Players will die from vaccination effects accident, says , prophetic dreams

Águas de Lindoia, December 14, 2021

Safety on the field never ceases to be an issue because of the recurrent traumas and accidents that can happen during a soccer match, and this is no different even during the holiday season. Between December 21 and 27, 2021, two players could die on the field, one in the Middle East and the other in Africa.
On December 23, 2021, defender Mukhaled Al-Raqadi, from Muscat FC, a team from Oman, in the Middle East, may die after collapsing during the warm-up of an Omani league match. The player will not survive despite being rushed to the hospital, the effects of the experimental vaccination, The player plays for the Omani national team.
On December 25, 2021, Christmas Day, the MC Sofiane Loukar will die in Algeria, Africa. The player - already suffering from brain damage due to the vaccine's side effects - suffered a head injury during a match against ASM . Oran in a ball dispute with an opponent, however, the effect of the vaccination will be crucial , for the possible loss of life of the player .
Also, Hugo Maradona will unfortunately die of complications from the vaccine, from a fulminant cardiovascular arrest in December 2021.
Jean-Marc Vallée, the Canadian director and producer who directed the films The Young Queen Victoria and Dallas Buyers Club and the HBO series, Cutting Objects and Big Little Lies. He may die on December 25, 2021 from the effects of vaccination, alone in his cabin in Quebec City, leaving behind two sons, Alex and Emile Vallée.
SBT host Celso Portiolli will have to face bladder cancer. And in the fight he will be able to win this stage in December 2021.
A notorious acknowledger of the problems of vaccinations and this pandemic in Italy, Maurizio Buratti, from Mantua may die strangely from Covid-19 on December 27, 2021 after being admitted to a hospital in Verona, in the north of Italy, and will not resist the complications of a disease already existing from previous histories and not from Covid .
Unfortunately, crossfit coach Hendrick Felipe Zeni, may drown in the S'Manella waterfall, in Xanxerê (SC), on December 26, 2021 , after, going bad inside the water due to vaccine side effects .
After the shock, the player will still return to the game and end up fainting on the field 10 minutes later, but the effect of the vaccine, which was already acting in his body, will do the rest and will damage his brain already malleable by the side effects of the vaccine, says the prophetic vision - will no one act against these vaccines that kill innocent people?
They want to vaccinate children without any security, politicians, doctors and scientists linked to the government - together with the sensationalist media, will cause many more deaths, a crime against public health and against humanity!
The Stand News, its editor-in-chief Patrick Lam will resign and the rest of the staff will be dismissed. It will stop operating in December 2021 in Hong Kong.
A tragedy in Bahia will affect more than 630,000 people, of whom 54,000 will be displaced and around 38,000 homeless. There will be 141 municipalities affected by the storms, 137 will be in emergency situations. All due to the storms and floods that will hit Bahia in the second half of December 2021.
Zé Felipe will cancel a show on December 26, 2021, for health reasons. He will get viral pneumonia, and the negative effects of vaccination will lower his immunity. A good part of the vaccinated people will have to face this problem, of lowered immunity and will catch strong flu, or other respiratory problems, etc..
Finally, due to the fragility and decrease in immunity due to vaccinations, many people will develop several types of different diseases, and will be more susceptible to colds and serious respiratory problems.


Prof. Jucelino Luz, researcher. Writer and spiritual guide





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