Predictions for December 2021 - by Jucelino Luz


"They are not predestinations - Therefore, don't be scared - have faith and take precautions ! "


Águas de Lindoia, November 30, 2021

1. Crisis may increase in Brazil , Argentine with scheduled shutdowns , in an attempt to overthrow politicians , no vaccine will be effective or safe as many promise , there are indications that they used the supposed new Variant for overbilling , money laundering , detour of resources and shady deals for 2022 political campaign

2. A strong earthquake may hit Japan - near Tokyo may cause casualties and damage ; and rains and snowstorms will paralyze some airports ;

3. Bad administration of world governments, lack of commitment, embezzlement, fraud; some of them still existing, makes life difficult for the population - it is necessary to create severe laws to fight corruption and that these bad administrators are quickly removed from power; the use of the Corona virus will be increasingly clear, that its use is for oppression, domination and attempt to perpetuate itself in power - in order to create chaos in the world;

4. Demonstrations in Italy can cause conflicts, also heavy rains cause disruption and flooding in some regions; and strong earthquake and snowfall will bring serious problems :

5. 5. Attempted assassination of a politician in South Africa may lead to conflicts and demonstrations with possible deaths; deaths of doctors and conflicts will spread;

6. Storms may hit Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraná, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerai - highland areas and central part of the country with flooding and windstorms in some places in the interior;

7. A train crash in Germany could victimize many people and terrorist attack planned for the last week of the year 2021;

8. In China earthquake, drought, typhoon can cause a lot of damage and economic collapse hits the country once again, famous companies are at great risk, causing a sharp fall in stock markets worldwide;

9. Plane crashes, pilot suffers sudden illness in Europe, due to side effects of the vaccine, possibly causing death;

10. Plan of attack may victimize people in England, near London airport; and man with knife attacks in another region;


11. Demonstrations in France and crisis may extend, closure of tourist cities may cause popular revolt; possible attack near Paris; may victimize innocent people:

12. Heavy snowfall hits the U.S. and Canada, causing damage and possible deaths; and in California starts some fires and strong storm hits Arizona and parts of Texas ;

13. Heavy snowfall hits Romania , Russia , Bulgaria , Poland , causing problems at airports and in some regions the heavy rains cause flooding and destruction;

14. Earthquake may cause damage and casualties in Peru ;

15. Strong earthquake hits Tenerife - Spain , may cause victims ; and a volcano may erupt ;in La Palmas - Cumbri Vieja intensifies eruptions and a strong earthquake hits the region , volcano El Hierro gives several signs ;


16. In Haiti problems with rains and attacks can victimize many people , in some parts demonstrations make victims;

17. Strong earthquake in Panama can make victims in the country;

18. 18. Bombing in Spain causes deaths and rains can damage some places;

19. In Jakarta - Indonesia Heavy rain, windstorms, flooding may cause damage and death; strong earthquake may hit the country, and a volcano may erupt:

20. In Afghanistan a bomb attack can kill more than 15 innocent people;

21. Shock between trains may victimize many people in Japan, which will face problems with blizzard at airports and various places;

22. In Africa, floods and drought begin to make victims in various regions, a bomb attack makes victims and demonstrations spread in Nigeria;

23. Strong storm hits the Philippines, and also at least two strong earthquakes hit regions near central area;

24. Vietnam , Myanmar , Thailand .severe drought hits the country , damaging crops , at the end of the year , so we will have precipitation with heavy rains , windstorms and destruction;

25. In Brazil, pre-candidates begin early campaign, without taking much more care with their health some of them will have sharp falls in the intentions of popular votes, that increasingly, stop believing in those who approach to take advantage of the people with unfulfilled and fanciful promises - many scandals are to emerge in Brazil, involving authorities and politicians :

26. 26. Cuba, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic - bad weather, storms and hangovers may hit these countries

27. Big storms hit French Guiana, British Guiana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago, with destruction and deaths;

28. 28. In Austria storms and avalanches will cause deaths and injuries and also a heavy rain may cause floods, vehicle accidents and damage in some regions with possible deaths;

29. 29. Floods, landslides and windstorms in Bolivia, which may cause the death of many innocent people;

30. 30. In Mexico, a strong earthquake causes death and destruction,


31. 31. Floods and storms hit New Zealand and Australia, many people are homeless and dead; a strong earthquake also hits one of these countries:

32. Europe faces one of the biggest economic crises , because of lockdown , creation of obstacles to citizens , that will generate great distrust , that will lead to the fall of popularity of many politicians ;

33. People and groups will be hired to spread panic and fear in the world, in the sense, to intimidate people to take vaccines and some of them hired by politicians, laboratories and authorities, some will be disclosed by the big sensationalist media -causing fear and panic in people :

34. Storms with gale and floods may hit England and Scotland;

35. Strong earthquake hits Greece and some regions are punished by floods and severe rains;

36. Blizzard in Germany , causing damage in some localities and a possible terrorist attack ;

37. Strong earthquake hits Alaska and in some regions aftershocks cause damage ;

38. Cyclone approaches the Caribbean and may cause damage in some regions; USA, Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Belize, Jamaica, and so on

39. An attack could cause many victims in the U.S. in a major shopping center;

40. A massacre could kill more than 8 people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;

41. A strong earthquake near the capital of Chile; and the possibility of windstorms, floods and destruction;

42. Deadly attack and explosion claims many victims in Turkey ; and possibility of a building collapse ;

43. Influenza, makes victims in Japan , Vietnam , Korea , Philippines and in some regions of these countries , storms and strong winds cause damage ;

44. A large explosion in Ukraine , can cause deaths and many victims ;

45. President of Taiwan still at great risk to life , new disasters hit the country ; and a there is a possibility of a typhoon and an earthquake to hit the place ;

46. In Brazil , presidential candidates , are at risk of life , are still at risk ( health and attacks ) ; great exchange of accusations and frames ;

47. Crowding at airports , many of them will be facing logistical problems and lack of control , confusion , and flight delays ;

48. Iceland volcano shows great signs , on the other hand , blizzard , storms , may cause problems at airports and on highways - and landslides ;

49. Heavy rains, windstorms, hangovers, may hit Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay ;

50. Venezuela, attempted attack against a politician, in demonstrations and problems in the country and also floods, storms affect several regions;

51. Disappearance of a ship near Norway may victimize many people;

52. Blizzard may hit Serbia and cause damage and victims; economic problems and scandal may arise in the country;

53. Terrorist attack in Russia could kill many people, and also a strong earthquake could hit the country, causing damage and death;


54. Terrorist attack and explosion could victimize many people in Pakistan

55. Sudden pilot malfunction and bad weather could bring down a plane in India and another in Malaysia ;

56. Heavy flooding and death in Sri Lanka could cause many casualties;

57. In Laos conflicts can cause destruction and deaths, also floods can victimize many people; and an accident can victimize many people;


58. A bus crash in Thailand, and a possible accident on a cliff in Cambodia can kill many people;

59. Strong earthquake in Peru can cause damage and possible victims;

60. Heavy rains may hit Mato Grosso do Sul and other regions in Pará, Amazonas and Tocantins (Brazil)

61. Heavy rains with floods hits Bolivia, causing victims and deaths

62. 62. A fishing boat may sink off the west coast of the country and victimize several in South Korea - another suspected suicide of a singer, rains cause damage and flooding;

63. In Singapore , in the northeast destruction , heavy rains ,strong winds ,flooding may victimize innocent people ..;

64. - 64. There will be an increase in deaths due to side effects of the vaccines: - Famous people, pilots, journalists, actors (actresses), presenters and ordinary people; many may suffer cardiovascular arrest, fulminant attacks, paralysis, thrombosis problems, strong allergies, immune system problems, respiratory system problems and serious diseases. They may have fast or slow reactions ...;

65. An Asteroid and a Comet will pass very close to earth - a warning for the near future.


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