Prediction for April 2022 - by Jucelino Luz



Before we begin, be very careful in these elections of 2022, do not vote for a candidate who is answering process, or has conviction, who has a dubious moral life, which flees from the basic precepts of family and religion. Try to vote for the one who is committed to the people, and who has presented bills in favor of the population. Check or ask someone you trust - not people involved - to find out more about the past life of this candidate.

Tom Parker will be diagnosed with brain cancer in 2020. The singer Tom Parker, who is part of the pop group The Wanted, will have serious problems on March 30, 2022, and his life may be at risk (letter sent at the end of 2019 - warning him about the serious problem).


( dreams are not predestinations ...)

Águas de Lindóia , March 28, 2022

1- Bombing in USA will mark the month of April and many demonstrations - we will have strong tornadoes (storms ) and fire in California , San Francisco , Washington , Texas, Tennessee;

2- In Israel a bomb will cause many deaths and the population will begin to demonstrate

3- In Argentina, demonstrations, attack among politicians, with risk of life, economy decreases and interest rates increase, heavy rains, very hot and strong winds in several regions, may cause floods, landslides ;;

4- Bombing in Myanmar can victimize many innocent people;

5- Earthquake in Chile may cause problems in the country;

6- In Brazil, scandals, requests for cassation, investigations for embezzlement in some Brazilian states, spreads, population in search of new candidates, only 1% of Senators, Deputies, Governors will remain or be reelected, the population will unite and change almost all, and other protests spread around the country
7- Burnings in Spain and Portugal and the lack of water bring serious problems; , island in Portugal , a dormant volcano is beginning to emerge that will possibly be in activity in the brevity ; and blackouts in some regions ;

8- 6.0 earthquake hits Japan, could pave the way for the possibility of a 9.0 earthquake in 2022;

9- Big floods could hit Peru , Colombia and Panama - and are at risk of a big earthquake;

10- Earthquake and also wind and heavy rain may hit China

11- The Marburg virus, begins to show signs, with danger for 2025/2026 in Europe, Africa and other Asian countries;

12 - Deforestation is growing in the world and in several environmental protection areas, bringing bigger problems for global warming;

13- Heavy rains and windstorms hit Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná causing major problems for some regions;

14- Canada and USA strong storms hit these countries and in some regions tornadoes can cause destruction;

15 - Dengue outbreaks, yellow fever spread in some regions of South America;

16- England, Germany, France may suffer with attacks in different places, victimizing innocent people;

17- Strong earthquake, may victimize some innocent people; in Indonesia, and possible Eruption of volcano in Indonesia may cause problems and mass evacuations

18 - In France a big change Policy needed , may bring more hope to the people - if energies do not change , may bring discomfort to French and Europeans ;;

19 - In Guatemala, heavy rains, floods and destruction in the country, some demonstrations and violence may spread in the country;

20- In Bolivia , strong earthquake causes damage in some regions;

21 - Several candidates may be booed in the streets of Brazilian states, with plans to assassinate politician, and also famous presenter (a) is ill and will be taken to hospital in Brazil;
22 - Earthquake in Peru marks with many problems; possibility of volcanic eruption ;

23- Strong Typhoon will hit China, Philippines , Japan and Taiwan with big problems ; and floods in some part of these countries;

24- Strong Earthquake will hit Australia and may cause damages and deaths ; and fire spreads in some cities - in others it is the problem of storms and floods;

25- Big floods in Laos , Bangladesh, Sri Lanka , and Vietnam caused by heavy rains .;;

26- A Cyclone is already being a big problem in Belize, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras etc.


27. In Hong Kong, Shanghai, and several surrounding cities, they will be facing serious virus problems, even with the population almost all vaccinated, showing the fragility of the immunizers, and it may get worse if nothing is concretely done;

28 - In India and Thailand, floods are causing deaths.

29- In South Africa, heavy rains, destruction, also increases the number of people perishing due to frequent kidnappings in the country;

30. A big move between opposition parties , in an attempt to defeat the current President , in Brazil , may fall apart ; however, we will have big political changes ;

31. Sweden and Finland , in the crosshairs conflicts ( are plans) , after Ukraine , and attempt of an attack could victimize innocent people ;

32. Heavy rains hit Suriname, French and English Guyana, and may cause flooding;

33 - Demonstrations in Venezuela, may increase conflicts and strengthen movements against President Maduro, the country faces serious economic problems and increases hunger and unemployment;

34. Heavy rains and avalanches may victimize many people in Austria and also in Switzerland;

35; Strong earthquake hits Alaska and may bring problems to some regions;

36. Three or four asteroids will pass over planet earth;

37. 37; Water crisis in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil, drought and blackouts are coming;

38, Hong Kong large demonstrations against the appointment of China ;
39 . Big storms with strong winds will hit Taiwan , may cause damage in the country

40.Terrorists plan impactful attacks against several countries , in front of the plans are France, ;Spain, Belgium, Germany , Denmark, Netherlands, England, and Turkey ;

41. Attack in Russia may cause casualties near the central part of the country; a strong earthquake hits the country ;

42 . Strong winds, heavy rains in Jakarta-Indonesia, and a volcano erupts;
43. Strong earthquake may hit Pakistan causing much damage ...

44. Attack on train and bus station in India, may kill some innocent people

45. President of Taiwan still at great risk of attack - in Brazil ; strong storm hits country and possible earthquake

46. 46. Attack in Mexico, could kill more than 21 people (in an ambush); and famous actor could suffer a heart attack

47. Great changes in the Brazilian Politics, candidates to the Presidency will have great problems and life risks, meanwhile, several scandals involving politicians and authorities in Brazil, may be arrested for corruption, money laundering and favors (and new great scandals will arise);
48 . In South Korea, storms and floods destroy some regions and another famous death in the country;
49 . In Argentina , we will have heat and a big storm and strong winds , attack plan against politician and authority in the country ; economic crisis increases in that country ;

50 , Great whirlwinds may reach coastal areas in Brazil, Indonesia, England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Uruguay, and other places, causing damages and possible victims;

51. Father Marcelo Rossi, should take care of himself because he may be facing health problems;

52. Russian businessman, Chelsea FC - Roman Abramovich, will be poisoned in visit to Ukraine , to make negotiations ( taken from January 2022 letters )


53. World economy with serious and severe problems , which will get worse by October and November 2022.



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