Predictions for July 2022 by Jucelino Luz

Attention! These are not predestinations...

Águas de Lindóia ,June 29, 2022

1. Heat wave hits India, Japan, China, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Laos, Thailand, and we will have eight strong Typhoons and a lot of destruction in several places in Asia; Typhoon Chaba will form in the center of the South China Sea and will hit the coast in Guangdong province in the south of the country. Twenty-seven people or more will go missing the vessel will be hit by a typhoon in the South China Sea. Typhoon Chaba, the Thai name for the hibiscus flower, will advance northwest, will hit the city of Maoming in Guangdong, may advance and cause heavy rain and destruction.
2. Extreme heat in Europe may victimize many people; Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Holland, Belgium, face water shortages; fires, floods, storms, tornadoes, windstorms (cyclones) and much destruction;
3. Large fires in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal and Italy over many regions and residents abandon their homes;
4. Strong Earthquake hits Japan and tsunami alarm. Man attacks people inside a train and can cause several deaths;
5. Cryptocurrencies have more sharp drops in the world market, giant scams will be discovered and thousands will lose in risky investments "Pyramids ".
6. Bombing in Turkey claims many victims in the capital; and continued attacks in region could claim many lives;
7. Cyclones and heavy rains hit USA, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and fires and heat are killing many people;
8. Bus accident could kill many people between Belo Horizonte and Juiz de Fora in Minas Gerais Brazil
9. Strong typhoon approaches Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, may cause many casualties; very strong winds. Falling economy adds to worries in China, with closures and lockdowns worsening the situation in several Chinese cities;
10. Heavy rains hit Australia, New Zealand, causing homelessness and deaths across the country; in some regions there will be fires;
11. In the USA, strong tornadoes leave people homeless in Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio and also in other locations; strong winds with people injured and killed in the country; large fires spread in California, Washington, San Francisco and Texas - rain will also cause destruction.
12. Heavy rains in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay cause flooding and landslides, victims in some parts of the country; cold wave will hit some regions and may cause avalanches;
13. Explosion in Russia kills at least 25 people near the center of Moscow; strong earthquake hits country;
14 In Peru heavy rains and heat cause Peruvians to abandon some homes; bad economy in country, violence spreads;
15 In England, attack may victim many people, crisis increases, demonstrations in the country, unemployment grows; on the other hand, strong heat, winds, devastating rains and big waves;
16 Philippines strong earthquake hits the country, heavy rains and devastation; attack in downtown Manila may victimize several innocent people and a big fire spreads
17. Plane crash causes deaths in Indonesia, also an explosion will make victims in that country, on the other hand, a strong earthquake shakes the country, and a volcano erupts;
18. Intense cold continues in Brazil, which can cause a lot of damage to crops and this phenomenon, already expected due to climate change, spreads to other countries; in the Northeast devastating rains and hangovers that also affect the South coast and the north of São Paulo;
19 Strong earthquake hits Chile, possibly causing casualties in the country; economic crisis causes discomfort and unemployment - food supply problems. Possibility of volcano erupting;
20. Strong earthquake may hit San Francisco and Southern California - USA, may cause many victims in the country; and worse the economic crisis grows in the country;
21. The energies and stars (and premonitory dreams) indicate, in the elections that Jair Messias Bolsonaro is ahead with 72%, followed by Ciro Gomes with 18% and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva 4% of voting intentions in Brazil - high degree of distrust, also point out , If Brazilians want progression or to improve the country, they must choose Representatives, Senators and Governors without criminal records (processes), they must vote for Representatives, Senators and Governors who support them, the President of the party they support - otherwise, Brazil will not go forward and will be stopped. .. (it is not predestination);
22. South Korea, death of famous presenter and actor (actress) for possible health problems and accident, also heavy rains, and a major traffic accident can kill several people;

23. Attack in Afghanistan kills many people near capital;
24. Strong earthquake hits Haiti is there are many deaths in the country; and rains, floods, landslides make many victims;
25. Forest fires and drought hits Indonesia; Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, India, causing deaths and casualties throughout the country;
26. 26. Famous duo may suffer serious accident, we have deaths of presenter (a) and Actor (actress) in Brazil;
27. Strong earthquake hits Samoa and also Tonga causing damages and victims all over;
28. In Iceland melting glaciers and heavy rain may cause deaths and problems, possibly an eruption there
29. In the USA it will be marked by five gun and knife episodes, victimizing many people in New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Colorado and Arizona may victimize many people;
30. Planned attack in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark; may kill many innocent people; rain will punish Scandinavian countries;
31. 31. In Spain attack on train and also at airport may victimize innocent people;
32. Strong earthquake hits Taiwan and may cause many victims; risk of fire and plane crashes. Also a traffic accident could kill many people;
33. A plane crash in Italy could claim many victims - on the other hand, severe heat and heavy rains could cause a lot of damage and death;
34. Ukraine and Russia, war will only bring harm to both countries, ego, power, and greed cannot be good or bring prosperity to both presidents, who risk their lives. An agreement will be the best way out of this baseless war; the result will be intense suffering for the people of both countries and uncontrolled world economy;
35. Terrorist attack in Nigeria kills at least 20 people;
36. In the Republic of Congo, a bomb attack could claim many victims, floods will ravage the country;
37. In Cambodia heat and heavy rains bring landslides, floods and victims throughout the country; 37;
38. Heavy rains hit Singapore in Asia and leaves many people in fear;
39. In Singapore, the phenomenon happens in the Southwest, will bring floods and many deaths and damage. In Southeast Asia, the monsoon phenomenon occurs, characterized by winds that cause heavy rains and long droughts during different periods of the year
40. In South Africa, the conditions of violence and demonstrations continue, several crimes and kidnappings, heavy rain will hit several localities;
41. The comet Panstarss will pass close to earth on July 14, 2022;
42. In Canada, excessive heat, fires, and in some regions floods, with very strong winds and destruction; a barbaric crime may scare and move Canadians;
43. In Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, São Paulo, Bahia, Mato Grosso, heavy rains and floods hit these places with much destruction;
44. Great violence in Mexico, and a strong earthquake hits the country, famous actress disappears;
45. New bombings in Colombia, may kill many innocent people and there are plans to kill a famous Politician;
46. The European Commission - although apparently, well intentioned - trusts this ban on gasoline and Diesel powered vehicles by 2035, to achieve totally carbon free transportation by 2050, cannot solve the serious problem of global warming, which calls for emergencies in 6 years at most.
47. In India, heat can cause a lot of damage, and a train accident claims many victims. Strong earthquake hits the country;
48. Plane goes missing near China and could be by crash; Population levels rise in the country and severe restriction could further destroy the already shaken economy, companies at high risk and banks in the red;
49. Attack in France and Belgium could kill many people; South of France will face serious weather problems; economy in big trouble and unemployment with rising prices;
50. Attack in Germany may victimize many people; economic problems worsen, high unemployment grows in the country, heat and heavy rains hit some regions;

Take care, God Bless You All!

Prof. Jucleino Luz




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