February 2022 predictions  
By Jucelino Luz

(Dreams are not predestinations)

1. -Argentina will have large demonstrations, deaths due to vaccine side effects; rulers being sued by independent bodies; simultaneously there will be a large heat wave with large fires, water shortages, blackouts, and heavy rains with overwhelming winds in some regions; strong disagreements between candidates may further elevate the political crisis in the country;
2. -2. A strong earthquake could hit Japan, causing damage and loss of life; heavy rains, blizzards, and airports; deaths of citizens due to vaccine side effects; the government would take immediate action;
3. 3. -Canada faces problems with large demonstrations, calls for its administrators to leave; heavy rains, flooding and heavy snow in some areas; there will be new attacks in large centers and riots in general;
4. -Heat waves and heavy rains hit Australia, causing droughts and various floods, with problems in all localities; large demonstrations against the local government and also several lawsuits against leaders;
5. -5. Heavy snowstorms hit Europe, Poland, England, Romania and the USA, and many localities will be facing serious problems;
6. 6. -Train crash will cause many victims in India, possibly more than 15 people; Fire may kill many people near New Delhi;
7. -France will have large demonstrations against President Macron and Prime Minister Jean Castex, even though some media do not reveal their fall, complicating and making it difficult for the President to win the elections; heavy rains, strong winds and floods hit some regions; also an attack could kill 4 people in a central area;
8. -8. Floods in Jakarta (Indonesia), take many victims and landslides cause burying in some regions;
9. -Earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale hits Peru, scaring the population of that country;
10. -In Brazil, heavy rains with strong winds and floods cause damage in several regions in the country; a building can fall in Rio de Janeiro, another one in São Paulo and another one in Bahia; the country's economic growth returns due to the Federal Government's measures and in some regions the chances of the current President's reelection increase;
11. -11. In China, the economic crisis gives strong signs of a great collapse, big companies go into crisis; also, a strong snowfall terrifies the population, many fatal accidents can happen; possibility of a plane and a helicopter crashing;
12. 12. -Hot heat, lots of lightning, rains with floods and landslides claim victims in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo;
13. -13. In South Korea, in some regions the blizzard will paralyze airports and cause difficulties. A fatal car accident could be the victim of a famous artist; several people from TV, Radio and other media and sports could lose their lives due to side effects of the vaccine;
14. -In Brazil, a storm hits Belo Horizonte-MG and some other regions of the state, causing fatalities and landslides;
15. -In Germany, large demonstrations, which may generate several problems; growing crisis and deaths due to side effects of the vaccine; a large attack may victimize people. The main suspect in the Madeleine McCann case is not the one who disappeared with the young girl, there was never a kidnapping of the girl in her family's vacation apartment in Portugal in 2007, there is evidence of politicization of the case - the main suspects are still quietly free (there are two real criminals who disappeared with the innocent girl - what led to her death was possibly an error in the dosage of medicine);
16. -16. In the USA, an attack against a bus claims many innocent victims; in a school, a man shoots several times with a firearm - possibly victimizing innocent people; we will also have many victims due to the side effects of vaccines; simultaneous rains, storms and cyclones may hit several regions; heavy snowfall is approaching several big centers;
17. -In Chile, storms and floods can cause destruction and deaths in the country; strong earthquake hits a populated region;
18. -18. In Russia, strong earthquake hits the country, storms, floods and landslides cause deaths; heavy snowfall claims several victims in a city near Moscow;
19. -19. In Kenya (Africa), political assassination attempt; conflicts and attacks can victimize many people, generating revolt in the population;
20. -20. In Greece, a big snowfall hits the country, causing victims and fatal accidents; earthquake hits a famous place; several victims of vaccine side effects;
21. -In Honduras and Mexico, strong winds, rains and cyclones hit the countries; attack could cause many fatalities;

22. -In Austria, heavy snowfall hits the country, causing avalanches and deaths; several vehicles collide, possibly causing more than 8 fatalities; several landslides;
23. -In Turkey, terrorist attack kills more than 12 innocent people;
24. -24. In Afghanistan, a bomb in a supermarket in the capital may kill more than 19 people;
25. -In Iraq, terrorist attack makes more than 22 deaths in the country;
26. -A strong earthquake could hit Panama, causing casualties;
27. 27. -Great demonstrations hit Australia, due to vaccination scandals and problems in the local economy; fires in some regions and heavy rains;
28. 28. -In Belgium, a terrorist attack could victimize many people near the capital;
29. -29. In Bolivia, a strong earthquake will cause many victims;
30. 30. -Forceful earthquake hits Tibet; landslides and strong storms hit the region;
31. 31. -Strong winds, rain and blizzards terrorize the English, Scots and Irish, causing much damage;
32. -In Italy, blizzards, storms, floods, volcano eruptions, and earthquakes claim many victims, causing fear in the population;
33. -Congo, is hit by heavy rains and flooding in some regions; attack can victimize several people;
34. -Taiwan, earthquake and heavy rains with winds hit several regions; President is still in danger;
35. 35. -Portugal, heavy rains and flooding hit some localities; side effects of vaccine could victimize many people;
36. -In South Africa, attack claims many victims in the country; heavy rains and winds cause destruction; vaccination claims many victims with side effects;
37. -Myanmar, several attacks claim victims in some localities; floods destroy several areas;
38. -Attack in Malta could claim many victims, plus one death of journalist and one politician in the country;
39. 39. -In Spain, heavy rains with floods, causing victims in some cities; cases of vaccine side effects begin to grow;
40. -40. In Norway and Sweden, heavy snowfalls hit the countries; some regions with heavy rains and rock slides on the road;
41. -Heavy rains in New Zealand can cause flooding and deaths; great damage to the country;
42. 42. -Heavy rains and strong winds hit Jamaica, Guyana (French and English) and Suriname; 43. -Great floods hit Holland; side effects of the vaccine can victimize innocent people in several places;
44. -In China, severe droughts and droughts hit some regions, potentially causing major problems;
45. 45. -Heavy rains and floods hit Sri Lanka, and many people could die;
46. 46. -Drought in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam causing damage to crops and serious problems to the country;
47. -47. Floods, heavy rains and a strong earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale strike the capital of Manila (in the Philippines);
48. 48. -Hong Kong and Macau will face a lot of pressure because of the vaccine, however the side effects may victimize many people; political changes begin bringing many doubts to the population;
49. -49. -Eastern Europe, heavy snowfall will cause victims; in Budapest, Hungary, cities may be hit by heavy storms;
50. 50. -Force Blizzard hits Romania, may cause damages; building may collapse;
51. -Change in elections and system in the European Union, may bring new representatives; some countries want to leave the bloc;
52. 52. -Joe Biden is going through his big political fall, because of wrong decisions; we will have to have more pressure from governors, to end the confinements and the Covid19 crisis - many may lose their lives because of collateral effects;
53. -In Malaysia, heavy rain will cause flooding and possible dam failure;
54. -In Japan, volcano again signals new eruptions; heavy rains with strong winds, with floods cause damage to the country; economic problems grow again; in some regions snowfall will cause various problems;
55. -Heavy earthquake may hit Haiti, killing many people; rains claim victims;

 56. - In Brazil, demonstrations will spread against Brazilian politicians and authorities, many of whom will be disrespected in several cities, in their unconvincing speeches to an attentive and repentant population; many cases of vaccine side effects in many children and adults, who may be victims of myocardial attack (fulminant attack); several airline companies in Brazil and in the world will be facing financial crises, and may collapse and go bankrupt, as well as industries and companies in several sectors;
57. -. Several candidates in the 2022 elections will not succeed in their goals, and we will have a big change in the ranks of Representatives, Senators, and Governors; the future energy will not be promising for Sergio Moro, Doria, Lula, Alckmin - "nothing personal", however, they will not have many votes from the voters (giving up or changing paths would be the best option);
58. -In Brazil, big disputes may bring attacks and deaths against politicians; in the elective scenario of 2022 - accusations and dangerous traps; scandals and corruption will rise in several places in the country. We will still have many victims of the side effects of vaccination, among artists, singers, players, presenters and ordinary people.



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