hundreds of victims... South Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia;

8 - 7.0 earthquake in Japan hits Tokyo area and/or vicinity,

9 - Terrorist attack in Turkey kills more than 11 innocent people; And attack on a Building and a Public place may cause many casualties in the country; landslides still continue; economic situation worsens in the country;

10. The construction of a large nuclear power plant in Argentina will bring serious future problems to South, Central and North America

11- Several cyclones hit New Zealand and Australia killing dozens and the heat brings serious problems. And the lack of water will be a big problem; on the other hand, a series of 6.0 earthquakes hits these countries;

12. 6.0 earthquake in Tonga (island) - may cause casualties; rain and heat may bring problems;

12 - Coal mine explosion kills 32 in China; and rains in several regions;

13 - 7.0 earthquake in Peru can  cause fear and panic; economic problems affect citizens, political war could bring death

14 - 6.0 earthquake in Mexico can claim victims

15 - 7.0 earthquake in Pakistan also strong winds and rain hit the region

16 - Growing number of demonstrations Dominican Republic, due to economic problems, unemployment and against Politicians involved in scandals; and violence increases in some regions;

17 - 7.0 earthquake in the Italian sea could bring many victims;

18 - 6.0 Richter scale earthquake in Republic of Congo; and problems with flooding and ethnic warfare cause deaths;

19 - Heavy rain and flooding hits central South Korea; famous singer may fall victim to vaccine side effects;

20 - In Germany, France. 20 - In Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Brazil, demonstrations on May 1, complaints may be about the lack of jobs; we will have several demonstrations in the World;

21 - 6.0 earthquake hits Puerto Rico and can make many victims;

22 - Several strong Tornadoes may hit Arkansas, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina Mississippi, in the USA, causing destruction and many victims in the country; And strong fires spread in California and other places in the USA;

23 - Floods, windstorms, can reach Bahia, Espírito Santo, Macapá, Rio Branco - Acre and Manaus - Amazonas - many are without houses; there are already thousands of victims, and problems with Dengue, malaria and Zica in the affected areas;

24 - A 7.0 earthquake could hit Taipei - Taiwan, with strong winds, storms in Taiwan (Formosa), causing a lot of damage and possible deaths. And it may make possible the crash of a medium size aircraft; the country is under tension ...
25 - Possibility of heavy rains hit eastern Canada causing big problems, flooding; a murder could cause tension in the country;

26 - Heavy rains in Sweden, Norway, Denmark will cause floods with possible fatalities and also a barrier collapse; flooding and stones rolling down roads and villages;

27 - In Fiji an earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale; also storms and heat bring problems;

28 - An earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale hits Greece and Cyprus causing damage and deaths;

29 - In Portugal and Spain, drought begins in some regions, very strong, we may have the beginning of fires in some regions; the danger is at the end of the month, economy going through transformations;

30 - Attack in Israel kills more than 6 and wounds more than 16 innocent citizens; helicopter crash can kill many people;

31 - Protests in Haiti, crime, possible death of Politician to order; earthquake may hit and cause damage and death;

32 - An explosion in a public place could injure many passersby with new conflicts in Somalia, Nigeria and Tanzania;

33 - 6.0 Richter scale earthquake hits Colombia and could scare many; with strong winds, heavy rains, flooding can hit some regions

34 - 7.0 earthquake could hit Panama and victimize many people;

35 - In India under tension after fire in building, makes many victims in the place near the Capital; and heavy rains hit the country, also drought spread to other regions; a strong earthquake;

36 - In Suriname and French and English Cutianas heavy rains, floods can victimize many people;

37 - Earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale hits Russia and there are victims; a volcano may erupt; attack may victimize many innocent people; Vladimir Putin's health is not good - he has to take care of himself;

38 - Big floods hit Laos, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, a gale could blow away some places near the capital; at the same time, the heat in some regions makes victims;

39 - North Korea, a lot of radical changes in the country and also health problems of leaders; floods hit the country

40 - In Jakarta - Indonesia Strong heat, heavy rains, floods, can  cause victims and problems to the country. And Volcano gives signal and worries the population;

41 - 6.0 earthquake hits Alaska and can scare Americans;

42 - Heavy rains hit the South (Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil) causing problems and landslides; a sudden drop in temperature brings a sky laden with lightning; big changes in Brazil....Famous politician with serious health problems;

43- 7.0 earthquake hits Tibet. and Himalayas, potentially causing damage and casualties in the country; a plane crashes around that region,

44 - Cyclone hits Philippines, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Macau, may cause more material losses...and possible deaths;

45 - 6.0 Richter scale earthquake hits Colombia near capital..;

46 - Big floods in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Jamaica, Ecuador and Honduras, that spread since February kill and will leave dozens of homeless;

47 - Typhoon hits Hong Kong, China leaving several dead and homeless

48 - Gunman kills at least 10 people and strong earthquake can  hit San Francisco and California in the US

49 - Bombing in Egypt kills at least 12 and injures dozens - tomb is found with belongings of important Egyptian person

50 - 5.0 earthquake and a possible eruption of a volcano in Hawaii scares residents in the region; this Volcano can expel a lot of larvae;

51 - Bombings in Germany and Belgium claim victims; various economic problems hit the country;

52 - Possible bombing in France may kill at least 8 innocent people;

53. - Heavy rains with winds in Saudi Arabia, causes damage to country; fire in building may cause fatalities;

54. In the United Arab Emirates an attack makes more than 6 fatalities and injured;

55. - Old residences in Italy and Turkey are at risk of collapsing because of the terrible shaking from earthquakes. structures are affected;

56. Hydroelectric dam in Spain may have structural problems

57. Death of famous actor in the U.S. shocks Americans

58. Heavy rains with winds can hit Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Serbia causing death and destruction; unemployment and economic problems grow in these countries;

59. In Iceland heavy rains with floods, landslides, may cause deaths and injuries; Volcano of activity signal;

60. Heavy rains, winds, hangover in the Baixada Santista (south coast), north coast with structural problems in risk areas and possible landslides, fatal accidents. There is a risk of thunderstorms and lightning in all regions of São Paulo, including Greater São Paulo. In general, the sky is cloudy and the sensation of dampness and dry air remains, with cold.

61. There are scandals and discoveries of crimes by Brazilian authorities and politicians that are going to be denounced internationally, with thorough investigations against those involved (Brazil);

62. Africa will split in half creating two or more parts in the near future, the rift will also reach part of Brazil.

63. Plan of attack in England can make many victims and rain, strong winds,rainstorm can hit some localities.




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