Actors and comedian Ivan Gomes, and Bob Saget and other predictions 

Águas de Lindóia, January 06, 2022

(content extracted from letters sent between 2020 and 2021)

One of them adopted the artistic name of Batoré, his best known character, may die on January 10, 2022 in São Paulo, of cancer. Actor Ivanildo Gomes Nogueira was born in Serra Talhada, Pernambuco, and moved to São Paulo as a child. Before becoming an actor, he played soccer in the youth categories in clubs in São Paulo. His first TV appearances were on the show "Show de Calouros", hosted by Silvio Santos, in the 1980s, but he only became known when he joined the cast of the show "A Praça É Nossa" in the 1990s with the character Batoré.

Actor and comedian Bob Saget, known for his performance in the series "Three's a crowd," will be found dead on January 9, 2022, in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida, from sudden death, a fulminant cardiovascular attack with two vaccine effects.
Saget began his career with a small appearance in the comedy "The Young Werewolf" in 1981. Despite some appearances in film and TV, he only came to prominence when he took on the lead role in "Three's a crowd" (Full House), which aired for no less than eight seasons between 1987 and 1995.
We will have many deaths in the year 2022, due to fulminant attacks - cardiovascular problems of many artists, presenters, soccer players, singers, due to side effects of experimental vaccines. There are 200,000 cases of deaths of ordinary people due to experimental vaccination problems, in various situations (cerebral, cardiovascular, and blood clotting). We will also have in the world, more than 450 thousand children who will have problems from side effects of vaccination. - if approved is. Who will be responsible for the fatalities, the STF, the World Health Organization. Health Ministry, governors, mayors, president, doctors, hospitals, Anvisa (which claims it has been threatened and pressured to approve the vaccines?

(for approving vaccines without proof of efficacy and safety - because studies, tests and research phases have not yet been completed), OAB (which is silent), SENATE (because most of them are silent to everything), House of Representatives (which does not produce a single law that protects the Brazilian people), Attorney General (who has been acting indifferently to vaccinations), Children's Court judges who are promising to take away the right of parents who do not vaccinate their children, disrespecting the Statute of the Child and Adolescent, Federal Law No. 8,069 of 13 December 1976, which prohibits vaccination of children and adolescents, in violation of the Constitution of the Child and Adolescent, Federal Law No. 8,069 of 13 December 1977. This law, which regulates article 227 of the Constitution, defines children and adolescents as subjects of rights, in a peculiar condition of development, who demand full and priority protection by the family, society, and the State. The question is, who will be responsible for the side effects and deaths of children?
Well does anyone have to be held responsible for this future carnage?
Those who are preaching Democracy, but behind it, are dictators? Cowards?
Those who use the name of science, that they are behind commanding, indications, that it is all for money?
Those who ordered us to stay home for more than a year, promising that they would stop the pandemic, then brought the vaccine, claiming that it would be the solution, invented strains and variants, to justify the ineffectiveness and side effects of vaccines, which is leading thousands and thousands to death with cardiomyopathy, thrombosis, allergies?
Now they have brought another miracle, booster vaccination, then comes another one, etc.
Those who generate suspicion, who are filling their pockets with money from the misfortune of others. With this supposed miracle of the vaccine, however, many people are dying from its effects, and none of them say anything?

Think about them, this year 2022, before voting, do not vote more in these false representatives, nor in their descendants - sweep at once, all the bad that represents us ... then Brazil can improve ...
What we have observed is abuse of power, active and passive corruption, crime against public health, and evil against humanity, openly, without any body that represents us, doing anything! They observe quietly, because they and their families have immunity and don't need to take experimental vaccines; that is, they are all immune to the virus! Funny, isn't it? Only the people transmit the virus!
We are not against vaccines, therefore, we are not denialists and much less genocidal, term used by them, to justify their wrong decisions, later with so many deaths by side effects of this euphoria of experimental injection, you will know who is right, too bad it will be too late, when they are vaccinated, their friends and family die, by the cases with problems of mass vaccination.
The Mar de Minas is really wonderful. The artificial lake that arose from the implementation of the Furnas hydroelectric plant in the 1950s is an immensity of water, with landscapes, canyons, and giant cliffs that form one of the most beautiful and desired regions by tourists in Minas Gerais. Extending for 1,440 km², the Furnas Lake region bathes 31 cities in Minas Gerais that are benefited by tourism.
Where there is no inspection, or navigation traffic rules, life jackets, or even the number of tourists and speedboats, where there is danger, a careful and responsible look at this issue is needed. The city of Capitólio, for example, needs to create instruments for this tourist growth to be safe, environmentally sustainable and socially fair, otherwise it may face a serious problem, a large rock could fall into the water, a possible disaster that should kill around ten people in the region of the canyons on January 08, 2022, the victims: Julio Borges Antunes; Camila Silva Machado; Mykon Douglas de Osti; Sebastião Teixeira da Silva; Marlene Augusta Teixeira da Silva; Geovany Teixeira da Silva; Geovany Gabriel Oliveira da Silva; Thiago Teixeira da Silva Nascimento; Rodrigo Alves dos Anjos; Carmem Pinheiro da Silva; and may even have more fatalities if nothing is done.
The rains are expected to continue in the state of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, in January 2022. The emergencies will be very dangerous, in Patos de Minas, the dams could give way, in Rio de Janeiro, the cities of Onça do Pitangui, Pitangui and Leandro Ferreira could be the most affected if the structure of the dam breaks. The same can happen, several floods will spread, they are not cyclical - as many think, it is global warming.

The final question is: who will be responsible for the experimental vaccines in adults and children? - because, the laboratories say, the responsibility will not be theirs, it is attributed to each citizen who takes the experimental vaccine!

We are in a country where the orders for the "chaos of the Brazilians" come from an organized crime boss whose members are totally united among themselves, and the honest people suffer silently, totally disunited!

I hope I'm wrong, however, that's what I could see in my dreams...


Prof. Jucelino Luz, researcher, writer, environmentalist, spiritual guide and activist.



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