Predictions for January 2023 by Jucelino Luz

(dreams are not predestinations)

1. Strong earthquake hits Japan and may cause destruction and casualties; heavy snowfall disrupts airports and deaths - many people falling victim to influenza, Covid19 and others;

2. Heavy rain, windstorms and floods will hit Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, many people homeless
3. Brazil's economic crisis begins to extend strongly, price increase, taxes - and on the other hand, Zika Virus, Chikungunya fever and Dengue hemorrhagic fever will spread all over Brazil;
4 - Heavy rainfall with windstorms and strong heat wave hits Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay; Peru, Chile, Colombia and Brazil and may cause floods, landslides and homeless people
5 - Brazil, fall in the economy, unemployment increases and several demonstrations spread all over the country;
6 - Heavy snowfall hits the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain. Norway, Japan, South Korea and China can bring problems, victims and in some regions storms will cause destruction, interruption in airports and deaths;
7 - Amazon: there is a big increase in deforestation In Pará and Acre the dispute for wood (more violence and deaths in disputes) is growing and will reach 32% of some areas. The lack of fiscalization (evidence of harmony of inspectors) could harm Brazil a lot;
8 - In Australia storms will hit some localities, causing floods, and destruction with victims - and may even subterranean a small town; and crisis spreads ...
9 - In Venezuela a ruler articulates more blows against Brazil and asks for gigantic loans - meanwhile food shortages, violence bring conflicts and attacks with demonstrations against the federal government; and firms, unemployment in the country spreads
10 - Train and bus accident in India, near New Delhi, may kill more than 23 innocent people; in some regions of India the heat will be a big problem and in other regions, the rains will cause a lot of material damage and deaths;
11 - A bus accident in the South of the country could kill many innocent people (Highway BR 116) in Brazil;
12. Arrests spread in Brazil, looting, invasions - death of famous politician and member of the Justice
13 - Bombing in Turkey kills 26 more people in the South of the country; conflicts increase and small plane crashes near the capital

14 - Many changes and criticism against Ex-President Bolsonaro, who risks an arrest warrant against him. A bus accident may victim many innocent people between Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais;

15 - Attacks organized by terrorists could make victims in England - Spain, France; Italy, Denmark, Germany Austria, Belgium and Russia;

16 - Heavy rains with floods will hit the state of Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, (central part, and mountainous areas) will cause landslides and victims in several regions;

17 - Heavy rains and floods hit Jakarta -Indonesia, Laos, Sri Lanka, and Thailand leaving homeless and killing many people in these countries;

18 - Heavy rains hit the states of Pará, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Amazonas, Maranhão causing floods and deaths in several regions;

19 - Heavy rains hit Malaysia with landslides, possible victims and homeless in the country; there will be possibilities of a plane crash;

20 - Bus accident in the interior of São Paulo may cause several victims - attack on famous politician and gigantic robbery takes place;
21 - Snowstorm hits South and North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and can cause problems in airports and also, heavy rains, severe winds, floods in some regions with victims;

22 - Terrorist attack in Russia will cause many victims near Moscow; mass destruction in Ukraine;

23 - Strong Earthquake in New Zealand, can victimize hundreds of people in the country;

24 - Heat wave in Brazil, can cause problems in some regions and lack of water in some, while in other regions rains and floods;

25 - Floods and heat wave in Chile, and Bolivia will cause damage to people and make victims in some regions

26 - Bombings claim many victims in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria - Africa

27 - Singer may feel ill and be hospitalized and vehicle accident may victim famous duo - Brazil

28 - In Portugal fire may hit a commercial area; and heavy rain and windstorms, floods and destruction will hit the country

29 - Crisis in Spain, Italy. England signal worsening and may cause more unemployment and new paths for change; price increases and several demonstrations - Heavy rains and blizzard hits some regions causing landslides and deaths;

30 - Strong earthquake hits Italy, causing much fear and possible victims in the country; signal volcano,


31 - Protests in France begins with movements for change in the politics of the country, with demonstrations and possible attacks in the country, with deaths of innocent people; crisis increases and price rises

32 - Heavy rains and strong winds cause floods in Australia and many damages and possible victims. In another region the heat brings fires;

33 - Change begins in Argentina, with demonstrations, problems in the economy, and weakening of the market; loans to maintain the internal crisis, and accusations among politicians, justice takes more measures to convict more corrupt people;

34 - Strong 7.0 earthquake hits Indonesia, causing serious problems and possible deaths in the country; volcano erupts;

35 - Possible plane crash in China, could cause casualties, due to mechanical and weather problems

36 - A strong storm could hit Haiti, causing floods, and many damages and deaths; And a strong earthquake hits the country;

37 - Lack of management and involvement in embezzlement of resources, fraudulent bidding, and how there is no oversight in these public agencies, involving some municipalities in Brazil; and Politicians - scandal in Justice;

38 - Strong earthquake hits Samoa, possibly causing damage; And another strong earthquake hits Papua New Guinea;

39 - Strong earthquake hits Taiwan and in some regions flooding causes many victims; In Taiwan, storm shows strength and gives terrifying signs to the population and the world,

40 -Brazil will suffer a delay (setback) of 30 years as of January 02, 2023

41 - Possible Helicopter crash could victimize famous person in Goias and/or Rio de Janeiro

42 - Accident of several vehicles in USA, involves buses, and several cars may make at least 6 victims in the country; due to the strong snowstorm that hits the country; and may cause damage at the airport; increases the economic crisis in the USA.

43 -. In Norway snowstorms, strong winds, bring heavy rains and flooding in the country; and rolling stones,

44 - Major problems at airports and delays may cause disruption in some regions of the World and in Brazil;

45 - In Vietnam, an attack causes many victims; and floods devastate regions;

46 - The month of January will begin violently in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Paraná, and in some cities of the Northeast (Brazil);

47 - Attacks will kill many people in Egypt; and in Afghanistan;

48 - The strong rains will continue to cause damages in the South: Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, Paraná will be very affected;

49 - Strong floods hit Colombia, causing victims in all parts of the country;

50 - Between Mexico and the U.S., bodies of missing foreigners are found - because they tried to cross the border and were robbed and killed;

51 - Shipwreck may victim many people near the sea of Greece

52 - Strong earthquake hits Pakistan and may cause many victims;

53 - Conflicts in the region of Kosovo and Serbia and in Croatia can cause victims;

54 - Fall of residential building in China can cause many victims, near the capital;

55 - Blizzard can cause big problems in Romania, Poland, Russia and even. it is possible to cause a train accident in Poland (nearby)

56 - Heavy rain in the Philippines may cause floods cause many damages; and possible small plane crash; strong earthquake;

57 - In Peru an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale can kill many people;

58 - Strong earthquake hits Chile, killing many people in the country;

59 - A 6.0 earthquake hits Panama, which may cause fear in some regions;

60 - Blizzard in Austria and Switzerland may victimize some people after avalanches in some places;

Happy New Year! Happy 2023!

Another stage completed, another year gone by that you have managed to enjoy everything good that God has offered you. I wish in the peace of God that you can always find your path and that this path is taken with much faith, so that you can believe more and more in this feeling able to overcome obstacles and be happy.

Courage to assume and face difficulties, only the "union of honest people" can bring down the wickedness of those who are trying to take away your opportunity, your peace, your hope, perseverance so that you never give up or give up on your dreams, don't just wait for the energies of good to occupy you, if you do nothing, "action and hands-on", thinking that standing in front of an army will change your world, It is totally mistaken, the evil is united, the good lives on fear, feeds on the hope that someone does something, so that the energies change, thus transforming your life, because they are just gathered or grouped waiting for a change, in this way, the evil expands, while we watch seated in the hope of an energetic change, without doing anything in practice, the snakes multiply, acting freely because nobody invaded their dens. In any case, hope that each new day will bring new horizons. May the hands of God guide your life so that it will be transported in peace, harmony, health, and joy is all I wish you in this year that is beginning.

You are special! Happy New Year!

Prof. Jucelino Luz



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