Jucelino Luz, spiritual counselor, lecturer, clairvoyant and spiritual-energy healer - second journey - Europe -2023


Currently, he is also one of the most important spiritual healers, working with cosmic spiritual energy and with circular healing energy treatments that flow through patients and raise their vibrational level. Jucelino has treated more than five million people. He uses alternative methods of spiritual healing - through energy surgery (without penetrating the body), energization through his hands and circular healing energy. Thousands of people who have touched his hands have received many spiritual fluids that have led to positive changes in their lives.

Participants in his seminars and energy healing work achieve not only improvements in their health, professional life and family, but also a deeper understanding of the core problems in their lives. To achieve this, he connects with the spiritual guides of the person seeking advice. He is concerned with gently informing the person, advising them wisely and, at the same time, respecting their personal choice, their free will and also their limitations.
He will be giving courses, seminars, spiritual guidance, water fluidization and spiritual healing in the following places: Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Poland.
Bookings, contacts will be in the history of this video - so don't waste any time!
(This call is only for reservations and matters pertaining to the second journey to Europe - matters out of context will not be answered - you should follow the guidelines in the history of this call for your spiritual upliftment and also to positivize your life)


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