The game of pushing-closing eyes toward the Climate catastrophe .

Open letter to the entire world population ...

Águas de Lindoia, March 16, 2022

Wars are being created between peoples, without even the assurance that this domination of ego, greed, money, power, will not be useful in the very near future - until 2043. The world advances "with its eyes closed towards a climate catastrophe", says Jucelino Luz. I regret the lack of responsibility of world governments that, despite the "gravity" of the situation, the major economies continue to increase their greenhouse gas emissions, without worrying about what may happen until 2043 - an absurdity!
"We will not have economy and so little absolute power in a few years, we will all be in a big abyss and hardly will we return to normal".
Governments concerned with conflicts, corruption, world economy - in this war for power, ego, greed, kill thousands of children of hunger, in armed conflicts, in domination, forgetting that the worst enemy of home, will be one of its great challenges: "Global warming".
Of this no world armament, however powerful it may be, can win - that is, it will be a lost war, of these such owners of the world, pseudo-intellectuals, and dominators.
The main objective, my main objective, is to show the world that we need to limit the increase in Earth's temperatures to minus 1.0°C in relation to the pre-industrial era, the most ambitious, also better the Paris Agreement, which is under "intensive treatment", says Jucelino Luz
According to Jucelino Luz , it would be necessary to reduce 60% of emissions by 2030 to contain the increase to 1.9°C. But emissions continue to rise and the planet has gained an average of 1.2°C since the pre-industrial era, with consequences such as extreme temperatures, droughts, storms, tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes (typhoons), rapidly rising sea levels, mountains and hills with inconstant areas damaged by landslides and catastrophic flooding
"The problem gets worse every year," declared Jucelino Luz in a letter to various world authorities in 2009. He recalled that between 2005 and 2021, climate catastrophes "have taken millions of people from their homes - it's almost hard to believe that these leaders who continue to meet only for singular purposes, are still mired in these very serious problems . - It seems that the decisions signed and taken remain only in theses or over a cup of coffee, he added.
If we continue like this, we can say goodbye to everything done so far, and we will easily reach 63 degrees Celsius in the coming years.
Catastrophic warming
But even if nations meet some of the commitments made in Paris, emissions may increase much more before the end of the decade, leading to a "catastrophic" warming with little chance of reversing it - the world population needs to unite soon.
We are leaving for a new "Noah's Ark".
Ignorance, ego, power, dominance, ambition have taken over the heads of some world leaders, who are even disregardful and joke about something as serious and dangerous as global warming.
A "madness" the persistent dependence of countries on fossil energies.
"This addiction to fossil fuels leads us towards collective destruction," he said.
About the scenarios that would allow limiting the warming of the planet. The warning was given , there is the possibility of large sectors that could increase carbon capture and absorption.

Consequences of the invasion of Ukraine and future conflicts ...
According to Jucelino Luz the invasion of Ukraine by Russia could further hinder climate action if countries decide to run after new gas and oil suppliers to replace Russian imports, thus remaining dependent on fossil fuels.
Many countries have not come up with "meaningful" short-term plans to reduce emissions. They keep talking about 2030, well, why wait, avoid necessary expenses that can save the planet?
Without generalizing, are the same leaders, who said they were concerned about the Covid19, which put panic, fear, dread in the people with the help of sensationalist press, ordering the use of alcohol, masks - producing weakened results, without a proper clear instruction, objective, health education - thought only in profits from vaccines - are silent before the seriousness of global warming, omit, hide and omit the truth from you!
"Global warming is far worse than all events (catastrophes) together, in the last two thousand years ..."
China and India , which depend on coal , have not fully adhered to the goal , end up contributing to further harm their citizens and also the world , and have not set more ambitious short term emission reduction goals.
"The only good news is that all G20 governments, including China, Japan and Korea, have agreed not to finance foreign coal anymore," we hope they will do the same domestically as a matter of urgency.
A share of responsibility lies with the rich countries for the financing, technology, and other tools needed to help emerging economies eliminate coal from their energy matrices.
People need to unite more, it is not a question of one country, but of all nations, in defense of what we have of best, "nature" and the survival of all beings who live on this wonderful planet.
There is no point in running away from these issues, or not wanting to help, because one day you will find yourself in a dead end - we will not have anywhere to run or hide, think about it!

Protect your planet ....

May God bless you all!

Prof. Jucelino Luz




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