Predictions for January - 2024 by Jucelino Luz


"Dreams are not predestinations"



1. Brazil, heading towards a process of possible Civil War against corrupt politicians and authorities, after the discovery of scandals and betrayals, generates popular revolt - taking day by day the preparation to prevent the functioning of the system - Brasilia - federal district will be occupied by popular and Brazil, will begin to cassate against politicians and authorities (also their relatives) between January 6, 2024 and December 31, 2024;
2. A heat wave in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay will bring heavy rains and in Rio de Janeiro, in the mountainous areas: - Nova Friburgo, -Petrópolis, -Teresópolis, causing landslides, and other regions will be facing a serious problem. In: -Baixada Fluminense, -Niterói, and -Centro do Rio de Janeiro-RJ, flooding and serious problems will occur; The worst state of emergency in São Paulo with flooding


3. Sri Lanka, Burma and Indonesia, floods will make many people homeless and, on the other hand, the worst will be a strong earthquake that will hit Indonesia;


3. - Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, Zika Virus, Chicungunya Fever and Yellow Fever (which has already been eradicated, but could come back stronger) will spread in Brazil and other South American countries;


4 - Heavy rains and a strong heatwave hit Peru, Chile and Colombia, potentially causing floods, landslides and homeless people.


5- Economic crisis in Brazil reaches a high level, corruption continues to spread and violence and poverty increase greatly in Brazil;
6. - Heavy snowfall hits the USA and Canada, potentially causing problems, casualties and in some regions storms will cause destruction and deaths; devastating fire in the USA;
7 In Pará and Acre, heavy rains and floods are possible. On the other hand, the dispute over timber is growing and will reach 12% of some areas, with conflicts and deaths in some places. The lack of supervision could do a lot of damage to Brazil;
8. In France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, snowstorms will hit some areas, causing avalanches and destruction with casualties - possibly even burying a small town;
9. Economic crisis in Europe may increase in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland and several other countries;


10. A strong earthquake hits New Zealand and Australia, as well as a major fire;


11. A new storm hits Germany and could kill many innocent people; in some regions the extreme cold will be a major problem and in other parts of Europe, the rains will cause a lot of material damage and deaths;
12. Bus accident could kill around 21 people in Rio Grande do Sul;


13. Attack in Pakistan could kill more than 23 people in the north of the country; conflicts increase;
14. A strong earthquake hits Japan and a train accident could kill many innocent people in the country; blizzard hits airports.
15. Attacks organized by extremists could claim victims in Spain - Madrid; Italy, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France and Russia; Sweden and Denmark;
16. Heavy rains with flooding will hit India, Burma and Laos;
17. Heavy rains and floods hit Bangladesh and Vietnam, leaving many homeless and killing many people in these countries
18. Heavy rains will hit the USA, in California, San Francisco and Texas, causing floods and deaths in several regions; a possible strong tremor could hit one of these regions;
19. Heavy rains hit South Korea with landslides, possible victims and homeless people in the country;
20. Strong geomagnetic storm could hit the earth and the sun will emit an extreme storm between January 12, 2024 and July 30, 2024 - this could affect satellite systems and cause problems on the planet;


21. Snowstorm hits Japan and could cause problems at airports as well as heavy rain, severe winds, flooding in some regions with victims; volcanic eruption and strong earthquake will hit the country;


22. Argentina The new president's measures will begin to restore the country's economy and give new hope to the people, but it will be a gradual recovery;


23. Strong earthquake in Peru, could kill hundreds of people in the country; and major flooding;


24. Heatwave in Mexico and Jamaica, could cause problems and water shortages in some regions, while in other regions rain and floods; thousands of immigrants will try to cross the US border;


25. Heavy rains, floods and heatwave in Bahia and Pernambuco, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil could cause damage to people and victims in some regions of the state;


26. An attack claims many victims in Turkey and a strong earthquake hits the country;


27. Famous singer and presenter will be hospitalized and may risk his life with national fame - possible car accident involving country duo;

28 In Taiwan, Hou Yu-ih's chances of winning the election are increasing. On the other hand, there will be storms and earthquake problems in the region;


29. Famous politicians may have health problems and be hospitalized;


30. A strong earthquake hits Malta and Italy, causing a lot of fear and possible victims in the country;


31. 2024 will be the year of major climatic and economic problems affecting Europe, Asia and the Americas;


32. A strong earthquake, followed by rains and gales, will cause floods in Australia and a lot of damage and possible victims. In another region, the heat will cause fires;


33. Protests in Serbia, signs of the Marburg hemorrhagic fever virus, could cause concern in the country and also in surrounding countries;


34. Strong 7.0 earthquake hits Pakistan, causing serious problems and possible deaths in the country;


35. A possible plane crash in India could cause casualties, flooding in the country and destruction due to a fire in New Delhi;


36. A strong storm could hit Hawaii, causing floods and a lot of damage and deaths; earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and fires could cause casualties;


37. Hundreds of victims in conflicts between Israel and Palestine (Hamas), much destruction and new bomb attacks;


38. Strong earthquake hits Haiti, may cause damage; floods may cause many victims;


39. Devil's comet will pass very close to planet earth - and we will have changes with the total solar eclipse by April 8, 2024 - major changes could happen;


40. In China, the economic crisis is on the rise, causing major problems; a strong earthquake could hit the Sichuan region and cause heavy flooding; drought will also spread to some regions; a new virus could hit the central region;


41. A possible helicopter crash could kill many people in Japan; also a case in Brazil and the USA;


42. Russia, big problems with blizzard, economic problems and strong earthquake;


43. In Sweden, Norway, snowstorms, strong winds, bring heavy rains and floods in the country; and rolling stones on roads can cause problems and accidents; increases the economic crisis in the Scandinavian countries;


44. Major problems at airports and delays could cause disruption in some parts of the world and in Brazil


45. In Pakistan, an attack claims many victims; and rains hit the country;


46. The Philippines will face many storms and earthquake problems;


47. Hong Kong will face demonstrations and the health problems of a famous politician and a famous actor;


48. Heavy floods hit Bolivia, Peru and Chile, claiming victims in all parts of the country;


49. Fire spreads in a building in the United Arab Emirates, potentially claiming victims; death of a famous person, suspected of foul play;


50. Crisis between the UK and Venezuela escalates and the siege against Maduro tightens, with demonstrations and calls for him to go;


51. Donald Trump is getting stronger for the US presidential elections, the economic crisis is increasing in the country, major problems with fires, attacks in several American cities, snowstorms can cause accidents, deaths in the country;


52. Prabowo Subianto will be nominated to win Indonesia's presidential election in 2024 - Lots of rain in Jakarta, volcano will erupt and strong earthquake will face the people of Indonesia in 2024;


53. Plane crash near Thailand, Indonesia could kill many people;


54. Blizzard in Europe, which could cause major problems in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Russia and even the United States. It is possible to cause a train crash in Czechoslovakia (nearby);
55. It is impossible to predict with certainty whether or not there will be a global recession in 2024, as the world economy is influenced by many complex factors, such as government policies, geopolitical events, technological trends, among others. The slowdown in the Chinese, American and European economies, as well as the war in Ukraine and another war in Israel, signs of a new pandemic - which will increase energy costs and thus affect the entire product distribution chain - are some signs that a global recession could happen in the near future. In the specific case of Brazil, the loss of stimulus for companies and employment could cause major losses, delay development and growth in 2024. Apart from that, major scandals are about to emerge in politics and authorities involved and mired in corruption.


Spiritual message for 2024
By Jucelino Luz

Finding the balance between Body - Mind - Spirit in 2024
How some behaviors and new habits can help us move away, reduce anxiety, purify our mind and help you give little importance to the fallacies of evil representatives who are only there to confuse you and destroy your dreams.
What are the ways to reconnect with spirituality, with life's true values and to live in peace?
According to the visionary, 98% of the world's population suffers from some level of anxiety. Even with advances in science, the problem persists and even increases, affecting children and adolescents as well as adults! A new approach, taking into account not only the body and mind, but above all the soul, is needed to help us control and ward off anxiety.
So, trusting in a Higher Universe, let's expand all our hopes, certain that, as the old Proverbs state, an optimistic heart is a medicine of peace and joy, love, health, respect and faith.
As we enter a new year, remember that this higher being is the light that guides our steps. Just as a lamp illuminates the path in front of us, the spiritual Word illuminates our hearts and shows us the way to truth and life. This year, may you delve deeply into the spiritual Word and allow it to be the compass that will guide you through adversity. Give thanks more than you ask. This should be the motto of all people of faith for this new year. Let's all spread gratitude, forgiveness and, above all, compassion for this new cycle that is beginning.


A happy new year to you and your family!




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