Unity of the left in France against Marine Le Pen , generates public distrust in this presidential election .

Águas de Lindóia, April 10, 2022

The leftist Jean-Luc Mélencon, who came in third in the first round of the presidential election, asked this Sunday (10) to "not vote" for the ultra-rightist Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential election on April 24, when she will face the center President Emmanuel Macron, supposed friend of Lula, who has been accused daily in Brazil of being corrupt and most Brazilians ask for her return to jail. There is a popular saying in Brazil that goes: "Tell me who you walk with, and I will tell you who you are? On the other hand, according to Jean-Lur, he asks for "Not a single vote should be given to Le Pen!", Mélenchon said to supporters, without explicitly asking for votes for Macron, as most of the defeated leftist candidates have already done. According to estimates, Mélenchon had about 20% of the vote.
A great union of the left not explicitly, in the sense of not voting for the candidate who is today in second place in the intention of votes in France, looking for a new renewal and a great change.
The Brazilian people love the French population , however, the majority , do not like Emmanuel Macron very much , for two reasons :

1) One because he invented something about the Amazon forest, using old photo , saying that it would be in 2019 -such deforestation , in the sense of trying to harm the current President and caused great damage to Brazil - that is, in the opinion of millions of Brazilians, if he was able to create a fake news , what does not do there in France , to fool his people !? In the video link below, the Brazilian Minister of Tourism unmasked the hoax;
(source jovem Pan - posting from 2021)

2) And another is because his strange relationship with the former president of Brazil , who was condemned by the Brazilian justice and that through corruption and influence , harmed Brazil - opinion of most Brazilians .

Meanwhile, there were large demonstrations , because , with this attitude of the left , generated distrust by a majority of voters about these allegations and about the elections being really , legitimate , giving the candidate Macron , who closed trade, pressured the population , which is in favor of sanitary passport , causing an economic problem in the country . The fear is that after the elections in France, Macron, if elected, may come back again with all the dictatorial pressures against the French population and then cause more problems in the country's economy, as well as unemployment. And beyond that, some scandals that may involve the name of the re-election candidate.
In this sense, it is what motivated the growth of the candidate Marine Le Pen, in the vote , in that country , want a good part , risk a change - whose future still uncertain .
The centrist president Emmanuel Macron and the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen resume on Monday (11) the campaign to convince voters who did not vote for them in the first round of the election, aiming for the second round that promises to be heated on April 24.
"Nothing is decided" and the debate over the next 15 days "will be decisive for our country and for Europe," Macron told his supporters Sunday night after getting nearly 28 percent of the vote in the first round, slightly above poll predictions.
For Marine Le Pen, who received 23.5% of the vote in her third bid for the presidency, "what will be at stake on April 24 will be a choice of society and civilization. France needs "a great alternation," she said.
France will repeat the duel of 2017, when Macron received 66.1 percent of the vote in the runoff and defeated the heiress of the National Front. According to polls released on Sunday, the centrist president's lead would now be 2 to 10 points. Now a little different , because of the situation left by him in the country . There was a large reduction of voters in favor of Macron's policy .

And the country has changed a lot. In five years there have been major protests against Macron's working-class policies, a pandemic has confined millions of people, and in recent weeks the war in Ukraine has shaken Europe.
The Russian offensive in Ukraine overshadowed the first-round campaign, but its consequences on energy prices drove up inflation and reinforced the main concern of the French: the loss of purchasing power.
But now people want change, even if fear has taken over the daily life of the French population - many understand the difficulty of staying with the same leader, but on the other hand, the shadow bothers the future of the French
The traditional television debate between the candidates is scheduled for April 20.
Jucelino Luz , received various information about the elections and wrote prophetic letters in 2015 , 2016,2018 , 2020 - sent to the main candidates in France . Regardless , of the final result , he hopes it will be better for all French people .
God bless all French people and the world.

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