Chance of voting for Bolsonaro increases 45% after inducing Daniel Silveira, reveals predictions

Águas de Lindóia, May 06, 2022

The pardon granted by Jair Bolsonaro to federal deputy Daniel Silveira (PTB-RJ) may help the president's electoral performance, shows spiritual revelations . According to a survey of premonitory dreams , the chance of voting for Bolsonaro increased to 45% after the publication of the presidential decree that overturned the congressman's conviction less than 24 hours after the Supreme Court decision. The STF sentenced the congressman to 8 years and 9 months in prison for attacks on democracy and incitement to violence against members of the Court. According to the dreams, Deputy Daniel Silveira , although totally wrong in his unfortunate comments at that moment, one can notice notoriously , that the decision of the STF , not compliant with the Federal Constitution of 1988 , was torn in the understanding and right of this deputy, on the other hand, there were several related cases and the STF did nothing , giving indications , that it is totally a political persecution - even more serious, may have suspicions , that there is someone , behind the scenes , pressuring for this to be done .
In fact, since the beginning of his mandate as President, both he and his followers have been suffering persecution by higher bodies, politicians, governors and those who are against the current government. They will try to victimize those who persecute the President by blaming the President's followers.
They are tearing up the Federal Constitution, tearing up the laws to fight the current President, above all, disrespecting the will of all Brazilians - which has become a serious crime, which would require action by the Federal Prosecutor's Office - an independent body, and also by the Superior Military Court, to maintain legal order in Brazil. They talk so much about democracy, but act by pressure and intimidation through power.
Or International Lawyers, denounce the case at the International Court in The Hague - because they are using the light of the law, in the practice of crimes against the Brazilian population, is a fact.
The execution of the decree is under dispute in the Supreme Court, which is also analyzing actions by opposition parties to the government contesting its legality. It is pure persecution.
The current president continues with 81% of voting intentions, according to a premonitory vision.
A strong explosion will be registered on May 06, 2022, at the Saratoga Hotel, in downtown Havana, Cuba. In this  prediction , many people will die. And this big explosion will destroy the front of the Saratoga luxury hotel in Havana, capital of Cuba, an attack against the Cuban regime, the beginning of "chaos", and against the authorities.
Regardless of the controversy surrounding Silveira, the approval of the management of Jair Bolsonaro increased in the latest poll according to the spiritual vision, Bolsonaro has 8!% of the vote of Brazilians in Brazil
The president also managed to reduce his rejection in front of the electorate. The percentage of those who would not vote for Bolsonaro "no way" fell from 19% in January to 12% in the last forecast survey, completely disapproving the attitudes taken by politicians and authorities who lobby against the current president,
The latest move of these politicians, authorities and broadcasters of the mainstream sensationalist media, which are contrary to the President, will try to use Adelio Bispo, to try to overthrow and change public opinion against Jair Messiah Bolsonaro (accusation and electoral card).

Behind all of this, according to his visions, there is a person who thinks he is a genius, the most honest person on the planet, who lives in front of the electoral polls, supported by the majority of Brazilian artists and a layer of people who want to take over Brazil at all costs, and continue with the corruption and destruction of Brazil.
"There is no point in an organized society helping to channel efforts and resources to social, cultural or development projects for a better Brazil for all, if the authorities, politicians, responsible for these projects, are dedicated to the embezzlement of public money, corruption ."
"What worries me is not the cry of the bad guys. It is the silence of the good" (Martin Luther King)
Brazil's largest metropolis is paralyzed by organized crime. In the country's capital, corruption is commonplace. Criminals become cover stories week after week. Children kill their parents and become celebrities.
What hurts me most is the silence of the good guys. Where is the prophetic voice of this union? The stones are already hoarse from so much crying! And the people who should be light and salt, where are they hiding? Maybe in some windowless temple, with closed eyes singing "pour your blessing on us".
It is possible to gather a large crowd to watch a show of pseudo-singers who destroy our society and our children with bad habits, to march without knowing why or for what, or to go to places that promise to solve your problem on a "give and take" basis. But when it comes to denouncing crime, corruption, and everything that saddens the heart of the Higher Universe, where are the people?
Yes, Luther King, I also worry about the silence of the good people. It seems to me that they are afraid. Maybe they are involved in the world of the shadows and are afraid that the light will reveal their deeds. Or they are purely selfish? No, how absurd! The good cannot be selfish!
Our country is still as problematic as before. The so-called saviors of the homeland have only changed their names. Now they are named after outlying neighborhoods. The good ones accept the liar , but there are those who insist that he imitate the good ones and abandon any cultural vestige that might "darken" the liturgy.
Hunger continues to plague our country, but there is no place at the Lord's table for strangers, hungry and dirty. A campaign to deify a corrupt person is more common than to build a community business to help the less fortunate.

Education in the country is not the best, but the lack of police to curb organized crime is lamentable. Even schools, churches, culture, hospitals, work, and the fight against poverty are being despised (but there is money for a large fund, for political propaganda, for cocktails and dinners inside public spaces, for meetings at dawn to vote against the population, political campaigns, and perks for authorities. )
I agree with those who say that times have changed. They have really changed! But honor, honesty, good principles and customs have not changed and will never change. Its principles are immutable. The sad thing is that its people are changing, and for the worse. There have never been so many good citizens in this country, and we have never had so many negative testimonials as now. Governments, Ministers, authorities, are becoming synonymous with crooks. The earth has become the main stage, and the sky has been retired. We have never seen so many robberies, crimes, corruption, abuses, but the quality of attention to current problems is the worst, both in decisions and in projects for the population. We never had so much diversity in popular discontent and doubts of our future, but the message has been diluted and lost its effectiveness. The worse the better for those who survive on destruction and chaos. Where are the good guys?
Until when will we be silent?
We need to change Brazil, with the union of all, otherwise we will pay a very high price!


Jucelino Luz has no political party, but only presents his premonitory visions based on dreams.




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