December 2023 predictions - by Jucelino Luz

(These are not predestinations - so don't be alarmed - on the contrary, be warned! )
Águas de Lindóia, October 12, 2023

1) The new Argentine government will be investing and will begin to tackle the economic problems faced by previous governments - growth and the fight against corruption - the Argentine people will gain a new direction and strength;
2) A strong earthquake could hit Taiwan - near Taipei - causing casualties and damage; strong winds and a fire at a commercial point;
3) Demonstrations in Italy could cause conflicts, as well as heavy rains causing disruption and flooding in some regions;
4) Politician with serious health problems and risk to his life - major economic problems affecting the population in Brazil; no end to the increases;
5) Storms hit Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro (mountainous areas and central parts), São Paulo (with floods and windstorms in some parts of the interior);
6) A bus collision with a truck could kill many people on the BR 116 highway between Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil.
7) A train collision in China could kill at least 100 people; (if you delay or advance the departure or arrival time, it could save lives)
8) In Canada, a plane crash could cause panic and possible deaths;
9) Planned attack could kill people in England, near London airport; hangover hits important areas in the UK;
10) Attack in France could kill at least 16 people in one of the tourist cities;
11) Heavy snowfall hits the USA and Canada, causing damage and possible deaths; in some areas forest fires could evacuate several areas - a possible attack could claim hundreds or even thousands of victims;
12) Heavy snow hits Japan, causing problems at airports and in some regions heavy rain causes flooding and destruction; strong earthquake hits the country; influenza breaks out strongly in the country;
13) Earthquake could cause damage and casualties in Peru;
14) Strong earthquake hits Indonesia, possibly causing casualties; heavy rains, floods and volcanic eruption:
15) In Hawaii, signs of volcano and possible earthquake cause panic;
16) In Haiti, problems with rains, in some parts manifestations, cause victims;
17) Strong earthquake in El Salvador, could cause casualties in the country;
18) At least 5 people are killed in a bomb attack in Spain; the economy is in big trouble;
19) In Pakistan, a bomb attack could kill many innocent people;
20) Landslide in Austria could kill many people, heavy rain and in some places snowfall could cause fatal accidents;
21) In South Africa, heavy rains hit the country, a bombing claimed victims and a crime caused commotion among the inhabitants of the capital;
22) Heavy snowfall hits China, also at least two strong earthquakes hit regions near Sichuan; real estate crisis could lead to default by some companies, putting investments at risk;
23) Thailand and Vietnam: severe drought hits the country, damaging crops, at the end of the year, so there will be heavy rains, windstorms and destruction;
24) Bad weather, storms and hangovers could hit Cuba, Honduras, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic;
25) Major storms hit French Guiana, British Guiana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago, with destruction and deaths;
26) Possible train crash in Germany with casualties;
29) Floods, landslides and windstorms in Colombia and Bolivia, which could claim the lives of many innocent people;
30) More than 50 people missing when crossing to the USA in Mexico;
31) Floods and storms hit New Zealand and Australia, with many homeless people and deaths; possible earthquake;
32) Serial attacks in all parts of the world, Germany, USA, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and Israel.
33) Victoria, Canada could face some of the worst rain, flooding and storms;
34) Storms with gales and floods could hit England;
35) A strong earthquake hits Greece, some regions are punished by floods and severe rain;
36) Blizzard in Bulgaria, Serbia will cause damage in some places and a possible earthquake; heavy rain in some places;
37) Strong earthquake hits Fiji and aftershocks will cause damage in some regions;
38) A cyclone is approaching the Caribbean and could cause damage in some regions; Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Belize, and so on.
39) An attack could cause many victims in the USA; bad economy and an increase in interest rates and prices;
40) Strong earthquake near Mount Fuji, possibility of an accident in another region of Japan; heavy snowfall;
41) Attack and explosion leave more than 50 victims in Turkey; bomb in building;
42) A large explosion in Zimbabwe - Africa, could cause deaths and many victims;
43) Iceland with snowfall, storms, which could cause problems at airports and on the roads - and the possibility of a volcanic eruption;
44) Heavy rains, gales, hangovers could hit Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay;
45) Venezuela, new demonstrations against the President, problems in the country and also floods, storms affecting various regions;
46) Disappearance of a ship near Norway could kill more than 12 people;
47) Blizzard could hit Poland, causing damage and casualties;
48) Heavy snowstorm could kill many people in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and parts of Croatia;
49) A terrorist attack in Russia could kill many people, and a strong earthquake could hit the country, causing damage and deaths;
50) An attack could kill innocent people in Sweden and Denmark;
51) Floods and deaths in Sri Lanka could cause many victims;
52) Conflicts in Laos could cause destruction and deaths, and floods could kill many people;
53) Heavy rains could hit Mato Grosso do Sul and other regions in Pará, Amazonas and Tocantins ;( Brazil);
54) A fishing boat could sink off the west coast of the country, killing more than 12 people in Italy;
55) Demonstrations will spread against Deputies, Senators, and not even the STF and STE will escape the demonstrations calling for the departure of Ministers and Politicians involved in corruption and facilitating the freedom of corrupt people in Brazil.


General Alert:
Inhabitants of coastal areas around the world are observing a more extreme rise in sea levels than normal, because they are concentrated in areas where the land is sinking faster, according to visions by Jucelino Luz, who has been talking about this serious problem since 1970.
Sea levels are rising all over the world, as the Earth's ice sheets melt and warm waters become more present in the oceans. But at a local level, subsidence, or the sinking of the ground, can make the problem much worse. Cities like New Orleans, Miami, New York in the US, Tokyo in Japan, and Jakarta are experiencing rapidly rising sea levels on their coasts - the land is sinking as the water is rising.
The sinking of the ground means that the inhabitants of coastal areas around the world are disproportionately vulnerable to rising sea levels: which are three to four times higher than the global average.
"We're not just talking about a prediction; it's already happening scientifically, just as Jucelino Luz predicted
The good thing is: much of the problem of land subsidence is caused by human activities, such as groundwater extraction, minerals, soil exploitation, so coastal cities themselves can take action to resolve the situation.
From local to global problem
Some of the factors contributing to the decrease (or increase) in the Earth's coastal areas are beyond human control. Parts of the Earth are still adapting to the disappearance of the glaciers that covered them during the last Ice Age, rising in some places and sinking in others. In the river deltas of coastal areas, the soil is slowly shrinking as new sediments are deposited. Before that, by 2033 we could have temperatures of up to 63 degrees Celsius.
But in addition to these natural processes, various human activities can contribute to soil subsidence: groundwater extraction, oil and gas exploration, minerals, sand extraction and the construction of river barriers to prevent flooding. Preventing rivers from flooding, which at first glance sounds like a good thing, also prevents them from spreading the sediment that gradually rebuilds the soil.
In places where there is a higher concentration of population, these activities, especially the extraction of groundwater and minerals, cause the land space to shrink more quickly than it would through natural geological processes: over the course of the 20th century, areas of Jakarta, New Orleans, Shanghai and Bangkok sank by two to three meters. We will certainly have problems, even if we are optimistic.
And in the south of Brazil, one of the areas, as has already been warned, activities will increase dramatically, stronger cyclones, advancing seas, excessive heat, snowstorms, will be more frequent, bringing destruction.
Authorities need to be on the alert with the population in order to minimize the major challenges of the near future, warns the visionary.
"Positive thoughts without positive attitudes and actions are of no use," says Jucelino Luz.



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