He actually  predicted  about  the  fate  of MH370  and  MH17  accurately 

Written by   Mario Ronco Filho -  investigative  Journalist

First of all, my condolences to the relatives, family and friends of those passengers on MH370 and MH17. This post is neither to point finger nor to vent anger at any country, organization or individual. The truth is out yet. Instead, I would like to draw your attention to this individual. His name is Jucelino Nobrega da Luz from Brazil.

In his website, he is considered a predictor (clairvoyant). He has mentioned that at the age of 9, he has precognitive dreams, an ability that allows him to “see” the future and the accuracy is 70%. Sure sounds like the movie “Minority Report” -Minority Report is a science fiction short story written by Philip K. Dick and published in 1956. Who knows if it hasn't already been released based on this visionary.  by fantastic points that  we cannot yet  explain .

So, what did he see on Malaysia Airlines? Based on the letter dated in 2013, he had accurately mentioned the disappearance of MH370, the location and even the number of people that went missing.

What is really terrifying/shocking/interesting (depending on which angle you look at it) is that he had, in March 2014, warned about the fate of MH17 and accurately mentioned that 298 people perished in the attack. Yes, he mentioned missile attack and he also mentioned something which has  been verified yet. He said that the missile is directed to President Putin (Russia) but instead, the missile hit MH17.

Here are the letters.

Here is on that he sent it to Russia President Putin on 22nd April 2013 warning about an attack and also about Malays Airlines MH17. I wonder that it really reach him despite  of  receipts  of  posted  letters . So, we cannot  doubt  doubt about it .



malaysia carta1


malaysia carta1a

The recent one dated 19th March 2014 has more details on MH17. In the letter, he mentioned 298 people. Remember in the initial official report, Malaysia stated only 295 people but changed it to 298 after they discovered that they did not add in the 3 infants into the final counts.  It is  accurate  that. Amazing !

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malaysia carta3

And here is the letter dated December 2013 on information on flight MH370. Including  all details  .


malaysa airlines carta2

So,  everyone can  convinced that he can predict the future  -  it  is explained that   all these phenomena are clearly explained by parapsychology . We cannot doubt science. Even because this prophet has no religious, political, or philosophical connection. He has been doing scientific examinations in a famous scientific center in Japan, and his studies were published in a scientific magazine.  

In his website, he mentioned that he accurately predicted some events (see translated excerpt of his post)

" There was the only one in the world to predict the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in September 2001, New York, United States, Death of Michael Jackson (excerpt the letter published in the book in 2005 – “The man in front of Prophecies,” the Asian Tsunami on December 26, 2004 to personally been with the Indonesian Ambassador at his invitation; preveu attack in Madrid – March 11, 2004 -recebeu at his residence Consul General of Spain; preveu the fall of the Gol airplane, the crash of TAM, The great earthquake in China – Sichuan Earthquake in Kobe-Japan and the earthquake of March 11, 2011 .A capture Saddam Hussein, where he won in Superior Court an action against the Government Americano.Tudo proven with incontrovertible documents and recorded in Record Office "

Does it mean that even though he knows the future, he can’t change it? The events still happened. I did some searches on him. Some claims that his predictions are not accurate. He seems to assume this -  that for me gives him more credibility, my opinion  ... Anyway, he also did not mention he is 100% accurate. He says his accuracy is about 70%. Or did the 30% actually changed something that cause the event not to happen?

There are a lot of questions to be answered on his predictions but his predictions on natural disasters should not be taken lightly as it involves many people and with technology, we can even monitor them to be sure., he also wrote to Jackie Chan to warn him about incidents in the next few years.

His site is pretty , but  a little messy yet  and most might  even want to stay and read. I am  sure why after so many years predicting the future, many have heard about him. Anyway, now you hear it from his  distance  treatment  that  everyday  call attentions of more  people all over the world . And  he  makes a lot  of seminars . People  like him  because  has  good energies ,and give hope top human being ,and teachings  very  important  that act as a compass for the future, where they ease our challenges

Click Here to Jucelino Nobrega da Luz Website

PS: I did  really read those predictions as I think that if we live life fearing the next day, it will be even more miserable than living it.I prefer to believe and prepare myself for the things that may intervene in our daily life .  I believe in him, and I know that he wishes good for all of us, and that motivates me to continue my journey into the future.



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