Predictions for September 2023 - by Jucelino Luz


(The dreams are not predestinations)


Águas de Lindóia, August 27, 2023


  1. Heavy gales, rains, floods will hit São Paulo, Espirito Santo, Bahia, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil;
  2. Strong earthquake in Turkey and terrorist attack in that country;
  3. Strong earthquake hits Indonesia, potentially killing many people; volcano erupts, also rains and floods in Jakarta and other regions;
  4. Strong earthquake in the Philippines, typhoon hits the country;
  5. Argentina suffers more from the economic situation and demonstrations can break out; and there will be windstorms and very heavy rain in that country; a politician by the name of Javier Milei is at great risk of lose his life, on the other hand, he is managing to win the hearts of all Argentinians who are disappointed with current politics, and if he wins and passes this stage, he will be the most voted in the history of Argentina in the presidential elections;
  6. In Amazonas, Pará and Acre, deforestation will rise to 28% this month, and problems in some regions due to conflicts and the exploitation of minerals and timber will increase enormously over the coming months;
  7. France will be expected to have demonstrations and terrorist attacks in the country; heavy rains hit the country, rising prices and the economy will cause serious damage to the country;
  8. In England, plans for attacks can result in the deaths of innocent people; on the other hand, rain, casualities and storms are hitting the country, and the economic situation is worsening;
  9. Brazil's economic conditions will suffer even more…, which can affect some sectors and give rise to new scandals in sectors with misuse of funds and companies; the system of laws and constitution makes it easier to practice crime and corruption in the country - on the other hand, loans to foreign countries have misuse of funds and corruption. Unfortunately, the CPI, (with all due respect), will come out to nothing - just as the previous ones were all shelved and no one will be punished. There is no political interest and no projects or proposals to improve the situation in Brazil. There will be going back around 40 years (backwards); Unemployment, bankruptcies will increase even more - it will have big demonstrations and revolt from the people ….;
  10. Severe drought in India and Thailand can cause serious damage to the country and water shortages will harm crops;
  11. A train crash can kill dozens of people in India; and severe drought, as well as storms, it will cause villages to be desolated and buried;
  12. Strong winds with severe rainfall in Taiwan, causing flooding and problems in that country; earthquake hits the country;
  13. In China, a strong earthquake will shake the conditions in the country, causing more victims; and we could have strong winds with sand in some places; drought also causes problems in agriculture - economy at risk; stocks in China and Hong Kong will be practically stable, while the market has major geopolitical risks and factors that can affect the real estate market. The CSI300 index, which brings together the largest companies listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen, will close with a negative variation, while the Shanghai index will advance very little, Hong Kong's Hang Seng index will lose a little - raising the risk for September 2023.
  14. Heavy rain with strong winds will strike Japan, causing destruction and deaths; a strong earthquake hits the country - a volcano can erupt;
  15. In Bolivia, a commercial explosion can cause many casualties; heavy rains;
  16. Floods in Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru, an increase in cases of Dengue hemorrhagic fever spreading across the country; heavy rain and destruction in some places
  17. In Denmark, Norway and Sweden, heavy rains may cause some rocks to disconnect and roll onto the roads and may cause victims in some regions; and there will be the possibility of an attack; strong earthquake in the Norwegian Sea;
  18. Attacks in Russia and Ukraine can cause death of many innocent people; earthquake hits Russia and shines a light on peace between the two countries;
  19. Strong earthquake will hit Chile, possibly killing some people near the central area;
  20. A typhoon will hit Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China,
  21. Fires and a strong earthquake can hit New Zealand, Australia, possibly causing casualties;
  22. Strong winds, storms, lightning and rain can cause flooding in Mexico;
  23. Heat, fires hit Portugal, Spain and France, potentially causing strong tornadoes in the country;
  24. A strong earthquake hits Guatemala and can cause casualties across the country;
  25. Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola could spread in Africa, which can be a gateway for the virus to other countries, due to the lack of inspections at airports and river ports;
  26. There is a high risk of a volcano erupting in Iceland, which can cause a lot of damage; an avalanche kills innocent people, and rain brings landslides;
  27. In the Himalayas, a major landslide can kill people;
  28. Two plane crashes, one in Burma and the other in Cambodia, can kill many people;
  29. Conflicts in the Congo, Sierra Leone, Kenya and other parts of Africa can cause victims; in the Congo, a volcano will erupt; a village would have to be evacuated; and the place can be hit by floods;
  30. In the USA, strong Hurricane Idalia and others may hit some regions in the country; fires will hit some regions - also an attack will cause many victims; on the other hand, the country's economy is not doing well; Florida will be in the path of Hurricane Idalia; they will have to vacate the region as the storm approaches the state. Hurricane Idalia will possibly hit the state's Gulf Coast as a Category 3 storm on August 30 - however, we will see further damage and other hurricanes in September 2023.
  31. In Spain and Italy, attacks can kill many people in the capital - also in some regions heavy rain and earthquakes;
  32. Heat hits Thailand, Laos Vietnam causing serious problems and in some regions the destruction will be from floods and strong winds;
  33. A strong earthquake hits the Philippines and can cause casualties; and a typhoon can hit the country;
  34. Floods in Sri Lanka and Cambodia, which can cause many victims across the country;
  35. A small plane crash, as well as heavy rains and floods, can cause many victims in Colombia and Honduras;
  36. Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany will be hit by gales and severe rains that will cause victims everywhere; and a train crash could cause many victims - on the other hand, the economy will face changes and bring unemployment;
  37. Strong winds, storms in Panama can cause damage and disruption; an earthquake hits the country;
  38. Argentina, Cuba and Venezuela will benefit from aid from Brazil,
  39. Strong winds with rain, floods hit Canada, causing damage to people;
  40. A strong earthquake hits China and can cause casualties; the economy will be damaged, companies will be in great difficulty;
  41. . Storm can cause damage, possible deaths in Belize, Cuba, Jamaica and various parts of the Caribbean will face difficulties with climate change;
  42. In Austria, there will be avalanches, storms in some regions, causing floods and strong winds;
  43. The earthquake in Greece can cause many victims in the country and in other regions, there will be demonstrations and conflicts;
  44. A major discovery of a mummy in Egypt and a possible attack could claim the lives of many people in the country;
  45. Drought and severe heat are beginning to complicate the situation of reservoirs in São Paulo, while in some regions rain and gales will cause destruction and deaths; plans to destroy the name of the São Paulo government, also a risk for famous politicians;
  46. A TV presenter's life is in serious danger and a famous TV presenter has serious health problems. In the music industry, three famous people are at risk of an accident (everyone should be very careful);
  47. The measures to raise revenue and thus maintain the goal of zeroing the deficit in Brazil's public accounts by 2024 will be "chaos" because they will raise the number of "price increases, bankruptcies and unemployment" in the country.



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