Predictions for December 2022 - by Jucelino Luz

(These are not predestinations - so don't be alarmed - on the contrary, take precautions!)

Águas de Lindóia, November 29, 2022

1. As December energies, Luiz Inácio da Silva, will have many difficulties to assume the presidency of the Republic, big surprises against Ministers of the STF and TSE, Senate and House of Representatives, revolt and demonstrations in Brasilia -D. F against Lula's inauguration - the revolted people, with strong accusations will occupy the Federal District before the President's inauguration;
2. A strong earthquake may strike Japan - near Tokyo, causing casualties and damages; a strong snowstorm hits several airports; ( Japan in soccer will pass to the round of 16 and finals )
3. Problems of rising prices, gas crisis, lack of supply, deaths, attacks will mark the end of the year in Europe
4. Demonstrations in Italy may cause conflicts, heavy rains cause disruption and floods in some regions; a strong earthquake hits the country and the possibility of a volcano eruption;
5. 5. Attempted assassination of a politician in Kenya, can generate conflicts and demonstrations with possible deaths in Africa;
6. Storms hit Espírito Santo, Bahia, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro (mountain areas and central part), São Paulo (with floods and windstorms in some places in the interior);
7. 7. A landslide, and possible bus and truck collision could victimize many people on BR 116 between Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul
8. A big demonstration in China could kill many people; strong typhoon hits China - attempted lockdown could anger Chinese
9. Plane crashes near airport in India, may cause panic and possible deaths; Heavy rain, floods and heat in some regions
10. Plane crashes near airport in India, could cause panic and possible death; Heavy rain, flooding and heat in some regions; 10;
11. France and part of Europe could face a very strong economic crisis, rising prices and shortages of gas and food
12. Heavy snowfall hits the USA (fires, tornadoes, floods with landslides) and also Canada, causing damage and possible deaths;
13. 13. Heavy snowfall hits South Korea, Japan, China causing problems at airports and in some regions heavy rains cause flooding and destruction;
14. Earthquake could cause damage and casualties in Peru;
15. Strong earthquake hits Indonesia, may cause casualties; heavy rains and a volcano eruption;
16. In Hawaii, signs of volcano and possible earthquake cause panic; storms may cause destruction
17. In Haiti problems with rain and in some parts demonstrations cause victims; a strong earthquake hits the country;
18. Strong earthquake in Panama can cause victims in the country;
19. Bombing in Spain - Madrid causes deaths and heavy rain causes damage; ;
20. Heavy rain, windstorms, Floods in Philippines can cause damage and deaths;
21. In Afghanistan bombing can kill many innocent people;
22. 22. several big press media in the world will have to face many difficulties and lay off a lot of employees due to the great world crisis
23. In South Africa, a bomb attack claims victims and demonstrations spread in the capital;
24. 24. Strong economic crisis hits China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, also at least three strong earthquakes hit regions in China and Taiwan;
25. Thailand, severe drought hits the country, damaging the crops, at the end of the year we will have precipitation with heavy rains, windstorms and destruction;
26. 26. Lula should be much more careful with his health as already predicted; if he takes office, he will have great difficulties and serious problems; with the risk of impeachment;
27. Bad weather, storms and hangovers could hit Cuba, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic;
28. Major storms hit French Guiana, English Guiana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago, with destruction and deaths;
29. Possible train accident in Austria - and also a blizzard could cause vehicle accidents and damage in some regions with possible deaths; economic crisis creates difficulty in the country and price increases;
30. Floods, landslides, windstorms in Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, and Bolivia, which may victimize many innocent people;

31. Earthquake in Mexico, deaths of people in a massacre and death of famous actor;
32. Floods and storms hit New Zealand and Australia, there are many homeless and deaths; strong earthquake hits the country, in some regions heat and fires;
33. Serial attacks in several places of the World, Germany (in the World Cup Germany will be eliminated for the round of 16 and finals), USA, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and Israel
34. Brazil could win the 2022 world cup and in second place could be Argentina (or France) ;
35. Storms with gale and floods could hit England;
36. Strong earthquake hits Greece and some regions are punished by floods and severe rains
37. Blizzard in Germany, causing damage in some localities and a possible terrorist attack; Economic crisis, rising prices and unemployment hits the country
38. Strong earthquake hits Turkey and in some regions aftershocks cause damage; bombing causes many victims;
39. Cyclone approaches the Caribbean and may cause damage in some regions; Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Belize, Jamaica, and so on
40. Strong earthquake in the vicinity of Mount Fuji; and possibility of fatal accident in another region of Japan;
41. Attack and explosion claim many victims in Pakistan; possible earthquake;
42. Influenza, causes victims in Vietnam, Korea, Philippines and in some regions of these countries, storms and strong winds cause damage;
43. A large explosion in Congo can cause deaths and many victims;
44. Philippines, new disasters hit the country; heavy rains and earthquake;
45. At airports, many will be facing crowding problems, confusion, and flight delays;
46. Iceland with blizzard, storms, may cause problems at airports and on highways - and possibility of volcanic eruption; and heavy rains with landslides
47. Heavy rains, gale force winds, hangovers, may hit Bulgaria and heavy snowfall and problems in the country;
48. Venezuela, floods, storms affect several regions;
49. Many people could be affected by the disappearance of a ship near Italy
50. Blizzard may hit Poland, Serbia and may cause damage and victims;
51. 51. Heavy snowstorm could injure many people in Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania and some parts of Croatia
52. Terrorist attack in Russia may victimize many people, and also a strong earthquake hits the country, causing damage and deaths; Strong economic crisis affects the country, and the war may take another turn; Putin has to take care of his health;
53. In Ukraine, explosion may victimize many people;
54. Switzerland, an avalanche could hit people and a village in the Swiss Alps;
55. Blizzard may hit Norway, causing accidents and avalanches;
56. Attack could victimize innocent people in Sweden and Denmark; 57;
57; Bad weather could bring down an airplane in Indonesia and also in Malaysia
58. Floods and deaths in Sri Lanka could cause many victims; and crisis brings violence in some regions;
59. In Laos conflicts can cause destruction and deaths, and also floods can victimize many people;
60. 60. bus falls off cliff in Cambodia kills many people; floods devastate the country;
61. Strong Earthquake hits chile and may cause destruction and deaths;
62. Heavy rains may hit Mato Grosso do Sul and other regions in Pará, Amazonas and Tocantins; (Brazil)
63. Honduras big demonstrations in the streets and possible conflicts;
64. A fishing boat could sink off the west coast of the country and kill many people in South Korea
65. Manifestations will spread against Deputies, Senators, and not even the STF and TSE (Brazil) will try to curb and escape the Manifestations that ask for the exit of Ministers and Politicians involved in corruption and facilitate the freedom of corrupt people in Brazil - attacks and risk of life;

Happy Holidays to all! Lots of health and peace




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