April 2023 predictions  - by Jucelino Luz


Águas de Lindóia, March 30, 2023

(dreams are not predestinations ...)


1- Bombing in Germany will mark the month of April and many demonstrations

2- In Turkey a bomb will cause many deaths and the population will begin to demonstrate

3- In Argentina, heavy rains, very hot and strong winds in several regions, which can cause floods, landslides; worsening in the economy ....

4- Attack in Afghanistan may victimize more than 16 innocent people;

5- Earthquake in Chile could cause problems in the country;

6- In Brazil, new scandals, requests for the impeachment of the President (in several regions), demonstrations may heat up the spirits in Brasilia; on the other hand, tax increases, reforms may bring big demonstrations in the country; Crisis worsens the situation of Brazilians, more taxes and price increases are coming;

7- Spain, France, Portugal Burning and lack of water bring serious problems; floods; and blackouts in some regions;

8- Earthquake hits Japan with 7.0 on the Richter scale

9- Big floods could hit Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Panama- they are at risk of a big earthquake;

10- Earthquake and also strong winds and rain may hit China, Taiwan

11- New virus gains strength, and begins to be a concern for the Brazilian government; and also in other Asian countries

12- In Brazil, deforestation is increasing in Pará, Amazonas and Acre bringing problems

13- Waves hit Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná causing big problems for some regions;

14- Strong storms hit the country and in some regions tornadoes can cause destruction; in some regions tornadoes will cause much destruction;

15- Dengue fever and yellow fever outbreaks are spreading in some regions of South America;

16- Terrorist attacks can victim innocent people in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Spain and England, and can cause fatalities;


17- Earthquake of up to 7.0 on the Richter Scale, may victimize some innocent people; in Indonesia, and possible eruption of a volcano in Indonesia may cause problems and mass evacuations

18 - Heavy rains and a Tornado could cause damage in Canada. A terrible murder. Could happen there.

19 - In Argentina, increase of the crisis, banks in risk, on the other hand, several are investigated also causing revolt in the Population injured by rulers;

20 - In Peru a strong earthquake causes damage in some regions; floods and storms, with much destruction;

21 -Strong crisis hits Germany, unemployment and banks with high risk;
22- Earthquake in Alaska of 7.0 hits with many problems;

23- Typhoon will hit China, Philippines, Japan and Taiwan with big problems; and flooding in some part of these countries;

24- Earthquake of 7.0 will hit Australia and may cause damage and deaths;

25- Big floods in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, caused by heavy rains.

26. A Cyclone is already a big problem in Belize, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras etc.

27- In USA, attacks and several deaths will spread in some regions;

28- In Vietnam, Thailand, India floods are causing deaths

29- In Africa several parts spread Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever virus
30. In Bali, explosion may victimize many people- in Indonesia; there is plan against Indonesian authorities;

31. In Sweden another attack may victimize innocent people and heavy rains in some regions,

32. Heavy rains hit Suriname, French and English Guyana, and may cause flooding;

33. Demonstrations in France, may increase conflicts and strengthen movements against the current President, the country faces serious economic problems and unemployment increases;

34. 34; Heavy rains and avalanches can victimize many people in Austria and also in Switzerland;

35; Strong earthquake hits San Francisco - USA and may bring problems to some regions

36. Hong Kong, big demonstrations, famous bank crisis, price increase;

37 . Big storms with strong winds will hit Taiwan, some regions explosions;

40. Turkey faces another earthquake and building collapse;

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