Remote Healing Session - Distance energetic treatment - with Jucelino  da Luz   10 and 11    july  2022

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Remote Healing session With Jucelino da Luz   

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Jucelino da Luz is also one of the most renowned Brazilian spiritual healers. He works with cosmic spiritual energy for his healing work and performs energetic operations (without penetrating the body). He has already treated more than two million people in Brazil and all over the world.

Since the age of 9, he has been receiving the energy of healing through him, which he transmits through his hands, touching the person, or from a distance, and the results are impressive. No one in this planet can do the same as himself despite it is   a “gift “received and given by High Universe. (God almight gift). That means cannot be adopted by, tranfered  or passed  to  another person . 

Even as a teenager, people flocked to meet him and he treated up to 600 people in a single day.

His reputation as a healer is international and  many places  all over the world  consider him the greatest of all.

The fact that your treatment takes place at a distance does not change the energy he transmits!

And   60% of people gets Energy in the first treatment, and 40% will be necessary to complete the circle of 10 (ten )  treatments minimum  to  feel  the results as well .

All our clients, after the emanation of the energy cells, will receive in their contacts provided, a spiritual orientation of the treatment done.

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