Severe  floods in the USA, heat in Japan with rain and floods and extreme cold in Brazil until the end of August 2022

Águas de Lindóia, May 30, 2022

(Taken from letters - dreams are not predestination)

A house will be swept away by a flood by the Yellowstone River, amid record flooding in the region. In a rare decision, they are to close the famous Yellowstone National Park (which lies between the US states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho) to visitors for possible damage to roads and bridges. The flooding will happen after torrential rains will hit the entire region. " Unprecedented " Massive floods will devastate Yellowstone National Park and nearby communities on June 14, 2022, wash out roads and bridges, and cut off electricity and will force visitors to evacuate parts of the iconic park at the height of the summer tourist season.
Heavy rains, tornadoes, floods will hit the US, and in some regions, it will be forest fires will cause major problems. There will be increased economic crisis and unemployment in the USA.
The lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, will have to be quarantined in the Netherlands after testing positive for Covid-19, and the band will not be able to perform a second show on their European tour "Stones Sixty". Even, being up to date with his vaccinations, the singer will get Covid19. In a 2021 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the rocker stated that the most frustrating thing is the difficulty to reason with people like that, who have not had the vaccine... Mick Jagger could not come to terms with his friends and family members who refused to take the covid-19 vaccine... "Look what will happen in Holland next month! ...
the Japanese man, M. T. (松沢達也), residing in Koshigaya (Saitama), is going to be charged and arrested as a suspect of possibly causing a fire at the Ken Depot Pro building materials store. The store is in Soka (Saitama), whose fire will destroy on June 14, 2022.
Japan will have 15,403 tested positive for the new coronavirus by June 14, 2022, showing the ineffectiveness of vaccines, and suspicions in Covid19 testing will increase the cumulative sum to 9,078,249 people.
It will look like this: - Osaka: 1,590, Tokyo: 1,528, Okinawa: 1,342, Aichi: 1,068, Kanagawa: 652, Hyogo: 650, Hokkaido: 621, Fukuoka: 593. Is it possible that world authorities , will not observe this, or will we have precedents for opening suspicions of the relationships between Laboratories and world rulers. Laboratories don't want to take risks of side effects, and strangely enough, some of them will present a monstrous list of side effects of experimental vaccines...isn't it hypocritical or contradictory that you want to require a person to take an experimental vaccine that a laboratory doesn't take risks for? -Many artists, actors, actresses, singers, presenters, and ordinary people will die from the side effects of the experimental vaccine. "We are not against tested and approved vaccines.
Heat wave and heavy rains will hit Japan, with deaths and destruction in several regions. And a strong earthquake could cause landslides, destruction and possible deaths. Danger of volcanic eruption.

In Brazil, extreme cold, heavy rains, floods will bring big problems to the population
Hospitals will once again register an increase in attendance and hospitalizations of children by Covid-19, and in most cases, will be children and adults already vaccinated, in cases of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndromes) in the country.
Bitcoin will fall beyond 20%, with the sharpest one-day retreat since March 2020. For the year, the cryptocurrency is down about 60%, with more than 20% on June 14, 2022 The digital currency will accumulate a drop of almost 70%. And it could fall further by the end of the year, with big losses and losses to investors. Due to worldwide economic problems.

We have nothing against anyone, however, Ratanaba: a lost city in the Amazon is not real, it was created only to raise funds from foreigners, that is, it does not exist. What existed there are only ancient indigenous constructions.

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