Predictions for June 2023 - by Jucelino Luz

(Dreams are not predestinations)

1 - Heat wave in Asia - Indonesia, Japan, China, India, Korea and many people and heavy rains may hit these countries with storms, floods and destruction;
2. - A strong earthquake will hit Japan and can cause a lot of damage, there will have more than 7 Hurricanes hitting or threatening that country;
3. - Heat wave and floods in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Moldova, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, in other countries; with a lot of damage and homeless people in some parts of Europe;
4. - Ireland, Scotland, England will be hit by strong winds, strong tornadoes, devastating some places .with floods and tsunamis; And a possible attack can victimize many people;
5. - An earthquake 7. 0 may hit Chile, causing a lot of damage; and there may be storms, with deaths and damage;
6. - A strong typhoon on its way to China, Taiwan, Macau and the Philippines, can cause many victims;
7. Storms, floods can hit Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru, causing deaths and casualties
8. - A strong storm with devastating storms will hit Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua, with some areas of flooding, thus causing casualties and people have to leave their homes;
9. - A major cyclone (hurricane) can cause damage in Papua New Guinea, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia destruction with many victims. And possibly a strong earthquake will hit New Zealand and Papua New Guinea;
10. Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 on the Richter scale will hit Nepal, heavy rain will hit that region;
11 - In Brazil, strong rains in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, in almost all the North and Northeast is causing serious floods, landslides and we will have some victims;
12.. In Brazil we will have great scandals, corruption, requests for cassation against politicians and authorities;
13. - In Acre. Amazonas, Tocantins and Para, also other nearby regions of Brazil, a growth of 22% in the illegal deforestation register that will become dangerous in these regions due to the lack of inspection and where a minority are complacent with organized crime. And above all, in Pará a big fire could leave victims;
14. Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, we will have lower temperatures reaching a high level of cold, causing some joy for some who enjoy the tourism of this season, however, for others will be the suffering for the destruction caused by strong winds, causing panic in people who live in some regions of southern Brazil; accident on a highway can cause several deaths;
15 - Strong earthquake and Floods in the Philippines, will bring diseases and many victims in some regions;
16. - New cracks in the mountains of Thailand, Burma and the Himalayas may cause landslides, erupting in inhabited areas, and we will also have religious conflicts and violence.
17. - A strong Typhoon will cause flooding in Vietnam, damage, and problems in the country;
18. A strong storm with floods will hit India, Laos; Sri Lanka, that is, thousands of people will be homeless and many victims there; Strong earthquake in India can cause fatalities;
19. - In some regions of the USA it can be affected by tornadoes and hurricanes. And will cause damage and deaths in that country some tornadoes can reach more than 280 km, the strength of the winds will cause a lot of destruction, will be hundreds of injured, dead and thousands of injured; Fire in California, San Francisco can force the evacuation of residences;
20. A strong earthquake will hit Haiti that may cause damage; It spreads violence in the country;
21 -. Storms and winds may hit Bolivia, Colombia causing many victims, Floods, landslides and in some places we will have attacks against buildings and public places;
22. - In Australia, several storms will hit the country, causing destruction and victims; forest fire causes deaths and destruction; an earthquake hits the country;
23 - Severe drought hits some places in Africa, possibly causing water shortages, rationing, also increasing violence in some places; Marburg virus will increase in several places in Africa;
24. - Intense heat, destruction in Greece, Russia, Germany, and we will have a strong earthquake in Greece and Russia;
25. In Brazil, several strikes, demonstrations will leave a trail of billions of damage to the country with increased unemployment, companies leaving the country, some breaking, hitting the banking system and industrial red, still the agribusiness going through difficulties due to lack of stimulus to the farmer;
26 - In Canada, severe drought causes destruction, forest fires, with much damage to the population; an attack can victimize many people;
27 - Heavy rains will hit Norway, Sweden and Denmark, causing large stones to roll down the roads in some regions in Norway, there will also be flooding; an attack in Sweden can victimize many people;
28 - Heavy rains in Argentina, destruction, flooding in some regions - cold will arrive very strong in some regions, causing a big decline in temperatures. Economy continues to have serious problems - major funding that will be received will be misappropriated; causing scandals;
29 - Africa continues the acceleration of a huge crack - violence in some regions, will spread on the continent the Hemorrhagic fever Marburg, Congo and in many other locations storm, landslides and floods may victimize many innocent people;
30. - In Uruguay and Paraguay rain may cause destruction, floods destroying crops, plantations. The possibility of a plane crash; also problems in the economy, which will cause protests in the country;
31. - Heavy rain will hit Indonesia, causing floods. Disturbances in some regions; possible plane crash, near the capital, can kill many people. A volcano erupts - a strong earthquake hits the country;
32 - In France, heavy rains, some areas fires, on the other hand, economy, decisions may generate, riots, demonstrations, with a possible attack may create panic in many people;
33 - Severe rains with strong winds hit Croatia. Bulgaria, Serbia. the Bosnia causing destruction and possible loss of life;
34 - Heavy rain will hit Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and may cause much destruction; A Typhoon is approaching the country, Hong Kong, Macau and part of China, may be hit strongly too;
35. 35. Crisis and bombing in Turkey can victimize many people; another strong earthquake hits the country;
36 - Attack in northern Pakistan could kill more than 20 people; - A strong earthquake could hit the country
37 - Strong earthquake hits Italy; meanwhile, floods cause destruction. Possible deaths; a fire may hit Sicily and Malta causing many victims; destruction - on the other hand, we will have heavy rains causing landslides, floods;
38 - An attack in Afghanistan can kill more than 40 people; with more than 15 injured; sandstorm hits the country;
39 - In Peru, floods, heavy rains will hit the country. A strong earthquake will strike the country;
40 Earthquake will hit Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and Morocco may cause deaths in the country, heavy rains
41. Heavy rains with strong winds will hit Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia causing destruction and deaths;
42. A strong earthquake will hit Papua New Guinea of 7.0 on the Richter scale;
43. Spain, Portugal, will face fire seasons, beginning of the season of intense drought that will hit these countries with destruction of forests - some islands that will face influences due to intense heat and strong storms: Fuerteventura, La Gomera, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and Tenerife . .(some regions will also be punished by heavy rains);
44. In Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany and Hungary, severe rains, with deaths caused by floods, lightning, strong winds; and a fire with devastation of a Park
45. In Mexico, a famous artist will risk his or her life; on the other hand, the country will face major problems with cyclones, storms, floods, strong winds and destruction - with the possibility also of an earthquake;
46. Extreme temperatures plus strong sandstorms may hit Dubai -In the United Arab Emirates also Saudi Arabia- which may experience a big building fire and a possible terrorist attack;
47. An attack in Israel can victimize several people, possible attack in commercial area;
48. Two strong typhoons can hit China, Philippines, Japan, and Vietnam causing destruction and death
49. Earthquake in Cambodia and Laos may victimize many people, (some regions will also be punished by heavy rains);
50. Heavy rains and a strong seismic activity of 6.0 may hit the island of Brava and Nova Sintra in the municipality of Sota-vento in Cape Verde



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