February 2024 predictions - by Jucelino Luz

(Predictions are not predestinations)

Águas de Lindóia, January 27, 2024

1 - In Ecuador Political pressures with disappearances and confusion, a major heat wave with large fires, lack of water, blackouts and heavy rains with strong winds in some regions;

2. – A strong 7.0 earthquake can  hit Indonesia and may  cause damage and loss of life; volcano eruption causes damage and major flooding in Jakarta;

3. – The USA and Canada face problems with heavy rains, floods, and a lot of snow in some areas; and weapon attack can kill more than 12 people in the USA;

4. – Heat wave, Dengue mosquito, Zica, yellow fever, and the heat associated with heavy rains hit Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia causing several droughts, and in other locations landslides, windstorms, floods in several locations ;

5. – Blizzard hits almost all of Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, England, Romania, USA, and several locations are facing serious problems

6. – Train crash in Japan, can kill more than 25 people; earthquake in the country;

7. – Fire in Thailand and attacks could kill many people near the Capital;

8. – Heavy rains, floods in Malaysia, Laos, Sri Lanka, cause many victims and landslides cause burials in some regions;

9. – Earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter Scale hits Panama – scaring residents of the capital;

10. – floods cause damage in Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan in other regions, snowfall causes paralysis at airports and difficulties. And several accidents.;

11. – In Mongolia, Siberia and the Himalayas, blizzards terrify the people and many fatal accidents can happen. And avalanches can bury some regions and cause destruction;

12. – Solar flare can cause a lot of damage around the world;

13. –Storm in Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and São Paulo Brazil, and in some other regions of Minas Gerais, causing fatalities and landslides;

14. – Large Public demonstrations against Politicians and will ask for the removal of a famous Politician - on the other hand, major corruption scandals in Brazil and coups against the people; Betrayal between politicians and authorities will cause conflicts and revolt;

15 – In the Philippines, an earthquake causes innocent victims and problems with heavy rain cause floods;

16 – In Germany, an attack can  kill many people; more demonstrations and political fights; economy can suffer even more and a lot of unemployment;

17 – Bomb attack in Turkey, leaves many victims in a city close to the Capital; 7.0 earthquake hits the country;

18 – In Afghanistan, conflicts and attacks can victimize many people and generate revolt among the population;

19 – In Japan there is still great concern due to the heavy snowfall that hits the country, causing victims and fatal accidents;

20. – In Guatemala, Belize, Jamaica strong winds, heavy rains cause destruction, on the other hand, Demonstrations hit the country;

21. – In Peru, a strong earthquake can cause many fatalities; several landslides can bury a small village,

22 – In Tunisia, an attack can victimize many innocent people;

23. – Bomb in a Supermarket in Colombia, can kill more than 12 people;

24– Attack in Israel, leaves many victims and attempts to demolish a building in the country;

25. – Strong earthquake could hit China and can  cause casualties; (the sign is a possible small plane crash with casualties);

26. – Major Demonstrations in Argentina, marking dissatisfaction with tariff increases, corruption scandals and problems in the local economy; that is, residue and problems left by the previous government;

27. – Attack in England can  kill many people close to the capital; and also with a  different happenings because thsea will swell and various storms;

28 – Attack with victims in Mexico can cause panic among residents and conflicts between gangs increase;

29 – Strong earthquake hits Japan – and pollution levels increase the concern of governments emitted by reactors in the Sea of Japan;

30 – Blizzard mysteriously kills people in Italy and rain causes damage, floods and landslides;

31 – Attack in France, leaves many victims; causing fear among the population and tourists; heavy rains and storms cause destruction;

32. – Heavy rains and strong winds hit Malaysia, India, Taiwan, potentially causing victims;

33 – In Spain, Portugal, Italy heavy rains, floods hit some locations – A volcano could erupt;
34 – In South Africa, problems with violence, and the possibility of some crimes in the Capital; disappearances and heavy rains in the country can cause floods


35 – Attack in Russia can cause many victims, death in the country; earthquake causes destruction and the cold punishes the country;

36. – Heavy rains hit Hungary, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria with floods and can cause victims in some cities;

37 – In Denmark, Norway and Sweden, some regions experience heavy rain and rockslides on the road;

38 – Heavy rains in Scotland, Ireland, in Sydney New South Wales, Australia, can cause floods and, in addition to deaths, great damage to the country;

39. – Rain and strong winds in Wellington, New Zealand, major flooding problems and it will be a month of lots of rain in almost the entire country;

40 – In China, in some regions, Drought and strong droughts affect some regions, on the other hand, they can cause major problems; due to high atmospheric pollution;

41 – Strong earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale, hits - Taiwan

42 – Earthquake in Chile can kill innocent people; and in some regions heavy rains cause damage;

43 – In the Netherlands heavy rains with strong winds can cause damage;

44 – In Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, heavy rains can cause landslides, floods and possible vehicle accidents;

45 – In Hawaii, the volcano again signals difficulties and may have new eruptions; and heavy rains will cause destruction on the island;

46 – Problems with volcanoes in Iceland and areas of Greenland, possibly heavy rains, causing floods and problems;

47 – Heavy rains can cause dangerous damage in Canada, with the risk of landslides and other flood hazards…;

48 - The United States of America can  turn into a major conflict between Republican Democrats and cause a lot of damage in the country – all against President Joe Biden;

49 – Conflicts and public demonstrations in Brazil will result in the expulsion of authorities and politicians involved in corruption and who do not do the will of the people – a civil war could result. Politicians and authorities (with their families) will be expelled and persecuted in Brazil.

The world needs peace, respect, love and faith!



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