Attention! important warning, be very careful with "offline" attendances, requests, or people who use the good name of Jucelino Luz, improperly ...

"New scam

Maybe you are being tricked, search at the source, the only email to confirm the veracity if it is really a service, lecture, meeting, representative, or seminar of Jucelino Luz, is through the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (there is no other ...)
It is always advisable to consult the source, so as not to fall into traps via internet, etc.
Many people try to pass themselves off as Jucelino Luz, and use dubious and criminal means to make innocent people into victims ... When the service is offline (out of the air), matters, be suspicious and consult the source immediately, report it, it is a crime!
The Spiritual Attendance has as its basic proposal to welcome, comfort, clarify and guide the people who seek Jucelino Luz in its physical and virtual space, through fraternal and continuous actions, in conformity with the spiritist principles and the Gospel in the light of the Doctrine of the Superior Universe. It also makes available, to those who already attend and know its works, as assisted or attendants, support, clarification, consolation, and spiritual and moral assistance.
The work developed by the Spiritual Assistance covers the activities of: Reception, Fraternal Assistance through Dialogue, Explanation of the Gospel in the light of the Doctrine of the Superior Universe within the spirituality, Gospel at Home and Implantation of the Gospel at Home, metal irradiation, Assistance through the Pass, energization at a distance, and spiritual guidance ( Healing ) .
Many use the internet to copy unduly, to repass false information, to explore the good faith of the people, who search the light of the spirituality, copy materials, people litigate of bad faith, being like this, we always alert to not to be one more victim., consult always when you want, the above mentioned e-mail to know if it is really Jucelino Luz.
The Explanation of the Gospel in the light of the Doctrine of the Superior Universe is a scheduled public meeting, with an established expository sequence, to be held at the Jucelino Luz, in its physical and virtual spaces, with the following objectives 1) to analyze and expose to the public present, in a simple and objective way, the content of The Gospel according to the good practices of the spirituality , highlighting the moral teachings of the Gospel in the light of the clarifications of the spirituality and focusing on the problems that present themselves; 2) to support, uplift and orient doctrinally about the causes of afflictions and the means to understand and overcome them; and 3) to console and clarify those who are in difficulties, such as: disincarnation of loved ones, separations, conflicts, diseases, depression, etc. , approaching subjects such as gratitude, hope, forgiveness, through the reading and explanation of The Gospel According to the Superior Teachings (Superior Universe).

God bless you all!

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