Predictions for the month of August 2022 - by Jucelino Luz

(premonitory dreams, not predestinations)

1. Attack in Afghanistan kills more than 22 people near the capital;
2. Strong Typhoon approaches Taiwan, Philippines, Japan and China;
3. In the U.S. attack may kill more than 8 innocent people; large fires spread, rapidly in the forests of California, and several other states; economy suffers several declines and inflation increases;
4. Great risk of attack in France and Spain; victimization
5. Terrorist attack could kill many people in Germany and Russia;
6. In the U.S. shooter opens fire on public place and may kill more than 6 innocent people; floods cause a lot of damage in that country
7. Very strong tornadoes hit the U.S., in Ohio, Kansas, Texas and other places;
8. 8. Floods hit the Philippines, Indonesia and India causing many victims; And the heat will cause drought in some regions
9. Wildfire, a new forest fire hits Spain, Portugal, Italy, France & Greece and may kill several people;
10, Famous singer in the U.S.A. is ill, she should take care of her health problems
11. Explosions and conflicts in Africa may victimize more than 40 people in bomb attack in some countries
12. Strong winds and severe rains bring flooding and destruction in Australia and New Zealand - in some regions fires cause destruction
13. Heavy rains hit Japan and South Korea, causing casualties and flooding in some regions

14. Strong movement of Mount Fuji, a sign, with several earthquakes nearby (around - 200 km from the sites) that it is close for a major volcanic eruption

15. Strong earthquake hits Peru, tiring victims everywhere; and a Volcano gives more strong signs of a strong eruption

16. Terrorist attack in Turkey, kills at least 30 people near the capital;

17. Strong Earthquake hits Bolivia, may cause victims;

18. Severe heat hits Vietnam and Thailand, possibly causing damage and bringing big storms

19. In India, floods and landslides cause more than 45 deaths and hundreds of homeless; in other places great drought affects the country;

20. Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Switzerland, Austria and Spain face major problems in the economy, worrying banks and companies that are in the red;
21. In France, fires and heavy rains ravage the country, the population becomes fearful of the security in the country and new protests;

22. China, new problems of economic crisis, the government must stimulate the internal and external market, because the interest rate is high; on the other hand, the rains and excessive heat continue to cause victims and destruction in that country;

23. In Argentina, new scandals in politics, arrests, and brings bigger problems to the country's economy, leading to new demonstrations. Hunger, poverty and violence may increase, forcing people to flee the country;

24. Belize, El Salvador, USA, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, prepare to face a strong hurricane; and heavy rains and winds may hit those countries

25. Amidst so many attacks, betrayals of close people, tricks of the big brown media, accusations Jair Messias Bolsonaro increases even more the voting intention of the Brazilian people by an average of 78% percent and may win the Presidential elections in the first round; energies point;( will reduce taxes to help Brazilians , but, opposition will be against ...)

26. Large floods, landslides and sinkholes will form from melting ice in Siberia, Russia, and tend to increase greatly with climate change; may increase in the coming years by giants;

27. A strong earthquake could hit Japan, killing many people in the country;

28.  A big storm will hit Taiwan, with strong winds, where it may victimize many people and cause devastation and flooding in the country;

29. In England, strong winds and severe rain will cause flooding and deaths in the country; on the other hand, possible bombing in London could terrify residents; and strong hangover,

30. Strong earthquake may hit Italy and cause some casualties; and in some places storms will cause much destruction and possible deaths; chance of volcanic eruption;

31. Attacks in South Africa - Africa, may victimize many people in the country; and a small plane crash;

32. Attacks in Israel will kill many people, including children, which will generate more violence and attacks against the country (Israel) ;

33. Spread of monkey pox virus, Ebola, Marburg can spread in Africa and other countries in the world causing many deaths;

34. New demonstrations in Sri Lanka due to economic problems that may generate demonstrations in the capital;
35. Economic crisis Greece, has a worsening and can arise new demonstrations in the country; a strong earthquake hits the country;

36. Drought in Canada, may cause new fires and disturbances for the population and new floods and heavy rains
37. In Brazil accident on Highway may involve famous duo in Brazil

38. In Indonesia possible earthquake makes many victims in the country; volcano causes damage and evacuation, floods and landslides

39. In Cambodia and Vietnam, severe drought may reduce the level of agricultural production in the country;

40. A volcano may erupt in Peru, and cause city to be evacuated

41. Famous American actor may be at risk of his life due to health problems; and also a very well-known Actress in the world;

42. Rains and storms in the South of the country, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná could cause floods and homeless people in Brazil; a road accident could victimize many people;

43. A famous presenter, who is having health problems - is at high risk;

44. Heavy rains and drought can cause big problems in India

45. Fire and explosion destroys a warehouse in the United Arab Emirates, could have many victims;
46. Heavy rain, strong winds hit Norway and Sweden and there could be flooding, rocks rolling on the roads.
47. Strong earthquake hits Samoa and may leave destruction;
48 . A strong earthquake hits Chile and may cause damage and possible deaths; ;
49. . Heavy rains, windstorms hit Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania with much destruction in some regions;
50. Strong earthquake hits Panama, causing damages and possible deaths; and heavy rains in some regions

(Here we have 10% of Jucelino Luz's omens)

To all voters - read carefully!

The elections are a moment of great importance, so it is necessary to be prepared so that your vote results in the best for your country, state, and city. Today we have prepared for this post tips on what you need to know before voting, follow along and check out all the details.
1) Don't vote for candidates with a dirty past life, and with lawsuits in court;
2) Vote for candidates who support principles in favor of the people - not those who will only be there for personal advantage;
3) Try to vote for Governors, Senators and Representatives who support the President you will choose, otherwise, everything will be stopped, the country will not move...;
4) Don't believe in misleading propaganda and fallacies, research everything first;
5) The voter has the right to demand proof of his vote, yes! And should demand transparency and seriousness from those who control the electronic ballot boxes - a legal right.
6) Electoral Justice cannot be politicized, biased, and must be partial, denounce if observed, these crimes.

"Everyone is equal before the law"
Article 7: "All are equal before the law and, without distinction, are entitled to equal protection of the law." Share. The text of Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which turns 70 years old this December 10, is what prompted several actions by the Ministry of Human Rights (MDH).


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