Predictions for March 2022 - by Jucelino Luz

( Not Predestinations )

Águas de Lindoia, February 28, 2022

1. Conflicts in Ukraine and Russia, may cause many deaths and destruction, crisis, mass migrations in both countries;
2. Strong earthquake in China may cause damage to the population;
3. In Poland a bomb attack may cause deaths and demonstrations all over the country;
4. Destruction from rain and strong winds spreads in several localities ;
5. Bombing in Germany could kill dozens of innocent people ;
6. Windstorm and heavy rains hit Taiwan and Japan, killing many innocent people;
7. Heavy rains, strong winds may hit several locations in Brazil; heat wave may reach high peaks in Brazil
8. 8. Fire spreads in the U.S. in California and San Francisco, strong tornadoes hit the U.S., causing property damage and death in some states, and can cause great damage; and in California we can have big problems with drought and windstorms; an attack can victimize many people near New York;
9. Heat wave in Argentina and heavy rains hit regions near Buenos Aires;

10. 10. Rains in Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay are punishing the country, causing disruption and death of innocent people; and in some regions the heat is increasing, with lack of water in several places, which may cause blackouts in these countries;
11. 11. Strong winds, tornadoes and severe rains will hit the United Kingdom (England), Ireland and Scotland, and a suicide attack may victimize many innocent people;
12. In China, the economic crisis will increase even more and may lead to insolvency and possible collapse of banks and companies with large amounts of debt;
13. 13. Several cases of vaccine deaths spread in all parts of the world, people vaccinated with serious immunity problems, cardiovascular, cerebral and cancer; complaints, demonstrations against authorities and rulers spread;
14. Large demonstrations spread in France , and possible distrust and suspicions against friendliness between Macron and Putin increase , may cause the decline in polls and popularity of both ; large exchange of accusations and demonstrations may lead to loss in elections in France ;
15. In Mexico , strong earthquake hits central part , heavy rains cause landslides , deaths across the country , new disappearances and death of politician ; possibility of death of famous actor ;
16. In Pakistan a strong earthquake may kill many people ;
17. Large Demonstrations in Canada, spreads discontent and attack in the street can kill three people;
18. Strong Earthquake hits Japan, may cause many victims ..;
19. Attacks in Russia may kill several people and increase tension;
20. Strong earthquake hits Chile, may cause damage and possible victims in the country;
21. Strong wind and rainstorm hits Taiwan, we will also have the possibility of a strong earthquake there;
22. Strong Storm hits the Caribbean and Florida, in the U.S.A., and may cause damage to property and loss of life; heavy rains cause a lot of damage in the country;
23. Explosion in Poland may kill more than 15 people ;

24. Attack and persecution against President of Brazil , increases more popularity ;

25. In Sweden and Norway heavy rains can cause floods and large stones can roll on the roads causing accidents and casualties of innocent people ;
26. 26. Plans of an attack in Indonesia, Bali, which may victimize many people;
27. A strong fire makes many victims in a shopping center in Thailand, also a man makes several shots against innocent people;
28. Heavy storms hit Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Luxembourg, England, Poland and France; transport and airports will be stopped and in some places there will be no power;
29. In the Republic of Congo , many attacks are happening and several attacks in the country;
30. China's plan to build a large nuclear power plant in Argentina , could endanger and risk all of the Americas ;


31. Strong storm hits Honduras , Jamaica and Belize may cause damage in the country ;
32. Earthquake and strong storm may hit the Philippines and cause death and damage in that country;
33. A strong earthquake could hit Chile and cause death and damage in the country
34. A strong explosion in Ukraine could cause deaths in that country ;
35. Problems in an airplane can cause the plane to crash in Belarus
36. Heavy rain and flooding could hit Hungary, Moldova and Romania causing damage and possible death in those countries;
37. The drought and drought in Vietnam, India may bring great losses for farmers and unfortunately, this year the drought may spread more across the country, from this month on...;
38. Strong earthquake hits Puerto Rico both 7.0 ,causing damage and deaths in these countries . ;
39. Heavy rains in Italy and Spain can cause a lot of damage ;
40 - Big fall of the stock markets in Europe and devaluation of the Euro, brings big economic problems and company bankruptcies
41. A strong earthquake will hit Russia , may cause casualties .And economic issue affects Russians with lack of food on the shelves in some regions - increases demonstrations against the war ;
42.   In South Korea, storms and a collision between a bus and a truck could kill many people;
43. Brazilian TV presenter will be rushed to hospital ;
44.   Ukrainian President's family in danger of losing their lives ;
45. Pará , Acre and Amazonas , Maranhão heavy rains, floods cause great upset to population (Brazil) ;
46. Strong earthquake hits Alaska and causes much damage ;
47. A fire destroyed the building of Dalton Mills, former textile factory located in the town of Keighley in West Yorkshire in England was criminal and we will have three more attacks , one of them in London , another by a serial killer who will be making many victims , the last man with knife will attack popular ;
48.   Aeroflot Company gets into a difficult situation and may lay off employees , as well as several companies and media companies in Russia ; 
49. Famous English singer has health problems and may risk his life ;
50. Attacks in Afghanistan may cause deaths of at least 12 people ;
51. Attack in Turkey may victimize more than 15 people ;
52.  USA has an increase in the economic crisis, generates demonstrations, as well as Joe Biden's popularity plummets ...
53 . Unfortunately, we may have increased deaths of famous people, such as artists, players, journalists, singers, ordinary people (adults and children) in the world from the side effects caused by the experimental vaccine 




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