Colombia may have a strong volcanic eruption in the near future according to predictions 

Aguas de Lindóia, March 22, 2023

According to premonitory visions of the world famous visionary, will raise the alert level of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano between March 30, 2023 to April 15, 2023, suggesting a greater probability of eruption in the coming days or weeks, due to the increase in seismic activity that will happen between the aforementioned dates.
Possibly a significant increase in seismic activity associated with rock fracturing within the volcanic edifice will be recorded from March 24, 2023, reports Jucelino Luz's omens .
Nevado del Ruiz is a stratovolcano, or compound volcano, which lies on the border between the Colombian provinces of Tolima and Caldas.
Remember that Colombia's biggest natural disaster occurred in 1985, when Nevado del Ruiz erupted, melting ice and snow and resulting in water flows and rock fragments that killed more than 25,000 people. (Predicted by the visionary)
There is a radical change that has been happening on the planet, events linked to climate change and problems on the planet - in this case, we must be vigilant, as well as all Colombians and surrounding countries, says the visionary.

Prof. Jucelino Luz



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