March 2024 predictions - by Jucelino Luz

(They are not predestinations)

Águas de Lindóia, February 28, 2024

1. Brazil can be around 40 years behind, because the problem isn't politics or politicians, or the authorities who use this weakened system to practice corruption and injustice, often under the law in the country, but rather the political system, the constitutional system and the judicial system, which need radical reform, with the participation of society in the decisions, otherwise, in the existing form, there will always be corruption and disgrace in the country. And with all due respect to the demonstrators, there's no point in millions taking to the streets, because it won't do any good, just observe that nothing will change in the country;
2. A strong earthquake in China can cause damage to the population;
3. In Turkey, a bomb attack can cause deaths and demonstrations all over the country; a strong earthquake hits the country;
4. Jakarta - Indonesia, floods and destruction, there will also be a volcanic eruption and an airplane crash in the country;
5. An attack in Germany can kill dozens of innocent people; heavy rains hit the country - on the other hand, the sharp drop in the economy could lead to unemployment and serious problems;
6. Windstorms and heavy rains hit South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, killing many innocent people; blizzards hit the area;
7. Heavy rains, strong winds may hit the south of the country (some parts in severe drought), in Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Bahia, Pernambuco, Ceará, Alagoas, Mato Grosso (from the south), Goiás, Maranhão, Rio Grande do Norte, São Paulo, causing many victims and deaths in Brazil;
8. Strong tornadoes hit the USA, causing material damage and deaths in some US states; And they can cause major damage; And in California we can have major problems with drought and strong wind storms; Strong earthquake hits San Francisco, California and Seattle;
9. Heavy rains hit Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay, punishing the country, causing inconvenience and the deaths of innocent people; And in some regions the heat increases, with water shortages in several places, which could cause blackouts in these countries;
10. Strong winds and severe rain will hit the United Kingdom (England), Ireland, Scotland and France, potentially killing many innocent people; and a train crash can kill innocent people;
11. In Argentina, the economy is starting to turn around; improvements by the current government could warm up the market and bring new prospects;
12. Several cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and Yellow Fever are spreading in Mato Grosso, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and many places in the Northeast (Brazil);
13. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which I have nothing against, has been using its intentions to provoke the possibility of a world war against Russia, because of Ukraine. We need to create peace between the two countries, not fuel hatred, discrimination because of singular interests, or because we are not managing our countries well. In fact, the world needs unity and understanding, say no to violence and war. ;( Possibility of world war by 2040)
14. In Mexico, heavy rains cause landslides and deaths across the country and new disappearances and deaths of authorities and journalists; a strong earthquake hits the country;
15. In Pakistan, a strong earthquake could kill many people; heavy rain hits the country;
16. Large demonstrations spread in France, Spain and Germany, with an agricultural crisis and economic crisis in these countries;
17. A strong earthquake hits Japan, potentially claiming many victims; blizzard hits the country - a murder of a famous person attracts attention in the country;
18. An attack in Sierra Leone and Kenya can kill officials and increase tension in one of these countries;
19. A strong earthquake hits Chile, causing damage and possible victims in the country;
20. A storm with strong winds and rains hits Hong Kong and Macau, and there is also the possibility of a crime against a famous politician;

21. Severe storm hits the Caribbean and Florida in the USA, causing damage to property and loss of life; heavy rains cause a lot of damage in the country;
22. Explosion in India can kill more than 16 people; floods spread across the country, a commercial site catches fire in the capital;
23. The economic situation in Brazil tends to worsen with tax increases, health impositions, measures that are controversial to the country's reality;
24. In Denmark, Sweden and Norway, heavy rains can cause floods and large stones can roll down the roads causing accidents and casualties for innocent people; and an attack at a school could claim several victims;
25. Heavy rains, bombing plans in the Philippines, a famous politician can be the victim of bombings in the country; possible plane crash;
26. A heavy fire claims many victims in a shopping center in Australia; heavy rains can bring  victims in the capital, a famous actress has health problems and is at risk;
27. Heavy storms hit Europe and Asia, causing serious problems in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Luxembourg, England, Poland and France; transport and airports will be at a standstill and in some places there will be power outages;
28. In South Africa, many attacks are taking place and several attacks in the country; very heavy rains hit several locations in Africa,
29. Canada is hit by several storms, landslides, and a collision between vehicles causes the death of 12 people on the highway;
30. Strong storm hits Honduras, Jamaica and Belize, potentially causing damage in the country;
31. A strong storm can hit Sri Lanka and Laos, causing deaths and damage in these countries;
32. A strong earthquake could hit Bolivia, causing deaths and damage in the country;
33. A strong explosion in Bulgaria in a shopping center can cause deaths in the country, heavy rains and snowfall hit the country;
34. Problems with an airplane could cause it to crash in Thailand;
35. Heavy rain and flooding can hit Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Moldova and Romania, causing damage and possible deaths in these countries;
36. Drought and dry spells in Vietnam, India and Thailand could cause major losses for farmers and, unfortunately, this year the drought could spread further across the country from this month onwards...;
37. A strong earthquake hits Colombia and Puerto Rico, both measuring 7.0, causing damage and deaths. Rains devastate areas in these countries
38. Pope Francis is in very poor health, an internal conflict of an archbishop who will launch another confrontation against the pontiff;
39. In Brazil, there will be a crash of three commercial (small) aircraft, and the possibility of a plane crash of two helicopters, due to mechanical problems; and others;
40. Protests in South Korea against economic problems, a famous actress and a television presenter could have serious and life-threatening problems;
41. Pará, Acre and Amazonas, Maranhão, heavy rains, floods cause great inconvenience to the population, including an increase in Dengue cases, and a virus that will spread (Brazil);
42. Strong earthquake hits Samoa and causes a lot of damage; and possible deaths
43. Attack in France could victimize innocent people, question marks over security in the country; French economy suffers major fall and instability, provoking large demonstrations;
44. In Russia a strong earthquake hits the country, rains devastate some localities;
45. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Greece, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Turkey and Cyprus, causing damage and casualties.

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