Predictions for March 2023 - by Jucelino Luz

(These are not predestinations)

Águas de Lindóia, February 28, 2023

1. Conflicts in Syria, may cause deaths throughout the country; including attacks on women and building explosion;
2. Strong earthquake in Japan could cause damage to the population; and snowstorm could cause airport shutdowns and destruction;
3. In Turkey a bomb attack can cause deaths and demonstrations all over the country; a strong earthquake hits the country;
4. Storms in Jakarta -Indonesia at great risk of destruction, flooding and deaths, volcano erupts; also earthquake hits the country
5. Bombing in England could kill dozens of innocent people; windstorms and heavy rains cause destruction
6. Windstorm and heavy rains hit South Korea, Taiwan and China, killing many innocent people;
7. Heavy rains, strong winds can hit the South of the country, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Espírito Santo, Pernambuco and Ceará (some parts to severe drought), causing many victims and deaths in Brazil; price increases, lack of economic control, embezzlement, corruption spread in the country - increased violence and land invasion;
8. 8. Strong tornadoes hit the U.S., causing material damage and death in some North American states; and can cause great damage; and in California we can have big problems with drought and storms with strong winds; and falling temperatures due to heavy snowfalls;
9. Heavy rains hit Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay, punishing the country, causing disruption and death of innocent people; And in some regions the heat increases, with water shortages in several locations, and may cause blackouts in these countries;
10. 10. Strong winds and severe rains will hit Ireland and Scotland, possibly victimizing many innocent people; and a crime will shock one of these countries;
11. In New Zealand and Australia, destruction by storms will hit these countries; on the other hand, a strong earthquake will hit the country;
12. Spreads several cases of the brain-eating bacteria in the USA; and in several countries begin to worry the international scientific community;
13. Large demonstrations spread in France and may cause conflicts; and several price increases, and a drop in the economy may hit Europeans;
14. In Italy, big changes for the exit of the Euro; we will have changes in the local economy; storms hit the country and a strong earthquake shakes that country
15. In Mexico, strong earthquake, also rains cause landslides and deaths throughout the country and new disappearances and death of authority;
16. In Pakistan a strong earthquake may victimize many people; sandstorms hit the country;
17. Large Demonstrations, new scandals in Argentina, violence continues to spread across the country; and bad economy;
18. Strong Earthquake hits China, may cause many casualties
19. 19. Bombing in Germany may victimize many people and increase the tension in the country; the economic crisis grows;
20. Strong Earthquake hits Chile, may cause damages and possible victims in the country
21. Strong wind and rainstorm hits Taiwan, we will also have the possibility of a strong earthquake there
22. Strong Storm hits Canada, may cause material damages and loss of human lives; and heavy rains cause a lot of damages in the country;
23. Explosion in Thailand may kill more than 20 people; fire in commercial area may victimize many people
24. Changes in Brazilian TV, Magazines and Newspapers continue, where journalists and some presenters will be replaced;
25. In Denmark, Sweden and Norway heavy rains can cause floods and large stones can roll off the roads causing accidents and casualties to innocent people;
26. 26. Plans of an attack in the Philippines, a politician may be a victim of attacks, a strong earthquake hits that country; we will also have problems with storms and floods;
27. A strong fire causes many victims in a shopping center in Kuwait; a possible attack, a man shoots several innocent people;
28. Strong storms hit Europe and Asia causing serious problems in France Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Luxembourg, England, Poland; transportation and airports will be stopped and in some places there will be power shortages;
29. In Tanzania, many attacks are happening and several attacks in the country; and destruction in some areas due to storms;
30. The Republic of Congo is hit by several storms, landslides, and a collision between buses could kill many people; a volcano erupts;

31. Strong storm hits Honduras, Jamaica, and Belize may cause damage in the country;
32. Strong storm may hit Sri Lanka, possibly causing deaths and damage in that country;
33. Strong earthquake could hit Peru and cause death and damage in that country; 34;
34. A strong explosion in Ukraine could cause deaths and damage in that country; 34;
35. Problems in an airplane could cause the plane to crash in Malaysia
36. Heavy rain and flooding could hit Bulgaria, Hungary Moldova and Romania causing damage and possible death in those countries
37. Drought and drought in Vietnam, India and Thailand could bring big losses to farmers and unfortunately, this year the drought could spread more across the country, from this month on...;
38. Strong 7.0 earthquake hits Puerto Rico, causing damage and deaths in that country..;
39. Spain faces one of the worst economic crises, on the other hand, rains, storms continue to destroy the country;
40. In Brazil, we will have two (small) commercial aircraft crashes, and the possibility of assassination of a politician and authority;
41. A strong earthquake will hit the USA, and may cause casualties. And several burning problems will hit some regions, in a different situation, an attack with a firearm, can victimize many people;
42. In South Korea a famous artist and presenter may risk their lives, in some regions destruction by storms and floods;
43. Heavy rains cause destruction in Belgium in several localities
44. In Colombia destruction caused by rains, possibility of attack in public place can cause big problems
45. Strong earthquake hits Fiji, causes problems, also destruction
46. Company's shares listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will fall up to 28%, and in the second half of March may rise 22% and big problems of price increase in that country; ;
47. Health authorities turn a blind eye to side effects of experimental vaccines, possibility of 48% increase in cases of side effects, causing fatalities - major scandals will involve officials and politicians pretending to have taken such vaccines.
48. A death of Councilwoman and Mayor of Juazeiro do Norte, Yanny Breda and Rickson Pinto will be placed and treated as femicide and suicide, however, it may be murder in this month-day 02 the possible death of both -in Brazil (a big possibility ...)
49. Storms producing tornadoes and heavy rains will hit parts of the southern United States on March 3, 2023, will cause fatalities and leave more than 1 million people without power, forecast to cause heavy snow and hail from southeastern Michigan to New York State. Parts of central New York and southern New England may experience heavy snowfall on March 4, 2023, at least two tornadoes will hit the western part of your state, also by the storm in Kentucky - generating winds of 130 mph, which are "strong



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