Pandemic Dictatorship , brought censorship, fights among politicians in the world, and especially, in Brazil

Political warfare is the use of political means to induce an opponent to do one's will, based on a hostile intent. The term political describes the calculated interaction between a government and a target element that can be the government, military, and/or the general population of another state. In addition to war , Censorship in social media has arrived .
Censorship can be present on television, in music, in movies or on the Internet. In many cases , these days , a stronger type of censorship is done to prevent content contrary to pandemic , contrary to laboratories , the political interests war The censorship on the internet , was proposed by corrupt politician, is still being more complicated, because it is a medium where it is not possible to exercise absolute power, making it difficult to control the content available.
The term "censorship motion" is a mechanism used to control or condemn a particular government, authority ,when its general policies are considered inadequate.

In April 2020 , came a coup led by political forces ,politicized authorities , with suspicions of alleged deals between laboratories, and health agencies . The dictatorship regime of free speech and pandemic began a few days after Carnival - creating suspicious decrees, authoritarian regimes, persecution of the disaffected, etc. .
Institutional acts were created that reinforced the disrespect for the Brazilian Constitution, the disrespect for freedom of expression and thought, and the best known of all: dictatorship of the pandemic and political conflicts - was created with the coming of the pandemic and the vaccine - also for an announced political war, annulling all elements of the Constitution of the Federal Constitution, of the Civil Law and of the crimes foreseen by the criminal code, which could be used against the established power that thinks it is moderating.
Several other measures emerged, among them the creation of a Superior Council of Censorship ( hidden from the population ) , whose objective is to control and judge communication organs that do not comply with the established rules. ( only those who are in opposition to the concepts of vaccination or are sympathetic to the federal government ) Facebook, Youtube, Instagran , are some of these bodies, which ended up closing the media to opponents of the concepts of the vaccine mandataries ( laboratories and rulers ) , also with suspicion of being commanded by a very well known politician , And legislative bodies, part of the executive (the Senate), indications that it was triggered by politicization of some higher Federal Courts, Federal Senate, are the first ones that kept silent, enlisted with scuse and singular purposes, are journalists, part of them involved with big sensationalist media.
They use a tool, in the sense of locating supposed "fake news" - but, the controllers, are the ones who most commit crimes, censoring the Constitutional right of freedom of expression and thought. That is, many times, controlled by internet militias, some journalistic groups that promote disinformation, that is, the purpose, is biased, full of singular intensions of a dominant politicized group.
Editing and creating under the blanket of untruths, as an excuse: "fake news" - just to block - "the truly correct" . i.e., anyone who speaks contrary to the ideals of the true purpose of this pandemic .
Censorship occurs in various cultural manifestations, social networks, literature and television. Between 2020 and 2022, millions of social networks, radios, plays will be banned by censorship. (Only in the disseminations contrary to the pandemic biased objects).
Many defenders of morality will be arrested or intimidated under moral , physical , pressure on their freedom , and psychological , others will be excused from their work be cut by censorship . In the vast list of most censored representatives are Congressman Daniel Oliveira , Roberto Jefferson, Zé Trovão , the singer Sérgio Reis , the singer Amado Batista who are some of the best known names.
Despite the illegally imposed censorship and imprisonment, some were able to get around the illegally imposed censorship through their creativity and writing genius. A clear example is songs, jokes, social groups, not commanded by these organs, where the word "Basta" is compared to "Chega de corrupção e limpar Brasil" and the phrase "fora" (get out), "afasta do Brasil" (get rid of Brazil), can mean "afasta esse regime corrupto" (get rid of this corrupt regime).

Understand our Constitution about some powers

This Constitutional story that only the Senate and the STF have the prerogative of judgment shows, in its Article 2, that ministers of the STF can be prosecuted and convicted for crimes of responsibility by the Federal Senate and vice versa.
Any citizen can denounce, me, you, your neighbors, nothing prevents us, if we have evidence of the practice of any criminal attitude, on the part of any minister, according to Article 41 of the same Impeachment Law.
Article 41: Any citizen is allowed to denounce before the Federal Senate, the Ministers of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General of the Republic, for the crimes of responsibility they commit.
So it is clear that following the legal rites, defined by Law 1079/50, the ministers of our Supreme Court can be impeached. It is notorious that it is not simple, due to the prolix process, although necessary to guarantee the constitutional principles of due legal process, contradictory and ample defense.

Of the Unconstitutionality and the possible accusations :

However, if there is evidence of harmony , cooperativism between the parties, then , the rule changes and may be subject to questioning - and totally be undone by the Federal Constitution itself provides in its Article 5 that

"All are equal before the law, without distinction of any kind, guaranteeing to Brazilians and foreigners residing in the country the inviolability of the right to life, liberty, equality, security and property."
Therefore, when proven, both parties can be denounced.

It is notorious that it is not simple, due to the prolix process, although necessary to guarantee the constitutional principles of due legal process, contradictory and ample defense.

We are living a collective hypnosis - because of the panic created in the pandemic, in this aspect, we need to preserve our children against these experimental vaccines, which are causing some side effects in adults, corroborate, lead vaccinated individuals to Myocardial Infarction and several aggravating health in general (can victimize thousands and thousands of innocent people). Take your child to your trusted pediatrician first, before vaccination Always question... Article 227 of the Constitution guarantees us that the major guardianship belongs to the parents, as well as Article 5 (the fifth) and Article 15 of Law 10406 of January 2002 - protects us against the use of unknown and dangerous substances in our bodies - such as experimental vaccines - No one can be forced to submit, at risk of life, to medical treatment or surgical intervention.

They use a radical positivist argument that, for knowledge to be considered "scientific," it must deal only with concrete, observable phenomena, leaving aside all knowledge considered "metaphysical" or "philosophical. This, they say, seeks to break with the Cartesian dualism that separated the mind from the body. However, such an argument seems to be more a denial of one of the poles of Cartesian duality than an integration between them. "experimental vaccinations is using humans as guinea pigs": the darker side of the evil of some scientists, who use the practice to their own advantage.

Of the inversion of values :
In other words, some pseudo-intellectuals say that healthy people (in good health), deniers, genocidaires, are transmitting the virus, that is, if not vaccinated, they should be arrested?

Well, those who transmit the virus are infected people.

Recognized by science as: "Hosts".

"Knowing is a specifically human activity. It goes beyond the mere 'to be aware of', and means the apprehension, the interpretation. Knowing presupposes the presence of subjects, an object that calls for their comprehensive attention, the use of instruments of apprehension, and the work of looking into it. As a result of this work, in knowing, a representation of the known is created - which is no longer the object, but a construction of the subject. Knowledge produces, thus, models of apprehension - which in turn will instruct future knowledge". And not disseminate untruths ,for the good of some .
After all, scientific knowledge is born from the proposal of a capacity different from the others, because it seeks to compensate the limitations of religious knowledge, of art and common sense. The search for a more reliable knowledge of reality is present since pre-history - and not of ill-finished experiments, which bring insecurity and danger to human beings - without a shadow of a doubt, what is happening in the world is not part of a scientific activity.

The dictatorship of pandemic that accepts only information from one party, made an alliance with the dictatorship of political correctness, and spread - en masse - the inability to select facts, judge postures, partially accept ideas and agree with common sense.

Prof. Jucelino Luz, researcher, writer, environmentalist, spiritual guide, and activist.



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