Predictions for the month of August 2023- by Jucelino Luz

(premonitory dreams, are not predestinations)

1. Attack in Afghanistan kills more than 20 people near the capital; strong sand wind covers the city; strong earthquake hits the country
2. Strong Typhoon approaches Taiwan, Philippines, Japan and China;
3. Building collapse in Turkey, also attacks may victimize more than 20 innocent people;
4. Great risk of attack in the countries: England, Australia, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Sweden and Austria; it can be considered the bloody month, of several acts of violence in these countries. Some will face strong economic crisis
5. The problems continue because the Brazilian people are beginning to lose patience and revolt against the judicial and political system as well as all its current representatives in Brazil, and strikes, demonstrations and the danger of a Civil War may arise in the near future - and no one will be able to hold the public revolt that will spread, they will also surround Brasilia, they will not let any of those involved enter there anymore .... the thing will get complicated for everyone involved in the current system; and many of them will try to flee Brazil so as not to be lynched (someone is banned arbitrarily), only abroad, many of them will find themselves worse resistance from Brazilians and foreigners revolted by the corruption schemes in Brazil; Famous politician runs risk of life bad health and personal problems; ( date of problems between July to December 2023 );
6. Closure of conflicts between Ukraine and Russia, will be postponed, however, positions in favor of war, continues to set fire to this senseless violence, and peace between the two countries may be extended further; something obscure behind the war, can become a scandal;
7. In the USA, a gunman opens fire in a public place, killing more than 10 innocent people; very strong tornadoes hit the USA, in Ohio, Kansas and other locations; on the other hand, fires spread in California, San Francisco, Washington, Arizona and Texas;
8. Severe floods hit the Philippines, Indonesia and India making many victims; And heat will cause drought in some regions. Strong earthquake hits all these countries causing destruction;
9. Fire with several outbreaks in forest hits Portugal, France, Spain and Greece and can victimize several people;
10, Famous Brazilian presenter becomes ill, should take great care of health problems
11. Colombia an attack in a market can victimize many people, rains cause destruction in several regions;
12, Strong winds and severe rains bring floods and destruction in Uruguay, Argentina, Peru and Paraguay.
13. Heavy rains hit South Korea, Japan causing casualties and flooding in some regions. Famous actor and singer may have health problems, living with depression and life-threatening;
14. Movement of Mount Fuji with several earthquakes nearby (around - around - 150 km from the sites) that it is close for a big volcanic eruption. Strong earthquake hits the country, strong storms hit several parts of Japan.
15. Strong earthquake hits Peru, taking victims everywhere; and a volcano gives further strong signs of eruption

16. Millions of Brazilians are not accepting the elections, they are going to the streets, after indications of fraud in the 2022 elections, large demonstrations, breaking, and may not want to vote en masse in the 2024 elections - and will revolt against authorities and politicians involved, will spread political disputes and exchange of accusations between powers, will continue the popular revolt in Brazil, Brazilians will be sad and angry with the results of judgments in some Courts against popular candidates; will spread throughout the internet the revolt against the possible persecution; will also learn that many candidates in whom they trusted are possibly involved in this gigantic scheme (we will have many indications); Ministers, Politicians and authorities will be harassed in the streets;
17. Strong earthquake hits Australia, may cause casualties; and a big cyclone approaches the country.

18. Severe heat hits Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, may cause damage and bring major storms.

19. In India, floods and landslides cause many deaths and hundreds of homeless people; elsewhere severe drought affects the country; accident causes many casualties;

20. Storms hit Sri Lanka and it can lose of   many lives;

21. Cyclone approaches the south of the country causing a drop in temperature, strong winds and floods;

22. China, new problems of economic crisis, and the government should stimulate, warm up the domestic market - big problem in companies that are in the red and, external; on the other hand the rains and excessive heat continue to make victims and destruction in that country;

23. In Argentina, new scandals in Politics, arrests - far right candidate gets more nominations for the next presidential race, and increases the possibility of political change in the country;
24. Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Jamaica and the USA, prepare to face three strong hurricane; and heavy rains and winds may hit those countries

25. Persecution against the government of São Paulo -Brazil , can bring problems and demonstrations in the streets;

26. Large holes will form by melting ice in Siberia, Russia, Antarctica, Greenland, tend to increase greatly with climate change; and may increase in the coming years in giants;

27. Strong Earthquake may hit Japan victimizing many people in the country; storms hit the country - excess heat with fatalities;

28. A big storm will hit Taiwan, strong winds, where it can victimize many people and cause devastation and floods in the country;

29. In England, strong winds and severe rains will cause floods and deaths in the country; on the other hand, a possible attack in London could terrorize residents; bad economy; scandal shakes English people. An attack can victimize many people; Elton John in poor health - have to take care of yourself, high risk;

30. Strong earthquake can  hit Italy and claim some victims; rain and heat continue to plague several regions in that country;

31. Attacks in Congo, Somalia, Nigeria and Kenya - Africa, can victimize many people in the country; and a small plane crash;

32. Attacks in Israel will kill many people, including explosion, which will generate more violence and attacks against the country (Israel);

33. Ebola  and Marburg virus spreads in Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia and may spread to other countries, in Africa, causing many deaths

34. New demonstrations in Venezuela, economic problems that can generate demonstrations in the capital; and strengthens criticism against President Maduro who is at risk of life; (a powder keg is the country); and opposition has been gaining strength, and may jeopardize the policy of Nicolás Maduro who has been losing his popularity day by day...;

35. Economic crisis in the USA, has a worsening and may arise new demonstrations in the country; Republican party has been gaining strength with Donald Trump, for presidential race of 2024; falling popularity of Joe Biden and Kamala; Drought in the USA, and in Mexico, can cause new fires and inconvenience to the American and Mexican population; with great possibilities of strong tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes and floods;

36. Major drought in China is expected to affect the wheat crop and other agricultural products in the country; floods and destruction;

37. In Indonesia possible earthquake causes many victims across the country; volcano erupts;

38. In Canada severe drought can  reduce the level of agricultural production in the country; major floods, fires and windstorms;

39. A volcano may erupt in Iceland, causing towns to be evacuated; strong rains  and floods 

40. Famous American actor may be at risk of health problems; also a very well known actress in the world; Madona needs to take more care of her health, risk of life;

41. Rains and storms in the south of the country, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Bahia and Espírito Santo, could cause flooding and homelessness in Brazil;

42. Vehicle accident may victimize famous duo (in Brazil) and another famous presenter who is in poor health;

43. A series of attacks in Yemen can  kill many people

44. Fire and explosion destroys a place in Saudi Arabia, which may have many victims; and fire in a building in the United Arab Emirates, which may victimize innocent people;

45. In Chile strong earthquake, also floods, heavy rains and a lot of heat cause great damage to the population - possibility of two earthquakes;

46. France under threat of attacks and major problems in the country; demonstrations and strong storms;

47. Attack in Tunisia may kill at least 10 people and injure dozens; explosion in building;

49. Heavy rain, strong winds hit Norway and Sweden with possible flooding, stones rolling on the roads. And between August 3 and October 24, 2023 - a possible attack that can  victimize innocent people; a strong earthquake in the Norwegian Sea;

50. The danger continues between July 2 and December 31, 2023, with indications of the emergence of a vigilante group against Ministers, politicians and members of justice, they may be at risk of life; (dreams reveal); with great discoveries that will arise scandals in the Brazilian political system;


The power of positive thinking is discussed and applied today mainly in motivational courses that use teaching methodologies for the personal and professional development of individuals. Jucelino Luz teaches us these ideas as one of the pillars for spiritual growth. The news can be negative, use them for your evolution and learning, the mind can be the tranformer for a better future.



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