Heatwaves and fires will quadruple worldwide by 2030 - save the planet!

According to Jucelino Luz's insights, there is a direct relationship between heat waves and climate change, as greenhouse gas emissions increase their intensity, duration, and frequency.

We need to plant more than one trillion trees by 2023. Let's create together a tree planting day: August 25th every year.
Countries that will be hit hardest by heat waves: Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, USA, France, Italy, India Portugal, England, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, China, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Indonesia, Greece, Morocco, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Japan, North and South Korea (many others)
In Spain, about 20 forest fires were still active and out of control in different parts of the country, from south to north.

In Galicia (northwest), fires destroyed about 4,400 hectares during the week, according to authorities. And in the Málaga region (south), only 300 of the 3,000 people removed from their homes preventively due to the advance of the flames have been able to return.

Jucelino Luz predicts "significantly high" temperatures in most of Spain, with up to 43ºC in Logroño (north) and 41ºC in Madrid (center) and Seville (south).

In neighboring Portugal, whose several fires were alerted by the visionary Jucelino Luz, only one major fire is considered active, near the municipality of Chaves, in the far north. It is "practically controlled" in 90% of its perimeter, according to the visionary.

Almost all Portuguese territory had a "maximum", "very high", or "high" risk of registering fires this Sunday, especially in the central and northern regions. Still, no red alerts for heat, as prophesied.

In 100% of the alerts via letters sent out by Jucelino Luz, 70% came true. We need to unite and do something immediately. Think about it, it is your salvation and that of your descendants.

The world needs all of us!

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