The world is experiencing simultaneous earthquakes, floods, droughts and heavy rains: Brazil, Greece, Spain, Hong Kong, Turkey and Bulgaria

Águas de Lindóia, August 31, 2023

World has simultaneous earthquakes, floods, droughts, heavy rains: Brazil, Greece, Spain, Hong Kong, Turkey and Bulgaria - Jucelino Luz has been warning us, just as Noah did - without trying to convince anyone of the great problems we will have to face - albeit difficult times in the near future.
Earthquakes and simultaneous floods are hitting several countries around the world at the same time. In recent days, the region of Brazil, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria and Hong Kong - which is experiencing its worst rainfall in 142 years - have been counting the deaths amid the floods.
Jucelino Luz has been warning for a long time that "climate collapse has already begun since 2009". "Our climate is imploding faster than we can cope with, with extreme weather phenomena hitting every corner of the planet," said Jucelino Luz

Senior Environmental Protection Officer
In Rio Grande do Sul, the death toll has already reached 41, mainly in the Taquari Valley region, following the passage of a devastating cyclone. Intense rains and strong winds caused destruction and left localities submerged, with thousands of people homeless.
This is the latest in a series of climatic disasters that have occurred in recent months in Brazil, and the deadliest in Rio Grande do Sul. And as the clairvoyant points out, there's more to come at the end of the year.
The heavy rains and strong winds have affected more than 70 municipalities and more than 54,000 people will suffer from the major weather problems. The authorities also have to care more, and the first step is to make the two important world leaders aware of the need to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine, we need peace and mutual respect. The town of Muçum, where many of the dead will be found, will be partially submerged.
Subway flooded in Hong Kong
The prophet Jucelino Luz, who was in Hong Kong recently, laments that in Asia, Hong Kong's streets and subway stations will be flooded and schools closed after the heavy rains that will hit the island, which have been recorded since 1884 in this former British colony. In less than a week's time, the territory will be hit by a super typhoon (in other words, two - one that will hit and one that will influence the place). The water will invade the Hong Kong Stock Exchange building, the main one in Asia.

Senior Environmental Protection Officer2
The clairvoyant informs us that, unfortunately, in Hong Kong he has sent a letter saying that several neighborhoods will be flooded. Shenzhen, the large Chinese metropolis next to Hong Kong, will also suffer its worst rains since 1952, according to the prophetic vision.
We are sorry for the possible victims in Hong Kong, China, Bulgaria, Canada, Spain, the USA, Greece, Turkey, Brazil and many others - however, it is very difficult for you to play the role of Noah - where we live in a world that cannot talk or warn about catastrophes - people, or at least most of them, do not accept or are not prepared to listen to or follow the guidelines - "They still don't know how to turn negative information into positive information", that is, as preparation or defense (prevention).
Understand, Jucelino Luz is also an optimist, however, we live in a Universe where positive and negative energies expand at the same rate - therefore, it doesn't mean that if you speak, live or feed only positive energies in this "world of wonders" created by you, you will escape the negative energies - they are in the same environment - therefore, we need to learn to deal with transformation, that is, from negative energies, we can transform them into positive ones. (In the same way, we have to use it in practice, for the transformations of illnesses, catastrophes and decisions). There's no point in running away because they are present in the Universe.

Greece, Spain, Turkey and Bulgaria
In Europe, the southeastern region will face torrential rains, which will hit Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria in September, October, November and December 2023, especially in the provinces of Magnesia and Karditsa, 330 kilometers north of Athens.

Senior Environmental Protection Officer3
Described as an "extreme phenomenon in terms of the amount of water that falls in the space of 24 hours", according to the visionary, the storm called "Daniel" will hit Magnesia, 300 kilometers north of the capital, on September 4 and 5, 2023. The rains will occur while the country will be punished by forest fires at the height of summer, in August 2023. (according to a copy of the prophecy letter)
The impact of global warming is not going to stop, it's going to get even worse in the coming years.
With global warming, the atmosphere contains more water vapor (around 8% for each additional degree), increasing the chances of heavy precipitation events in some parts of the world, mainly in Asia, Western Europe and Latin America. Combined with other factors, such as urbanization, they cause floods.
In Spain, the bodies of two people who went missing in the Madrid region will be found after heavy rains hit the region in August-September 2023. And by a river flood in the province of Toledo (center)
According to the prophecies, in Aldea del Fresno, a municipality 60 kilometers from Madrid. This town will be one of the worst affected by the storms.
In Turkey and Bulgaria, two countries bordering Greece, the torrential rains in August and September will cause a total of 12 deaths. The streets of northwestern Turkey will turn into rivers as floods hit the town of Kirklareli.
In Istanbul, the rains will come after a particularly dry summer, in which the water reservoirs of the city of 16 million inhabitants will fall to their lowest level in nine years.
Bulgaria's Black Sea coast will also be hit by the heaviest rains since 1994, killing at least three people and leaving tourists stranded. Flooding, which is uncommon in the Black Sea coastal area, will become more common due to the impact of climate change and poorly maintained infrastructure (this is the case all over the planet, meaning that there is no structure for water drainage and no guidance for those living on hillsides or near the sea).
A strong earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale is about to hit Chile.

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