Elections 2022 in Brazil for President , under the vision of spirituality

Águas de Lindoia, April 16, 2022

Attention! It is not an electoral research, it is not predestination, much less intends to influence in your right and secrecy of your personal choices - your right to vote for whom you want, is a legal right - The premonitory dreams, reveal the prophecies of Jucelino Luz

" And be very careful with electoral polls , indications that are suggestive ,also induces the voter to error , creating a factory of singular interests - many times , in a dubious and suspicious way ."

As always the Candidate that is being harmed in the polls, does not seek their rights , does not denounce the possibility of fraud in research , they do whatever they want in Brazil . The other difficulty is that there is evidence that part of Justice in Brazil is politicized, often the decisions are contrary to the light of the law and legal evidence.

Take the truth to your followers, and not non-existent promises ...
We need serious politicians, honest, committed to their people, and that renews this soft constitution, to organized crime, above all, that values the policeman, the doctor, the teachers, the garbage collectors, the bricklayer, the country man, and does not give room to corruption, organized crime, and their representatives?
"The year 2022 - the people will change their voting intention a lot, so it will be difficult to reelect some politicians from the legislative and executive branches.
The full exercise of citizenship implies the rupture of the condition of passivity and subservience, recognizing the power of the voter over the destiny of society. Well-informed citizen, conscious vote!

Who can be the President of Brazil? - or has the best chances, according to the energies and prophecies of JNL
1) Jair Messias Bolsonaro will be reelected with 81% of the valid votes in the 1st round.
(natural process, except if there is mechanical interference, or under energetic change)
There is a potentiality that can be transformed into
direction, in objective reality, and this potentiality, this materialization of facts
concretization of the facts, in germ, is what I glimpse, but there are cases that can be
cases that can be changed (when the cycles are open and allow it).
permit), by human action or omission, by human action or omission. by human action or omission, by the articulation of forces
that do not only act on the surface of the facts, but also in the back
behind the scenes of history, in all fields of human life, not only in the political field.

I would like to quote the inspired sonnet of the old school poets , who speak of the manipulation of history,
entitled "History or a chess game", which synthesizes very well the historical moment we are living in, where sinister forces conspire to manipulate history, designing it according to their interests, which, most of the time, do not coincide with the yearnings and needs of the people: What Brazil needs is a political renewal ,renewal in Justice, because, during my 53 years of life dedicated to spirituality ,I have observed only authorities and politics taking advantages of good people, not only in Brazil , but in the whole planet -without generalizing- through promises ,corruption ,deception, and above all, some who use the light of the law ,in the practice of injustice . Therefore, it does not correspond to the possible affirmations and allegations that may be exposed in a near future (right or wrong), nor do I have anything personal against any of them (I do not belong to any political side, I respect everyone), a comfort and a direction in their lives for a better future - maybe a compass can bring them a new horizon - because I have no political position, in fact, who lives off the exploitation of others, cannot find a path of light, will live eternally in the ego, in the search for power, in loneliness, perishing in a vicious circle, many times, without return.

There are only two ways to guarantee the security of your vote: through a printed ballot or accompanied voting (by a group of independent experts or experts from the Brazilian army).

Actually , it is not the politicians , authorities appointed by them , or those appointed by political systems or even TSE , who should decide how voting should be in Brazil - But yes, the voter , who votes .
The voting system should be through a plebiscite appointed by the President of the Republic , in order to decide the electoral system of the country .
"The legal right to choose the voting system belongs to those who vote, not to those who receive or control the vote ..."
As much as there is talk of electoral security, most Brazilians , do not believe in it ! Now even less, because there has been a politicization of those who should be impartial and protect the magna carta of the Brazilian Federal Constitution ...
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