Predictions for May 2022 - by Jucelino Luz

We remind everyone that Omens or premonitions are not predestination, everything will happen if nothing changes in this future

1 - The cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever worsen. Meningitis, will reach São Paulo, Bahia, Distrito Federal, Espirito Santo, Fortaleza, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Sergipe, and epidemics and innocent deaths may occur;
2 - Floods in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, and (all over North and Northeast of Brazil) in the mountainous areas there will be big collapses of hillsides damaging and killing many people.
3 - A 7.0 earthquake could shake Japan, causing victims and landslides;
4 - Storms and heat in Vietnam and the Philippines, can cause deaths;
5 - Heat wave with strong rains, whirlwinds, much destruction hits Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay;
6 - Violence in Brazil will increase 25%, due to the lack of attention to the laws, changes in the penal code, facilitations and loopholes in the system, which may cause several problems. Possibility of accusation against famous politicians in Brazil for embezzlement of public money, involvement in organized crime, and suspicion of false advertising,
7 -. In Asia ,. typhoons may hit some locations ;. South Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia; with heat wave that starts to bring serious problems in those countries, they will also face a big problem with rains and floods; hundreds of victims...
8 - 7.0 earthquake in Peru hits central area and/or nearby,
9 - Terrorist attack in Afghanistan kills more than 25 innocent people; And attack on commercial area, may cause many victims in the country
10 - Several cyclones hit New Zealand and Australia and the heat can bring serious problems. And water shortage will be a big problem; on the other hand, a series of strong earthquakes hits these countries;
11 - Earthquake in Fiji (island) of 7.0 - may cause casualties; rain and heat may bring problems;
12 - Explosion in coal mine kills 40 in China; increases economic crisis, brings big problems for Chinese people;
13 - 7.0 quake in Chile may cause fear and panic
14 - 6.0 earthquake in Alaska could make victims ;
15 - 7.0 quake in China; also strong winds and rains hit the region;
16 - Growing number of demonstrations in Ecuador , due to economic problems, unemployment and against politicians involved in scandals and drug trafficking
17 - 7.0 earthquake in Italy could bring many victims
18 - 6.0 Richter scale earthquake in Morocco
19 - Combined protests against President of Brazil, even with the help of sensationalist media and some social networks, does not bring many supporters, and generates concern for the elections in 2022;
20 - In France , demonstrations on May 1 , complaints may be of the lack of jobs ;and against Macron's re-election , sends a signal and gains strength in that country ; ;
21 - 6.0 earthquake hits sea near Gulf of California and San Francisco may cause concern in US ;
22 - Several strong Tornadoes may hit Arkansas , Ohio ,Texas, North Carolina Mississippi ,in the USA , causing destruction and many victims in the country;
23 - Floods, windstorms, may hit Macapá, Rio Branco - Acre and Manaus - Amazonas - many are without homes; there are already thousands of victims, and problems with Dengue, malaria and Zica in the affected areas;
24 - A 7.0 earthquake could hit Indonesia, in some regions strong winds, storms, causing a lot of damage and possible deaths. And it may make possible the crash of a medium-sized aircraft near the capital;
25 - Possibility of heavy rains hit eastern Canada causing major problems, flooding;
26 - Heavy rains in Sweden , Norway , Sweden will cause floods and may have fatal victims also may happen a barrier fall; flooding and stones rolling on roads and villages;
27 - In Papua New Guinea , an earthquake; also storms and heat will cause many victims
28 - A strong earthquake hits Russia and an attack in that country claims many victims:

29 - Drought in Portugal, Spain and France, with great force, we may start fires in some regions;
30 - Bombing in Turkey will kill many innocent people;
31 - Protests in Venezuela, possible death of Politician to order;
32 - New conflicts in the Dominican Republic of the Congo , may kill many people; an explosion in a public place may injure many passersby;
33 - Earthquake 6.0 on Richter scale may hit Colombia - and will scare many; with strong winds, heavy rains, floods may hit some regions

34 - Countries that pollute the planet the most, do not have projects for climate reversal, nor recovery of the sea Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United States, Germany, China, Spain, France, Thailand, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India, followed by other countries, want to wait until 2030 to do something, and that global warming: the change may be irreversible between 2040 and 2050. How to improve the planet if the population chooses only administrators who do not respect life, the environment, for the greed of power, ego, money?
35 - In India, an attack in a shopping center causes many victims in the area near the capital, and heavy rains hit the country, with drought also spreading to other regions;
36 - In Haiti, violence and attacks are increasing, and on the other hand, the rains and destruction can victimize many people;
37 - 6.0 earthquake in Greece ; and heat may bring big problems ;
38 - Big storms floods hit the South of France, a gale could blow away some places near the capital; at the same time, the heat in some regions makes victims in France; gun attack could kill many people in a train station in France;
39 - A lot of tension between Scandinavian countries and Russia, meanwhile many strong in Ukraine, may result in radical changes in the country and also Russians suffering from inflation, internal problems, which will cause riots and demonstrations in that country;
40 - In Jakarta - Indonesia Strong heat, heavy rains, floods,; may cause victims and problems to the country. And Volcano gives signal and worries the population;
41 - 6.0 earthquake hits Panama and could scare ;
42 - Heavy rains hit the South (Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil) causing problems and landslides; A sudden drop in temperature brings a sky full of lightning;
43 - A 7.0 earthquake hits the Himalayas, possibly causing damage and casualties in the country;
44- Strong Cyclone hits Myanmar , Philippines , may cause more deaths and thousands of homeless;
45 - In Puerto Rico, an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale could cause victims;
46 - In Nicaragua, El Salvador, Jamaica, Ecuador and Honduras, widespread flooding will kill and render hundreds homeless; a strong cyclone is approaching some regions;
47 - Strong Typhoon may hit China, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau leaving hundreds dead and homeless
48 - Gunman kills at least 8 people in New York and New Jersey in the US
49 - Bombing in Pakistan kills at least 20 and injures dozens of people , also bus crash claims many victims ;
50 - A magnitude 7.0 earthquake will shake southwestern Iceland
including the national capital, Reykjavik, and scares residents in the region ; a Volcano can expel a lot of grub ;
51 - In Germany and Belgium heavy rains and heat bring big problems, and also attack can victimize several people ;
52 - Russia cuts gas, causing big problems for Poland, Germany Bulgaria, France; and there are agreements according to the will of Russia's President;

53 - Heavy rains with winds in Saudi Arabia cause damages to the country; and also a possible attack in a public place can victimize many people; with the possibility of fire in a petrol tanker (power plant);
54 . In the United Arab Emirates a terrorist attack makes more than 12 fatal victims and many wounded; we still have fire in a building;
55 - In Italy, heavy rains and destruction, old residences are at risk of collapsing because of the terrible shaking suffered this month by earthquakes,

56 . Argentina, suffers from more price increases , agreements made by administrators may further affect the country , violence increases may victimize many innocent people ;
57 . In Denmark and Sweden, bombings may victimize many people;
58 . In Bulgaria, Hungary, and Serbia, heavy rain and windy weather may hit and cause death and destruction; protests will spread in these countries;
59 . In Hungary heavy rains with floods, landslides, can cause deaths and injuries ;
60 . Baixada Santista, North coast , Brazil , heavy rains, winds , hangover in the with problems and possible landslides , fatal accidents . All areas of the state of São Paulo, besides the coast, will continue with more instability and heavy rain showers in the coming days. There is a risk of thunderstorms and lightning for all the regions of São Paulo, including Greater São Paulo. Attempted bank robbery, may cause injuries and deaths;
61. Attack in England may victimize many people, economic crisis increases, and in some regions, heavy rains, sea waves;
62. Increased migration from various parts of the planet, in mass to other countries due to wars, famine, lack of water, exploitation, and destruction.




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