Spiritual warning to Brazilians and foreigners all over the world:

"We want to make a request to you who have chosen to be born and live on this earth and in this time of great transformations: This week do not make jokes about your conditions and the crisis you are going through, because you are living a complicated moment, a kind of collective disenchantment, like walking through the desert of the soul of a civilization.
There is a need for *seriousness* at this time.
Don't flinch, and don't get lost in small vibrations of evil, valuing those small sillinesses, just to laugh at your misfortunes.
In these coming days and weeks, raise your consciousness with enlightenment and lucidity. This year will be difficult for everyone, there is not a soul that will escape the shadows that are being implanted in Brazil and in the world - however, the light always wins?
Try to understand what is going on and where you want to go as the Country you inhabit and the world you wish to live in.
For, *if* you lose this moment of great transformation and throw yourselves back into the mud of ignorance, and into the darkness where blindness walks, you will be abdicating the right to become the "Homeland and free world" that one day our friend from the Universe came to reveal to you.
Yes, Brazil, the Land of the Holy Cross, is fated to become the sacred land of Christ on the Planet and the world full of brothers of good connected to us. Be very careful with false information that spreads and will still spread around the world, evil is united to dominate your minds through lies and illusionism of democracy and false justice.
Many forces wish for this not to happen, and we are talking about filthy forces of the shadows.
They will not succeed, for *the* *Light always wins! *
What is the Light that wins?
There is no politics, nor evil-intentioned leadership on the spiritual plane.
Yes, there is Light and shadow.
And we affirm: the force that will win is the Light of this great Universe.
Therefore, we ask you to be serious, vigilant, attentive, and prayerful.
*Do not promote fear, do not promote discord, discussion, and nonsense. Do not listen or watch programs that live off the misfortune of others and create sensationalism with their destruction and indoctrination.
. Turn off any channel connected to evil.
Promote *confidence, *force and *Victory energy*, because that is the watchword for your country and for your world, it is one!
A great cleansing is going to be done so that this earth will become what it set out to be, an Empire, the Kingdom of Light in this world, that one day your full peace and love will be extended through it.
It is not for this time this manifestation, but the beginning of the time where your children and grandchildren will live. Without poverty, free and with love!
Do this for them and also for us.
In Light we say goodbye now..."

*Message received from the superior Universe for Brazil and all humanity. *

Prof. Jucelino Luz - 01/01/2023



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